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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Episode 13,254
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the hospital Lani meets with Kayla. She admits JJ assumes he is her baby daddy. Meanwhile JJ meets with Eric at the pub, elated Lani is having his baby. Eric wonders ... Gabi wakes up next to shirtless Eli, who calls her beautiful. Last night was amazing and he gives the girl another kiss and another. She is like putty as they kiss passionately ... At the square sad Abe toys with his breakfast as Val urges him to eat so he will be strong for Theo. Abe hates having to leave him for treatment for a year so far away. He considers resigning as mayor so he can join him in South Africa ... Abigail and Chad enter Theo's room. Stefan stands up from their chess game. Chad snaps what the hell ... JJ eats as coffee drinking Eric questions his decision to leave the force. JJ will find a new job and calls the baby his new purpose. Eric asks about Lani's feelings. JJ admits she had abortion on her mind. Meanwhile Lani informs Dr. Kayla she could not even consider an abortion after JJ shared his exuberance. Kayla reminds her he is not the father of her baby ... Stefan wanted to see Theo before he leaves and tells him next time they will finish their games of chess. Theo would like that. Stefan leaves and Chad criticizes him. Theo thinks Stefan plays a good game of chess. Abigail reminds Chad they are supposed to make nice with Stefan. Chad reveals to Theo that he thinks Stefan is the reason he was shot ... Val understands how Abe feels but would miss him. He invites her along but her son is here. She will miss him but would be waiting if he went ... Theo thinks Stefan seems so nice. Abigail notes they only have a strong suspicion ... Abigail and Chad promise to visit Theo in South Africa whenever possible. Abigail hugs him and has to head back to the office. Theo pouts. Chad stays since nothing matters more than family ... Eric realizes Lani might have withheld the baby news and had the abortion. JJ believes the only reason would have been she believed he was in a bad place and did not want to burden him ... Eli tries to talk Gabi into spending the day in his bed. She promises to make time for him asap and then finds an earring on the floor. Eli blurts out it belongs to Lani ...

Abe updates Val on Theo suggesting he stay in Salem so he will respect his wish for independence. Val gushes they can visit him a lot. They are happy to have each other and he grins and kisses her ... Lani lets Kayla know how JJ tried to show her how much family meant to him. He quit being a cop and wants to spend his days being a dad. Kayla argues it is not even his child. Lani feels he does not need to know ... Eli explains Lani must have lost her earring when she came to see him Christmas Eve. She came to complain about seeing Gabi with JJ. Gabi gets it was a crazy night. Eli apologizes again for believing she was with JJ. Gabi is the only woman he wants and he holds her in his arms ... Theo teases Chad he will miss beating him in chess. Chad presents him with a high tech tablet so they can play chess long distance. Theo suddenly offers to hack into Stefan's devices. Chad turns him down. However, he knows Stefan is the saboteur. That one cares only about his own agenda ... Abigail enters Stefan's office to coldly hand him the changed press release. He brings up Chad being bugged about him visiting Theo. Abigail explains they are close and Chad is protective. Stefan notes she loves Chad a lot. She points out he is almost perfect. As sinister music plays Stefan smoothly states he did end up with another woman before. Abigail is taken aback by his audacity ... Eric hopes both parents are on the same page. JJ insists they are and laughs they are really gonna do it! Eric urges him not to cling onto fatherhood to forget the past. JJ is convinced this baby is a sign about him and Lani belonging together. And now he has to go ... Kayla tries to talk Lani out of deceiving JJ. Lani sighs the real father is with another. Kayla warns her JJ might do the date math. Lani will lie the baby is late. Kayla warns her the baby might not even look like JJ. Lani reasons she is light skinned enough. Kayla now questions whether she could live with such a lie for the rest of their lives ...

Val comes to visit Eli, pleased as punch he is dating fashionista Gabi. She has brought him some fancy shirts to try on and tells him they will go say goodbye to Theo together ... Chad suggests Theo not stress about anything and assures him he will be up and dancing soon. They agree Abigail is amazing and Chad hopes he will come back soon. Meanwhile he will miss him like hell. They share a beautiful brotherly hug ... Abigail explains Chad assumed she was not alive when the other woman entered his life. Gabi appears and Stefan greets her warmly. Abigail offers to drop by her office to go over a press release and is pleased they will be working together. Gabi goes with a chic grin. Stefan slyly marvels at Abigail's ability to get along with the once other woman. He says so rather crudely ... JJ visits Theo to say goodbye. He apologizes again but Theo thinks he too was accountable. He heard JJ quit the force and feels it was rather rash. JJ boasts he has something else that will require his full time attention with Lani ... Kayla warns Lani her lie could come back to bite her one day ... Gabi chic is surrounded by pretty things in her new office. Chad arrives and congratulates her. She can see he is a tad sad. He admits it is about Theo. The talk now turns to Stefan. Gabi warns him that Stefan accused her of coming to the company only to get close to Chad ... Abigail notes Stefan is very detailed. He admits when he finds someone intriguing he investigates every angle. He suggests Gabi chose DiMera not for Kate but for Chad and his blue eyes. Abigail wonders why he is attempting to create conflict ...

JJ feels the family will miss Theo for the year. Theo hopes JJ will keep an eye on Lani for him. JJ agrees and smiles they are expecting a big change that will affect Theo too ... Lani cries JJ was joyful about her baby, whereas it would ruin the other man's relationship. Kayla begs her not to play with lives, especially that of her child. Lani weeps she wants to do what is best but agrees to consider her advice. Kayla hands her a prescription for prenatal vitamins ... Guilt ridden Eli confesses to his mother that he cheated on Gabi ... with Lani ... Stefan sarcastically states that Abigail has no more worries about Gabi? She is just grateful that she was there for Chad when he believed her to be dead. Besides she and Chad have put the past behind them ... Chad and Gabi decide they are good friends. He is happy she is now happy with another ... Stefan implies that Chad returned for his child, not his love for Abigail. But he praises her confidence. He tells the PR princess that Gabi was furious when she heard she would not be reporting to Chad. Abigail insists that was really about her not wanting to report to Stefan. He sits at his desk. Abigail adds the four of them are fab friends and nothing he does or says can change that. She storms off, feeling like she has the upper hand, Perhaps she should consider she is dealing with a smitten mini-Stefano, which makes her his mini queen of the night ...

Kayla has coffee at the pub and teases Eric about Roman running off with Anna, leaving him to mind the fort. He notes he has been able to do his work. JJ came by for counseling. She asks how he is doing. Eric can only say it is confidential ... Kayla glumly agrees some things have to be confidential ... Val reels from Eli admitting he slept with Lani ... Meanwhile at the hospital JJ catches up with Lani, who says her appointment with Kayla went well. However, she has something to tell him. JJ wants to go first. He told Theo they are having a baby! Abe appears and stammers they are having a baby?! Back at the office, Stefan pours himself a coffee and picks up Abigail's card from the floor. His eyes darken with determination ... In another office, Chad calls Eli lucky. Gabi calls Abi lucky and they agree they are good friends for life. Then they share an embrace. Enter Abigail ...

OH OH!  

All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, January 16