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Monday, January 15, 2018
Episode 13,253
1430 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Eric helps Roman, who is dapper for his date. Enter stunning smiling Anna, who gushes at handsome. They are dressed to the nines. She realizes Roman wanted a word with Eric and gives them a moment after she and Roman share a kiss. Eric watches the pair of them with wonder ... The internet is abuzz about the relaunch of Gabi Chic. Kate and Andre kiss and plan to celebrate. She sighs Stefan will get the credit but when she walks away Andre purrs HE has the power ... Stefan is smug in his office until Vivian updates him on Chad's investigation. He is already annoyed by Andre and Chad. Viv gushes they are just getting started with their scheme. Andre is almost irrelevant ... As Eli spends time with Gabi the chic one, he admits he has regrets. Meanwhile JJ vows to be a good father to Lani and his baby. She remembers being with Eli, the other man, once upon a confused Christmas Eve and hangs her head. Tis too complicated! JJ begs her to let them raise their babe together ... Stylish Gabi would rather think positive thoughts. Eli offers to buy her dinner. She teases she will break the bank and they kiss in bliss ... Lani laments JJ needs to know ... Enter Jen, there to follow up on a story. JJ announces he quit today. Tomorrow will be something new. Jen supports her son's happiness and they exchange I love yous. Now she is off to a dinner date but not with Eric. She praises Lani and JJ for trying again. JJ now whisks away woeful Lani to show her something ... Roman probes Eric on his problem with Jen. Eric claims she gave him the cold shoulder the other day. He has no clue why. Roman the romantic sage suggests she might not be ready to date. Eric complains about her having a date with some doctor. Roman thinks this is not like Jen. Eric adds she warned him to back off but why? Meanwhile Anna spies Jen at the square and wonders why she took off last time they talked. Jen makes light of it and hears fur coat Anna is waiting for Roman to take her to Doug's Place. She adds after he advises Eric on how to get over Nicole yet again! Dr. Love arrives and Anna flirts before flouncing off. Dr. Love says to call him Henry and naively invites Jen to a popular place called the Brady pub, wondering whether she ever heard of it. Jenny is in ...

Stefan has his doubts about involving wild card Andre in their scheme. Vivian believes she made all the right moves even using his idea of the warehouse office to throw the locals off their scent. Stefan warns Andre will find out the truth eventually. Vivian is highly prepared for that eventuality. Kate and Andre arrive. Kate and Vivian proceed to get catty. Viv gets highhanded about informing the board of Gabi's buzz. Kate hisses to Stefan with time he will see Madame for the monster she is so she will end up all alone again. She waltzes off with Andre. Stefan has seen how she got to Viv, who is in denial. She cannot wait until her ancient enemy finds out the truth about her so called husband. Stefan the logician reminds her Andre can never be exposed without compromising them ... At the club Kate fumes she wants Vivian brought to her knees. Andre suggests the salmon, which makes her remember the time she was stranded eating fish all because of that woman. Andre proposes a toast with their red wine. He toasts to their happiness and love. Anna appears in her black dress and snaps he knows nothing about either ... Roman urges Eric to fight for Jen if he wants the heart of the fair maiden. How about using his charm? Eric teases him. Roman admits he regrets not fighting for his mom harder in the past. Some women are just worth the fight! Enter Jen with happy Henry ... JJ and Lani hold hands at the plaque of Alice and Tom Horton. He feels as a Horton he is worth of this baby and wants a chance. She gasps oh God and JJ notices her noticing Eli and Gabi giggling nearby. They approach and Gabi tells them of their supper to celebrate. She asks JJ and Lani to join them but Lani politely says no. Eli supports JJ and Lani's reunion and says so. Lani gives him a last look as she leaves with JJ ...

Anna angrily blasts Andre for taking away the time Tony could have had with her. She hates Andre for aiding and abetting Stefano. Kate tells her Tony is gone. Anna hisses she hopes Andre will get his just desserts ... Roman teases Romeo Eric about that good lookin guy Jen is with and goes on his way. Server Eric is covering for him tonight and asks Jen and date what they would like. Wine. Henry senses a connection. Jen intros Eric as the boss at the center. Eric is pleased to hear Dr. Henry wants to help and poses a few questions. He finds out happy Henry has no wife but hopes for a certain girlfriend soon. Jen soap stares as Eric states the special is meatloaf. He gives Jen a knowing look. She orders the cod. Eric reminds her she loves meatloaf. She wants something new. He sighs the customer is always right and walks away. Henry asks Jen if there is anything between them. Jen points out they are platonic. As Eric eyes them from the counter, Jen accepts the good doctor's declaration of interest in her ... Kate quips Annie Oakley can go away now. Anna warns her that Andre only grins like that when he is up to no good. Roman arrives and places a possessive arm around her ... To celebrate Stefan's first full day as DiMera CEO Vivian presents him with a watch she says belonged to brilliant businessman nephew Lawrence, who was rather like him. Tragic music plays as she tells him how happy she is to know him. Stefan has heard she had only a few family and friends she stayed close to. Viv cries she is grateful she has her son and he hugs her. She cries tears. Real tears ...

At the square, Eli and Gabi sip wine as he listens to her excitement about her business. He asks her to stay over at his place tonight. He wants to show her how much he cares and gives her a come hither look. Gabi calls spending the night together a big step, then adds Ari is with John and Marlena tonight. She accepts and wants him to see how much she cares too. They kiss like a couple on solid ground. Then she goes to his room and they give into temptation as a singer sings of a tale of love ... Meanwhile Lani sits alone at the dark park, remembering her most recent conversation with Eli, how she regretted their affair. JJ returns with a beverage and tells her she is not alone. She can count on him no matter what she decides. A violin plays as he tells her they are partners. She starts to smile from within... Andre calmly advises Roman to tell his ex to leave them alone. Roman wants to get a table. Kate questions them being together again. Anna looks annoyed when Andre refers to Roman kissing his wife. Anna warns Kate that Andre the snake will give her grief in the end and follows Roman to their table. Elusive Andre looks down without a word ...

Back at the pub, Henry admires Jen's sweet smile. Jealous Eric has the bill. Henry looks forward to being at the center and shares another laugh with Jen. Eric looks on with longing ... Gabi and Eli come together under his sheets ... JJ wants to see Lani home and will give her more time to make up her mind. She stands up and states she has already decided. He will have some sleepless nights cos they are having a baby! He hugs her and she blinks back the tears ... Back at the club Andre complains to Kate about Anna's evil gaze from across the room. He appreciates she stuck up for him. Kate coos they could have a chance at happiness. Andre kisses her with stars in his eyes ... As Vivian fusses over Stefan's coat she assures him Andre will be dealt with when they are done with him. She likes to keep some of her biggest secrets BURIED.  

All the drama in Salem on Monday, January 15