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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Episode 13,255
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Claire cuddles with Theo in his room and they discuss her latest song. He loves it. Tis their last time together before he leaves. They both get teary eyed about missing one another. Theo gushes he is going to be an uncle when he comes back ... Also at the hospital JJ tries to dodge Abe's question but Lani feels her father should know the truth and the truth is she is pregnant ... Eli explains to Val how Gabi and JJ's hug was misunderstood. Meanwhile Abigail asks embracing Gabi and Chad what is going on ... Back in his office Stefan remembers the moment he first met Abigail. Enter Viv, who can see he is smitten ... Abe has some questions. JJ calls him sir. Abe congratulates the happy couple cos he knows they are in love. JJ and Lani smile ... Eli laments to Val what a big mistake he and Lani made. She has something to add to his story. JJ and Gabi deserve to know the truth about what they did ... Chad and Gabi were discussing Theo. Abigail agrees they will all miss him. She suggests she and Chad head down to see him soon for a few days and add their honeymoon to the itinerary. Chad kisses her hand and agrees. Gabi watches ... Stefan is in denial but Viv knows her son was struck by the lightning of love. She warns him the path it could lead him down, as one with Sicilian blood. She brings up the Godfather. Stefan knows the story and insists his corporate goals are greater. Viv believes if he lets the lightning of love get the better of him, their scheme will be a bust. He gives her a confident almost cocky look ... Claire agrees to keep Theo's secret and kisses him. Ciara appears and wants to know what secret ... Val warns Eli that secrets always spill, especially in Salem. Eli explains at least Lani is not pregnant. Val sighs she will support his silence even with her doubts ...

JJ and Lani let Abe know how happy they are. He is elated and embraces his daughter. Abe now wonders if anyone else knows. Lani teases JJ already told Theo, though she asked him not to. Abe asks why the need for secrecy. Lani stops smiling ... Stefan states passionate Abigail used to be strong and steady before Ben Weston. Viv tells him to err on the side of caution and suggests the girl could still be more mad than passionate ... Chad kisses his wife and excuses himself to work. Abigail suggests she and Gabi get to that press release. Gabi asks if she is alright about her working closely with Chad cos she sensed something when she saw them hugging ... Claire wishes Ciara would knock and mind her own business. Ciara sadly states she came to say goodbye and is sorry. Claire gives them their privacy. Ciara teases Theo for taking off just after she arrived. He teases her right back and admits he will miss her. Ciara sniffles she will miss him a great deal and remembers how as kids he would hold her hand to make her feel better. She wants to do it now so he does and they hug and cry together. Then she runs off and Theo tries to keep it together ... At the nurse's station Lani fibs she wanted to be careful who she told cos the first few weeks are never a sure thing. Val arrives and Abe starts to say ... Lani reminds him Theo needs them all to say goodbye. JJ hopes she is alright ... Gabi could see that Abigail was bothered by her hugging Chad. Abigail admits she was really bothered by what Stefan said ... Stefan assures his mother he is more after his legacy than anything. Enter Chad, announcing he knows what he is up to. Stefan asks what. Chad thinks he is trying to replace him with Theo as his smartest chess partner! Now Theo would rather play chess not with Chad but with Stefan. Stefan insists he was not trying to replace him. Chad notes Theo thinks he is not out to hurt the family so he feels he must give him the benefit of the doubt. Vivian watches and listens to every word, especially when Chad apologizes for being hard on him ...

Abe sits with Theo and gives him a pep talk about always overcoming his obstacles. He then hugs his son and they both cry ... JJ hopes Lani is not nauseous. Negative and she has no morning sickness. He heads to the cafeteria to get her something. Eli slowly approaches and returns her fallen earring. He reminds her they agreed to keep their affair a secret and states he and Gabi are doing great ... Abigail admits Stefan is trying to make her doubt Chad and even suggested Gabi was trying to get close to him. Gabi scoffs he did the same with her. Abigail assures her that she and Chad will deal with Stefan, no worries ... Stefan smugly accepts Chad's fake apology. Chad goes on to say they both want to make DiMera great again so the time has come to make peace. He extends his hand. Stefan pauses. Vivian soap stares with bated breath ... Lani is now with Theo so Abe asks JJ why he resigned. JJ admits it was about what happened to Theo and also the fact that he does not want his baby to have both parents in the line of fire. Abe is more impressed by the minute ... Theo thinks Lani has more to deal with than him these days. JJ gave him the baby news. He asks if she loves the guy. Lani cries she does. Theo thinks there is more to the story. She smiles not to worry about her but get better and come back to be an uncle. Theo believes his big sis always does the right thing ... Gabi tells Abigail all about her Gabi Chic mission - to make others happy with beauty. But the press release should be about the company. Abigail praises her personal branding but Gabi wonders how she can spin her felonous past. Abigail points out she was victimized by Nick and fought back. She admires her and Gabi admires her right back ...

Stefan shakes Chad's hand and reminds him they are brothers. Chad wants to help him make DiMera a success. Stefan wants to start now. Chad laughs he has somewhere to be and bids his brother and Viv goodbye. Viv certainly hopes Stefan did not believe a single word he said. Stefan is not certain. However he will not let Chad in on his dealings until he has accomplished his vision of DiMera. Madame warns him not to overstep with Abigail. She intends to do some digging of her own. Stefan asks her to be discreet. Always. She goes and he takes another look at Abigail's pretty card, sliding it back in his pocket, close to his heart ... Gabi was amazed that Abigail overcame with batty Ben. She saw her sock him! They agree they can now look out for their loved ones as well as one another ... It is time for the final farewell. Claire cries South Africa is far. Theo promises to walk his way back to her. Claire smiles their love will keep them together wherever in the world they are and they listen to her song again. Ciara soap stares through the window and woefully walks away ...

Abe hugs Val, grateful for her support. He has a secret about the growing family to reveal. Lani is going to have a baby! Val glances at Lani and JJ nearby and lets out a little gasp ... Chad is a man on a mission at the park. He calls John to rendezvous for an update on Stefan. He needs something to prove to the board Stefan is sabotaging the company. He urges him to hurry before it is too late. Vivian listens around the corner like a viper ... Stefan catches up with Abigail and Gabi. He hands Abigail back her fallen card and suggests dinner to go over some things. Abigail quips she will be busy with her husband. Stefan snaps he meant Gabi not her ... Theo is wheeled out by Claire and hugs Eli and the family farewell. JJ leans down to hug him and Lani kisses her beloved brother on the head. Claire embraces him as her sad little goodbye song plays in the background. Abe silently escorts his emotional son to the elevator. Ding! Val watches with her hand on her heart as the elevator door closes. Claire cries against her. JJ consoles Lani. Eli stands alone as Val raises her eyes to the soap heavens ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, January 17