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Thursday, January 18, 2018
Episode 13,256
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


John suavely finishes his coffee at the square, sighing he has a meeting. Marlena his coffee date does too and he senses her hesitation about her mysterious meeting. She sighs she will regret it. He chuckles and kisses her, off to his rendezvous. Roman now calls and Marlena assures him she is on her way ... Back in Gabi's office Abigail is informed by Stefan that he was inviting Gabi to dinner and not her ... Roman greets Anna at the pub, wondering what their next plans should be. Anything but Doug's Place, where she was upset to see Andre ... At the hospital Andre and Kate find out the DiMera jet took off and Theo is gone. Kate gasps they never got to say goodbye. They are both bothered about being left out of the family farewell ... Vivian spies on John and Chad at the park. John thinks he will soon have proof that Stefan was the saboteur ... Gabi cannot believe Stefan is asking her on a date. He drawls but he is. He calls her beautiful. Gabi tells him she cannot tolerate him! He likes her even more. She turns him down and mentions her boyfriend is a detective at the Salem PD. Stefan clears his throat, not wanting to bug the cops. Abigail wonders why the worry ... John updates Chad on his theory that there was no hack, it was the red herring. What they really have is a short list of suspects, an inside job ... Kate blames herself for what happened to Theo as well as Abe's anger. Andre blames himself ... Back at the pub Roman gets Anna to stop speaking of the DiMeras. She tells him she would like to borrow some silver polish as Tony seems a tad tarnished ... Chad announces he might be aware of who did it. Vivian moves and Chad wonders who is there ... Stefan suggests the cops are trigger happy like the one that shot Theo. Abigail reminds him that was her brother. Stefan continues to antagonize her and dares her to drop the act ...

Anna shines Tony's urn and tells Roman that Tony was tidy and kept up appearances. Marlena arrives. Anna tells Tony to look who is here. She apologizes for being so upset before and gets herself worked up about Stefano. She keeps talking to Tony. Roman would rather not have chowder looking at a dead man's ashes. Marlena sweetly suggests she set his ashes free at some special place they had. Anna reasons they took vows. Roman snaps till death do they part so it no longer applies. Marlena suggests she move on. Anna now does the math and realizes they are shrinking her together ... Andre regrets ruining Chad and Kate's trust in him. He holds Kate close ... Vivian has been busted! She claims she was examining the botany and dropped her purse when she heard her dear nephew's voice, at least she still considers him as such. John gets sarcastic. She asks what they were planning but Chad has no wish to share. Vivian replies she overheard them discussing DiMera and as the adviser to the CEO, she has a right to know who is the questionable employee ... Abigail assures Stefan she already accepted his innocence. He politely apologizes to Gabi for bothering her but he had no idea she was taken. Gabi goes and Abigail lets him know she does not approve of the way he is acting. She accuses him of coming onto Gabi. He makes light of it but she believes he is the boss and should not harass the female staff. He could be forced to resign. Stefan reasons office affairs happen all the time like Kate and Andre and Chad and Gabi. She suggests he take a workshop. He suggests she was jealous he harassed Gabi instead of her. Abigail slaps him across the face ... Chad fibs the DiMera employee they were discussing was Belle, who works overseas. Viv marvels John must meet Stefan who is just like Stefano. John is sorry to hear that. She goes on her way and Chad wonders what she really overheard. Hard to say but she sure as hell knew they were not discussing Belle ...

Kate has to consider the Gabi Chic launch. Andre urges her to let him handle it and tells her to go to Lucas, who gets out of rehab today. After Lucas is on his feet and Gabi Chic is up and running, they can fly to South Africa and Theo. She would love that. He will see her soon and leaves after letting her know he LOVES her, no response necessary ... Roman admits he asked Marlena to pop by for he was perturbed Anna has not accepted Tony's death. Marlena offers to give her advice. Anna blasts them both and tells them to leave her and Tony alone already. Marlena is sorry she was not up front and leaves her with Roman to talk things out. Roman understands why she is upset but he wanted to help Anna get over her grief. She cannot let go and suggests they stop seeing each other if he cannot accept it ... John asks Chad who his prime inside suspect is. Chad just needs a little more time until he is sure ... Agitated Andre ends a call and promises to be in touch. He sits in his office chair. Vivian sweeps in with the news that Chad is closing in as she heard him with John. Andre suggests they withdraw but Viv insists they need capital. He complains they have to give Gabi so much of the profits of Gabi Chic. He and Viv agree what he needs to do next. Viv appraises Gabi like a snake when she enters ...

Stefan humors angry Abigail and asks her to forgive him. He wants them to work well together and promises to proceed with caution. Abigail agrees but adds she will be watching him. No office seduction! He drawls it is a pity that the best women work here and walks out. Chad now calls and summons his wife to an urgent meeting ... At the square John leaves Steve a message about needing to run some deets by him. Marlena approaches and he complains about Viv crashing his meeting. He asks how her meeting went. Not well ... Anna refuses to abandon Tony and his urn. His death was never avenged ... Vivian intros herself to Gabi and gushes her delight she is with DiMera. She then smiles she must fly and growls at Andre to remember what she said. She goes and Gabi wonders. Andre admits the woman is wicked and sits, smiling he summoned Gabi here to have a chat. Gabi sits in a chair across from his big desk ...

Roman asks Anna to stay so they can talk things out. She thinks it is too late and takes Tony with her. Outside the pub she cries and puts his urn in her bag, where she finds a letter that makes her exclaim Oh my God! She does not realize she is being watched ... At the park Chad updates Abigail on the hack being bogus a la DiMera chess and it points more and more to Andre ... Gabi hopes all is well. Andre coos her company could make them millions but she will not be part of the profits. Tis his sad duty to inform the girl that she is fired. Gabi gives him a death stare ... Back in his plush office Stefan assures Viv he is getting along with Abigail. Viv has other things on her mind like Andre the liability. She has decided he is one DiMera who needs to be neutralized for good ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, January 18