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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Nicole asks Marlena to help her surprise Eric. Meanwhile Eric asks Abe to help him surprise Nicole … Pretty little liar Claire insists she will not be going back to Hong Kong! Belle and Shawn are baffled. She flashes back to her meeting with Marlena, how wonderful she was, then remembers assuming she would be home for Ciara and Ben’s wedding. She now pouts to her parents Salem is home … At the square stylish Hope can see stylish Ciara is stressed. She assures her she has no worries about Claire, who will probably go to Hong Kong. She now remembers the fact that Gabi was taken by the bad guys. So does Ben as Will waits for him to reply whether he has seen Gabi. Jake shakes his head. Sonny stands by Will … Woman in purple Nicole wants to make Eric happy by inviting Sami to their wedding … Abe is supportive and asks Eric the day he wants him to marry them. Today … Ciara is about to head to work when friendly Rafe appears. He is waiting to hear how the judge rules on David and thanks Hope for testifying. Alas as Gabi has missed breakfast with him, he wonders whether anyone has seen her … Ben replies he last saw Gabi when she was trying to stab Jake with a needle. Will and Sonny argue the passionate princess was trying to help him get his memory back. Jake calls her a loon … Claire believes she should decide where her home is but Belle and Shawn are her guardians. She sweetly tells them to move back to Salem. The debate continues …

Dapper Abe chuckles and says yes to Eric’s request. However, family and friends should also witness the wonderful day … Marlena jokes to get fireworks instead of Sami but Nicole wants her groom to be happy … Will and Sonny explain to exasperated Jake why Gabi wanted his toothbrush. He gets back to working on a car with Ben and blows them off. Ben agrees he will absolutely contact Will if he has anything. The guys go …Hope has not seen Gabi. Ciara takes a deep breath and remembers Ben disagreeing with her involving Rafe. She now starts to say … Ben curses and exclaims they have to find Gabi or get back what Gwen stole … Ciara stops herself from revealing the secret to Rafe and takes off. Rafe senses something. Hope mentions Claire's maybe release from Bayview … Claire claims she needs to make up for the hurt she caused others by making amends. She wants to show Ciara and Ben she is sorry and better. Shawn replies they are busy moving on… Claire pretends she understood they got engaged and gushes maybe she and Ciara could be bffs again with her staying in Salem. Belle lets her have her say. Shawn reminds her of the supervision clause. Claire suggests she stay with Marlena …

Back at the townhouse, Nicole believes she is a better woman than when she stole Sami’s baby years ago. Marlena agrees and adds Eric is lucky. She will see what she can do to make Nicole’s gift to Eric a reality …Back at the trendy apartment, Eric concedes it may sound crazy but he and Nicole have waited a long time. Nicole returns and he announces Abe is here to marry them … At DiMera mansion the kids are being looked after by Jen and Jack. Abigail and Chad are still away. Stylish Kate comes along and asks them to give them her best. She is doing press for the key to the city event and asks if the Spectator can cover it. Jen assumed Steve and Hope were not on board. Kate urges them to help make it a success for Abe’s sake … Nicole is stunned. Eric reasons he is almost ready and wants to wed her now. No can do says she …Smart cookie Claire argues grandma Marlena is already on her side. Tis the perfect plan! She guilts her parents into asking her … Back at the square, Hope updates Rafe on Claire’s possible release. Rafe now gets texted by work and sighs still no word from Gabi … Outside the pub, Will holds his coffee and insists Gabi is innocent. Sonny suspects she will want to prove Jake is Stefan. Will wonders where she is if not on the run …

Ciara sweeps into the garage. Jake and Ben are stressed about not hearing back from Gwen. Ciara wants action … Sonny and Will sit with their coffees, wondering whether Jake really could be Stefan. He wanted no contact with the cops. Will suspects both Ben and Jake know more than they are saying … Ciara suggests they tell Rafe the truth as he is already suspicious. Jake warns that would not end well for Gabi … Rafe updates Hope on Gabi believing Rolf set her up. Hope thinks anything is possible with that madman but does he believe his sister is innocent? … Jack is silent. Jen states Steve and Hope do not feel deserving of the key to the city. Kate states they saved lives. Jen mentions their feelings of guilt. Spin master Kate suggests this could help them overcome and snaps to help them accept the dang key … Nicole is not ready to wed today. Abe discreetly departs. He will be honored to perform the ceremony whether today or later. Eric wants nothing fancy and feels being married is better than getting married. Nicole admits this is all about … his infamous sister Sami!

Eric is sorry about Sami’s reaction. Nicole sighs her surprise was she tried to invite his twin sister to make him happy. Eric is touched. She teases she will enjoy giving her grief when she calls her sis. They share a tender moment … Rafe doubts Gabi would want to harm Jake, whom she thinks is Stefan. However, Rolf is in the slammer. Hope believes someone on the outside is doing his bidding … Jake repeats no cops. Ciara stats to suspect he is trying to save himself … Marlena lets Shawn and Belle know she would love to have Claire. John would be too but how do her folks feel … Jen primly points out she and Jack cannot make Steve or Hope accept the key. Jack agrees when she adds they are respecting boundaries. However the Spectator will cover the event if it happens. Kate vows to make it happen … Rafe will pay Rolf a visit. He thanks Hope for the help and suggests she return to the Salem PD. He now gets the call from Justin. The judge has decided … Sonny and Will are at the station for Rafe. Abe can see they are troubled. They let him know Gabi is missing. It looks bad … Jake argues Gwen will help as he left her a message about someone’s life depending on it. Ben will give him a couple of hours before getting Rafe involved … As Shawn and Belle wistfully watch. Marlena informs Claire she is coming home with her. Claire is over the moon … Eric romantically promises to be patient. They can wait for everyone including Sami. Knock knock! The former father opens the door and gets a shock ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, June 9, 2020