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Friday, January 19, 2018
Episode 13,257
1555 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kate waits with worry as Lucas emerges from his rehab with a greeting. Mother and son emotionally embrace ... Chloe hands Brady another check as biz is booming. He wonders why she wanted him to come down to the club. She demands to know what is going on with him and Eve ... At the Kiriakis mansion Maggie hears Eve telling Tate the tale of Theresa vs the evil queen. The redhead interrupts to take him to cook for cookies ... Viv wants Andre dealt with but Stefan suggests she is overreacting. She snaps he will turn on them if cornered ... At the lit park Chad informs Abigail that Andre is guilty as soap sin. The facts speak for themselves ... Gabi cannot get why Andre is firing her. He accuses her of fraud ... Kate gets emotional that Lucas is his old self and weeps with pride. Lucas grins her and Sami's tough love saved him. He yearns to live and be a good dad again. Kate adds Will was asking after him. He will be elated! Clean cut Lucas is good to go. Kate offers to join him on his journey and suggests she ask Andre to give him a job again. He would like to be at Countess W. Kate talks change and suggests something at Gabi Chic ... Gabi denies any wrongdoing. Andre calmly notes she received her seed cash from her felon fatha, the assassin who tried to defraud the feds. Tis dirty money. Gabi counters this is crazy. Andre points out he is protecting his family and advises the angry girl to go. She hisses no way and he will not make her! Andre eyes her ... Brady and Chloe drink from blue mugs and she tells him she accused Eve of taking advantage. Brady wants to know how she responded. Eve is into him but suspects he is sleeping with her to throw her off her Titan track. Chloe wonders whether their mutual deception turned into something real ... Maggie returns to Eve and suggests she stop telling Tate such sad stories. She asks if Prince Brady will end up with Princess Eve. Eve just wants Tate to know Theresa still loves him and admits she knows not where she is. Maggie does not want Brady to be hurt again ... Abigail promises to prove to Chad just how trustworthy 'power hungry Andre' is ...

Gabi insists she is honest, unlike Andre. She feels this is personal cos of Chad. Andre wants the liability Lolita out. She threatens to take Gabi Chic with her. Andre hisses it will never happen ... Vivian wants Andre the cat sent straight to hell for good. Stefan seems somewhat bothered by this side of his mother ... Lucas hands Kate coffee and asks about Stefan. Kate complains about having to share the mansion with Vivian. At least she can count on Andre. Lucas raises his eyebrows and asks about the status of their so-called marriage. Andre used the L word. Lucas laughs what did she say? Nothing and then he left. Lucas questions whether she returns the sentiment ... Andre the snake slyly states Gabi failed to read the fine print. He inserted a clause giving him the right the remove Gabi when DiMera took over. He talks going public and needing a good image. Gabi threatens to tell Kate and company about his deception. He slowly leans forward at his desk, observing her with cold, calculating eyes ... Abigail asks Chad not to act against Andre unless he has evidence. She suspects the only culprits are Vivian and Stefan. Stefan has shown he wants what belongs to Chad. Chad wonders about that ... Stefan sighs they do not kill people. Vivian refuses to let Andre rat them out. Stefan refuses to kill him. Madame murmurs then she shall. She starts to leave but he stops her. No more burying people alive! She claims Carly was personal not business. Stefan makes her promise not to annihilate brother Andre ... Andre believes the family will understand. Gabi reminds him she is family with Kate cos of Arianna and she always has her support. He had better not try and make her choose! She gets out her phone to call and tell Kate what he is trying to do. Andre grabs her arm and advises against it ... Kate tries to evade the question and lets Lucas know that Andre and she have both changed. She likes how he makes her feel. Lucas is less than thrilled but is alright as long as she is happy. She gushes her gratitude and mother and son hug again ...

Chloe assures Brady if he is into Eve she will accept it. However, he should stop the suspicion. Brady wonders how. She tells him to prove his trust. If he is willing ... Elegant Maggie suspects Eve is after power, hence her interest in Brady. He was already hurt enough by her sister! She leaves to check on sleeping Tate. Eve stands up and picks up a framed picture of Brady. Then she makes a call ... Abigail stammers Stefan is simply jealous of what Chad has. If he and Viv are attempting to set up Andre, that could involve trying to turn the brothers against one another. Chad vows to get to the bottom of Andre and warns his wife this time he will not forgive him if he went against the family. He kisses Abigail and goes ... Gabi grabs back her arm and warns Andre not to touch her. He threatens to call security. She warns she will be back soon and he will be the biggest loser ... Vivian warns Stefan that it is kill or be killed with Andre. She states Stefan will have everything if he removes him. If not she will respect his wishes. So she says ... Lucas looks at the bottles in the club. Chloe welcomes him and they hug. She flirts he looks different. He admits he came here cos of her and she blushes ever so slightly. Lucas sits with Chloe and opens up to the songbird. He could not have overcome without her help and suggests repaying her. She smiles they are friends. He admits he would like to take her out and she giggles. It could be a new beginning for the both of them. Chloe cannot go out at night as the club is too busy. He offers a day date, like ice skating and hot chocolate at the park. How about tomorrow? She grins and agrees. He can come by tomorrow morning after she sets up for breakfast. Lucas is looking forward to it ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Eve leaves a phone message for sister Theresa. It has been a while and she would like to hear from her. Brady enters and she fibs the message was for the guy in acquisitions. Brady is still mad about DiMera besting them. She sighs they outsmarted them and they can do nothing. Brady takes a drink and tells her maybe they can ... Vivian addresses Stefano's somber portrait at DiMera mansion. She feels Stefan's heart is too forgiving. She now gets the text from Andre that Gabi was fired. That means Andre is of no more use to her and her son ... Stefan remembers Vivian's words and places a call. "It's me. I have a job for you." Dangerous drums play ...

Abigail runs into gasping Gabi at the park and wonders what is the matter. She screams about Andre stealing her company and firing her. Abigail will speak to Chad. Gabi screams she could kill him and runs away ... Andre is surprised to see Kate back at the office. She tells him how wonderful Lucas was. Andre admits he has something to tell her but she wants to speak first. She DOES love him back. Andre appears happy and sad at the same time. He has longed to hear those words. She wonders why the long face. He fears she might change her mind when he tells her something she will hate ... Tis the next morning and Lucas picks up Chloe for their big date. He has his skates ready. Chloe, however, was asked to replace the unwell lead at the Vienna State Opera. She flies out with Parker tonight and will be gone for two months. Lucas is happy for her operatic dream coming true. Chloe smiles they can reschedule for two months ... That same morning Gabi is at the park drinking coffee. She gets a text about the Gabi Chic shakeup and gasps ... Eve wakes up to Brady and asks how his head is. He tells her it is throbbing and checks his phone, noting there is a delay over the IPO. It is Gabi Chic ... Chad joins Kate in the DiMera living room. He knows she had a rough night. The devastated diva declares they both did ... Vivian bursts into Stefan's room, where he stands in a towel. He wishes she would wait until he is dressed. She exclaims they have got to get their stories straight ... Abigail enters Andre's office. She is devastated to find him sprawled on his back on the floor, dead as a DiMera doornail ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, January 19