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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Marlena comes home to handsome and he kisses her. He updates her on elusive Brady. She was not at her office earlier. She explains Claire asked Bayview to call her … Claire hums the wedding march while smiling at Ciara and Ben’s picture. Meanwhile Ciara is on the bed happily wedding planning with Ben. She will shop with her mom and tells him to get a tux at the square. But who will be his best man … At DiMera mansion Jack insists to Jen that Steve is not going to let Kayla go … At the pub Steve slurs hi at sweetness, who notes it was not his first drink. He has an announcement to make … John wonders whether Marlena considers Claire as ready for release as she claims … Claire’s friend asks her to come sing for the gang. She loves her voice! Claire notes no one claps or compliments her. Her friend feels they are the only normal ones and snatches away the picture. The girl with Ben is Ciara. Friends? Used to be besties before the falling out … Ciara suggests Will be the best man. Ben sarcastically states he almost strangled him. He does not fit into tradition. However he could ask Jake …

Jake gets a text that Gabi is alive along with a photo of her tied to a chair looking terrified … Steve cannot bring himself to confess his love so he offers to buy Kayla a drink to celebrate instead. He almost falls so she catches him and wonders why he was driven to drink. He remembers informing Jack he loved her too much to be with her and almost falls on her with a hug … Marlena asks John his view. He speaks from deep within and does believe Claire is better. His buddy might be back. Marlena gushes the girl is affectionate again and wants to make up to everyone. Claire and Ciara could even become friends again. John suggests they speak to Hope and Ciara first. Marlena senses there could be a setback if Claire heard Ciara was engaged to Ben. It could be a trigger … Ciara talks Claire and how close they were when they were younger. Alas things changed. Ben offers to be her bff. She muses she might hire a maid of honor. He gushes about becoming her hubby. She cannot wait and they kiss again. Jumpy Jake shows up with bad news. Gabi was dragged off at gunpoint by a dastardly dude! Ben asks if there is proof so he shows the picture but he stops Ciara from calling the cops …

Kayla starts to go but Steve stops her and states he loves her. She wishes he would stop. He changed his mind and wants his baby back … Bayview friend Gwen teases Claire wants to crash the wedding. She denies it and dreams of being a bridesmaid or maid of honor. Gwen doubts it. Claire thinks she could show her support regarding Ben and rock a bridesmaid dress. Her friend warns they never get out to see anyone and twirls her hair. Claire boasts she might be out soon … Ciara does not believe Jake is a good bet and argues he almost got Ben offed! Ben is grateful he hired him and adds he resembles Stefan who was also on his side. He agrees to consider Will when she teases with a kiss and then wonders about her maid of honor. Claire used to be her bff but that was then this is now … Claire’s good friend in Bayview Gwen realizes Ciara is the one Claire spoke about in their group therapy. She is surprised she got a wedding invite. Alas she did not … Marlena admits to John if she agrees to Claire’s supervised release she will be able to return. He asks if she thinks she is ready … Jen is stunned Steve now wants Kayla back. Jack updates her on him getting over his guilt thanks to Hope. But when he was about to open his heart to her Justin proposed and she said yes. So he seems to have backed off. Jen knows Kayla and Steve are soul mates and she deserves the truth but Jack agrees with Steve keeping his distance … Kayla has driven Steve home and helps him to the couch. He marvels sweetness has always been there for him and gazes at her. He wants her back but she admits she assumed he did not want her. He is sorry for lying and lets her know she is the only woman in the world for him. They romantically kiss …. and then he wakes up to Hope hovering. She explains Kayla left after he was settled. He sighs it was only a dream …

Marlena updates John on Claire possibly taking it hard that Ciara has something else she does not have with her engagement. She and John would have to be like parents to Claire if she comes to their home. He tells doc he used to daydream the old Claire would come back to them. She assures him she is on board. Now they just need Shawn and Belle to agree … Claire boasts her grandmother is not without influence. Gwen grins she talks a good game and asks if she is really out to get Ciara again … Ciara ends the call. Jake reminds her Gabi would be at risk if the mob heard they called the cops. Ben agrees but Ciara wants to believe Rafe could fix things … Jack concludes Steve made the decision to close his history with Kayla but Jen believes in true love and they bicker. Kayla has the right to know the truth! Here comes Kayla with a homemade pie …

Ben tells Ciara that Rafe is in court and will not take a call. They need to find Jake’s ex … Steve sighs his dream felt real. Hope realizes it concerned Kayla. He dreamt he told her he wanted her back but it was the dream of a drunk. Hope urges him to try again. He laments losing her to Justin. He should respect her choice … Kayla and Justin were invited to dinner but he is in court. She asks about the love bugs so Jack sends her up to see them. He then warns Jen not to say anything tonight and takes the pie … He later has wine for himself and Kayla while Jen holds her water. Kayla calls the kids adorable. They are keeping them busy. She admits she ran into drunken Steve. He was incoherent and passed out on the couch. Jen is sorry for him. Kayla assumes he was down due to what Rolf did. Jen starts to disagree but Jack just saw him too and agrees it was about Rolf … Faithful friend Hope has Steve’s back for they are family. Always. He thanks sweet thing and falls asleep on the sofa. She covers him as sad music plays … Ben gives Ciara the last word. She wonders why Jake’s fiancée came to Salem by train in the first place. Ben notes then the trail went cold. Jake does not know the place at all so Ciara decides she and Ben are in. The investigation is a go. It begins with a picture of Gwen … Meanwhile Gwen grills Claire on her plans so the princess gets pouty. She vows she will get out and never come back. Gwen wishes her good luck, unaware that on the outside a team of three tough cookies is trying to track her …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, June 5, 2020