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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Will ends a worried call as curious Sonny comes in. Harold just let him know Gabi did not come home last night! Meanwhile Jakes leaves Gwen another message. He needs what she took back cos someone’s life is hanging in the balance … Frustrated Ben has been in touch with security contacts but has no leads. Leopard Ciara starts to panic. The goons only gave Jake 24 hours to give back his mysterious stuff! Ben assures her it will be alright. She fears they will never find Gwen … At Bayview playful Claire greets Gwen and insists Marlena will come through for her today … John sits with Marlena, who has been studying Claire’s charts all night long. She left long distance messages for her folks Shawn and Belle. Knock knock! Tis Belle! Shawn is also here from Hong Kong but went straight to Hope. Belle has high hopes for Claire but Shawn … Marlena deduces he has concerns about Ciara. Belle fears he and Hope might be less positive … Hope hugs Shawn at the square. He explains Claire could get out of Bayview today. Hope smiles tis wonderful but Shawn is torn for Ciara. So is Hope … Ben reminds Ciara no cops when she brings up Rafe again. He suggests she go to work and deduces Jake might have discovered something … Will and Sonny arrive at the garage and do a double take at sarcastic Jake. Will demands to know where Gabi is. Jake hears who they are and acts like he knows nothing about Gabi being missing. However, they know this was the last place she came …

Gwen teases Claire about her wedding obsession. Claire swears her to secrecy. She would rather Marlena not know she stole the save the date card. She sounds more obsessive by the second about being better. Gwen tells luv she is not sounding betta … As they sit on the sofa, Marlena and John admit to Belle they did not mention Ciara’s engagement to Claire. Eerie music plays. Marlena points out if Claire is released and gets triggered, there could be a setback. Belle worries they feel Claire is not really ready … Shawn shares his view with Hope that the doctors will do what is best. Belle is with Marlena as they speak. He holds his coffee and asks his mom how she would feel if Marlena agreed Claire was ready. Ciara would need to be prepared for … Ciara happens by with Ben and smiles prepared for what … Shawn jumps up to congratulate her and shake Ben’s hand. He asks about the wedding and so does Hope. Ciara overheard them mentioning her needing to prepare but Shawn gets called away and leaves Hope holding the ball. Ciara assumes it is bad news. Hope admits it is about Claire …

Back at the townhouse, Belle gets a bad feeling but John and Marlena are positive. Claire wrote them a beautiful song at Bayview. Belle blames herself for not seeing her daughter was sick sooner. John suggests sweetheart the wonderful mom stop. Marlena suggests a plan for the future … Claire gets testy so Gwen assures her she will not ruin her sweet plans. Claire counters she should not have trusted the psycho. Gwen whispers she is actually sane and should not be in here. She faked a breakdown so she would have a place to hide. Claire wants to know from whom she is hiding. Her ex-boyfriend! Meanwhile Jake denies seeing Gabi last. Will and Sonny, however, heard how obsessed she was with the Stefan lookalike. Jake acts like a jerk. Will blasts him for not letting her have his DNA sample. Jake gasps so that was what happened to his toothbrush! Gotcha! Investigative reporter Will now knows Gabi was here at the garage … Stylish Ciara hears that Marlena and Claire’s doctors are involved in the decision. Hope explains Shawn promised her doctors would not proceed with any release unless it was safe. Ciara is her top priority. Ciara gets teary and reasons Ben recovered from mental illness. So could Claire. Ben, however, has his doubts given what happened with Jordan … Marlena explains Claire will never be cured and could need outpatient therapy for years. Belle senses she is not 100 percent certain. Marlena points out if Claire does not feel she has made progress she could get worse. Belle talks Jordan so Marlena reminds them Ben made it. He listened to his doctors. John praises Marlena for helping him. Belle just wants to know if her daughter is a Jordan or a Ben …

Gwen states her ex was surrounded by some scary blokes. One night they had another fight. He walked out so she left but then he kept calling, texting and stalking her. Claire deduces he wants to reconcile. Gwen confesses he wanted some things she took with her – a few of his favorite things … Jake denies sees Gabi and claims she stole his toothbrush. Suspicious Will and Sonny find out he lives at the garage. Will accuses him of lying cos he had to have seen Gabi … Claire cackles about Gwen’s predicament and insists she is leaving soon. Gwen hopes she will not forget her. Claire wonders how long she will stay here. She knows not and they pinky swear to keep their respective secrets … Marlena announces Claire is only Claire, not Ben or Jordan! John lets Shawn in. Belle asks about Hope’s response. She will accept whatever Marlena decides is best for Claire. John points out to impatient Belle that even Marlena cannot predict the future. Belle wonders what she would say if Claire were not her granddaughter … Ben has concerns cos Claire tried to off Ciara not once but two times. Ciara wants to give the girl the benefit of the doubt. Ben believes the girl has deep rage. Ciara wants to trust the doctor and confesses she misses Claire and loves her. Hope calls her daughter kind and forgiving but she does not want anything about Claire to put a damper on the wedding planning. She talks wedding dress. Ciara admits she is distracted these days …

Will knows what a liar looks like and Jake is acting just like one! Sonny folds his arms and glares as Will demands to know where Gabi is. Again. He suggests they call the cops and report her missing. Jake begs them not to! Will probes. Jake reasons Gabi broke in and was out on bail soooooo … Will wants to have a look around … Claire is nervous about Marlena not arriving yet. She disagrees with attending arts and crafts and obsesses over the save the date card again …Ciara claims she is just stressed about Titan work. Ben excuses himself to work after kissing his future wife. Hope senses Ciara is hiding something … Marlena suggests supervised support as a trial release. Shawn and Belle are grateful. Marlena will have the details soon. John places a proud arm around the woman he loves as Shawn gushes their daughter can come home … Jake talks hazards but Will insists on searching. Here comes Ben. Will complains Jake claims to know nothing about Gabi being here and asks Ben what he knows … Back at the townhouse Marlena truly hopes Claire will be alright … Ciara fibs to suspicious Hope she needs more sleep. She thinks Claire will not be a problem for her to deal with as she assumes she will be joining her parents in Hong Kong … Belle and Shawn visit Claire with big news. She cries tears of joy when she hears she can come home but when Belle mentions Hong Kong she refuses to go!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, June 8, 2020