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1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Glam woman in green Hope comes to see Rafe, curious about Zoe. Rafe sighs she is still suing and the hearing happens today … Orpheus orders Zoe to hear him out at the slammer. She came to see Christian … Julie and Abe have been invited for lunch at the square by Eli and Lani. Tis their treat. Eli suggests they celebrate and Lani shows her engagement ring. Abe and Julie are elated … Kayla is wearing her big engagement ring from Justin at work. She reads Steve’s note offering his congrats … All alone at the pub, Patch toasts to the happy couple. Enter brother Jack … Jen can see Kayla is bothered. Kayla asks about Abigail. She is settled in. Jen just came to thank Marlena for the recommendation and admires the ring. How amazing! Kayla pauses. Jen asks if it is from Justin. Kayla gets a tad testy … Jack greets Steve. He saw him drowning his sorrows. Steve is surprised to see him. The kids, himself and Jen are having pub cuisine. He notes his bro does not look god. Steve claims he worked out and feels great. Jack demands to know whom he made the invisible toast to with shots during the day. Steve drawls Justin and Kayla are engaged … Julie stops smiling when she realizes tis the same ring! Lani wonders. Julie grumbles about Gabi going free. The ring reminded her how Gabi ruined the first wedding. Eli does not want the mood ruined. Lani teases she will make Gabi her maid of honor. Abe laughs. Julie realizes it was a joke. But things get serious when both Julie and Abe announce they want to perform the ceremony … Orpheus blames Zoe for making mistakes … Chez Rafe, Hope gasps Zoe was an accessory to an abduction. Rafe sighs she stated Orpheus gave her no choice. She is claiming she was coerced. Hope suspects she will even say SHE was to blame for the gun going off. Rafe sighs. Hope wants to help him win …

Abe argues he has the better wedding track record. Julie protests. When Eli suggests they let the couple decide, they listen. Lani asks Abe to walk her down the aisle. When Julie tells them she will take it from there, Eli disagrees … Back at the pub Jack has heard Steve’s tale of woe. He deduces he does not want Kayla to wed another. Steve slurs he was probably right when he said she deserved good man Justin. Jack suggests he stop trying to make Kayla’s decisions for her. Justin is the more reliable choice but Kayla loves Steve soooo … go and tell her he loves and wants her back right now! Steve slurs Justin was on his knee. Jack suggests he get on his knee instead of hiding in a bottle … Jen notes it is hard to say no when someone makes a proposal other people see. She compliments Kayla’s ring and admits it sound more like something … Kayla knows. Something Steve would do. Jen now hears Steve had been waiting in her office and left her a note of congratulations. Jen knows he did not mean it but Kayla unhappily deduces he did …

Chez Rafe, he asks Hope testify. She looks forward to it and wishes he had asked earlier! He did not want to impose. She reminds him they are friends and suggests he wear the nice navy blue suit she got him in their past. He appreciates her support. Always … Zoe rages at Orpheus for being dangerously idiotic. She complains because of him she will probably lose custody of David. The insults fly. She leers he lost to loser Steve Johnson … Steve refuses to ruin Kayla’s happiness. Jack blasts him for being so Jane Austin with the little notes instead of being real. He reminds him that the fair Jen took him back. They are in love the way Steve and Kayla are. There is no rhyme or reason to true romance. Steve replies he is avoiding Kayla cos he loves her and wishes he would leave him alone … Jen reads Kayla’s strange note from Steve. Kayla wonders why it sounded like he knew Justin had proposed. Reporter Jen questions Kayla’s decision … Eli does not want to be reminded of his and Gabi’s almost wedding. Julie gets it and wonders who will marry them. Lani suggests Marlena. Julie approves and orders the best champagne. Lani cannot have any cos she is preggers. Julie and Abe are even more over the moon! Julie senses the mother to be is stressed. She admits she is because of what happened to their David … Zoe taunts Orpheus his arch enemy Steve is getting the key to the city. He leers he lost the woman he loves and it will be slow long torture. Orpheus does want his daughter to win against Rafe so he does not raise his grandson … Hope helps Rafe with his blue tie. He asks about Ciara. She smiles she will tell the judge he was such a great stepdad. Rafe is a natural born parent …

Jack invites Steve to come over for chicken fingers and play time with the kids. Another time. Steve calls him annoying but admits he ain’t a bad brother. Jack tells him not to drink too much but tis too late … Kayla loves Justin. Jen loved Eric. However, he was her rebound. Would Kayla have said yes if she had a chance with Steve??? Food for thought … Pearly Julie is understanding. Eli explains the chances are slim they will have a repeat loss. Lani gushes Eli will be a wonderful father … Kayla lists the facts. Steve suggested moving on and she and Justin are in love for real. Jen is happy for her and they hug. She invites her and Justin over for champagne at DiMera mansion. Kayla explains she is meeting her fiancé for dinner to wedding plan. Jen teases she will throw her a shower even though he hates them. Once alone, Kayla crumples the note … Steve slurs and sings he loves his baby so he let her gooooo … Eli, Lani, Julie and Abe toast to the happily ever after and new baby … Jack comes home to Jen and updates her on Steve drowning his sorrows … Kayla gets a call from Justin and assures him it is alright. She can get something at the pub … Outside the pub Zoe runs into Rafe and Hope, having heard she would testify. Hope warns she will tell all. Zoe argues she let her go. Hope urges her to drop the suit for David, who belongs with Rafe. Zoe threatens to rip her apart on the stand. Rafe quips she talked tough before but her brother also lost … Lani and Eli feel this is their time. They kiss in bliss by the Horton plaque … Jen is stunned to hear Steve was drinking. Jack explains the letter he left Kayla was not even real … Kayla comes into the pub and spies Steve at the bar. He slowly turns around. Their eyes lock …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, June 4, 2020