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1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Bayview Claire believes Marlena can help her get home with her recommendation … Ben is miffed Jake’s mob enemies almost hurt Ciara but at least he knows who they are. Jake hopes he will return to work now. Ben senses they will be back. Jake knows but work wise there is much to be done with the cars. He hopes Ben will help … Gabi is stunned to see MR BIG STUFF at Jake’s place. He refuse to let her pass … Replay of Brady trashing hopeful Ciara’s hard research. He sits at his desk and gets texted. The redhead has been released. He growls Victor does not deserve her. Here comes stylish Nicole, who accuses him of betrayal … Sarah is at the Kiriakis mansion for mom but Xander is desperate to talk. Maggie is not in the living room. He assumes she and Victa are upstairs alone. Sarah sighs she and slick Vic has a run-in. He suggests she hit him to make herself feel betta … At the pub pretty Ciara hands Eric a save the date card for her and Ben’s wedding. Eric is happy for her and grins he and Nicole also got engaged. The talk turns to Brady, how he left Nicole high and dry at Basic Black … Nicole pouts she and Brady were partners. He should have told her he was leaving for his Titan opportunity. According to Xander he is having an affair with Sarah! Brady alludes to a plan. Nicole the ex roving reporter probes. He talks fresh start since Kristen is gone and impatiently apologizes. Nicole is still offended … Back at Bayview, Claire assures reluctant Marlena her doctor praised her progress. Marlena suspects there is a reason she is in such a hurry to head home … The big guy wants to know what Gabi hid in her bag and finds the toothbrush. He then gives back her bag and demands to now where her boyfriend is. She hisses he is her hubby … Jake argues once the bad guys get what they want that his ex aka Gwen stole, their boss will back off. He does not have the funds to search for her. Ben is no stranger to security of all kinds and offers his unique brand of assistance to track the girl. … Brady apologizes but acts more mysterious by the Salem second. Nicole deduces he is out to destroy Xander. He does not deny it. She wonders what he will do to Victor. He takes off to visit Maggie …

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Xander argues Maggie knows he acted out of love for Sarah, so she should too. As she stands by the elegant mantle, Sarah remembers admitting to Marlena she still loved him. Back to the present. Xander loooooves her and believes she still cares for him. Is it so? Enter suited Brady, who grumbles at baby it looks like the goon is bothering her again … Back at the pub, Ciara complains to Eric that distracted Brady ignored her biz ideas and acted on some bad ones … Cupcake Claire feels she has been cooped up forever. Marlena gently reminds her she needed help. Claire lists all she has accomplished. She became the perfect patient and woefully wonders why she has to stay in Bayview, whereas Ben was released … Ben believes it would be in his best interest to get the goons what they want and send them on their merry way. Jake officially accepts his assistance. They shake on it. Besotted Ben goes to take his fiancée Ciara some flowers. Grateful Jake heads back to the garage … The big guy decides that Jake’s lovely wife will be a great bargaining chip. She warns it will not work so he shows her his big gun. He suggests she call hubby. She stammers tis not so simple. She is actually the wife of Stefan DiMera. The big guy demands she call Jake and get him what he wants or else …

Ciara heads to Brady’s office and finds her report in the trash. Enter Ben bearing flowers. He wonders what has her so upset … Stylish Nicole heads home to Eric and they kiss. She complains about Brady’s bizarre behavior. He is playing a game … Brady puts his arm around Sarah and leers at Xander to leave. Xander wants him to butt out and boasts all is out in the open. Brady plays his trump card and announces he tried to steal Sarah’s embryo for Kristen as well – at the abortion clinic. Sarah is horrified. Xander notes nothing happened! He was there to support her. Brady wonders whether he let her know the plan was for Rolf to implant her unborn baby in Kristen … Ciara complains about Brady trashing her hard work. Ben believes he feels threatened by the rising star. She smiles and takes the flowers. He always makes her feel better. He only wants to make her happy and they kiss in bliss. She asks about Jake and he replies he just gave him his whole story … Jake gets back to the garage but the bad guy appears with a gun on Gabi! Jake reminds him his biz is with him. Alas he does not have what he wants. The goon warns if he does not go and get it his wife is toast. Gabi cringes … Claire reasons Ben was the necktie killer. Marlena reasons he recovered. Claire wants the same kind of consideration. She does not deny what she did but her fire starting days are over. Besides, she was not herself back then and has changed for the better. Marlena whispers she would like to believe her … Claire assumes Ciara is still upset and argues she wants to make amends with her. If released, she will make it her life’s mission to make up for losing control. Marlena mutters she tried to off her. She knows but she loves and cares for her. Can Marlena help her? The blonde grandmother agrees to speak to her docs. Claire is over the moon. Marlena is making no promises. Claire gives her a bear hug before she goes …

Eric gives Nicole a pep talk about being good enough to run Basic Black on her own. She agrees and he passionately kisses her … Sarah screams about the attempt to steal her embryo. Xander notes it never came to fruition. Brady scoffs since Rolf found out Kristen was already with child. Sarah is enraged. Xander argues she wanted to get rid of it anyway. SMACK! … Eric smiles Nicole must know she is the best businesswoman, She gushes she has the best fiancée in the world, spies Ciara’s save the date card and realizes their wedding will have to be later than them in July. Eric grins they can get married sooner cos all he needs is her. They can have the party later. He romantically tells her they waited a lifetime. Nicole swoons and calls his suggestion wonderful. They kiss on the table … Sarah blasts Xander, who claims he changed. He boasts he brought her baby into the world. Sarah cannot forgive his actions, repeats they are done and departs with Brady. Xander fights back the tears of torment … Claire looks at a picture of Ben and Ciara. She yearns to return for their royal wedding … Ciara is worried about Ben tracking dangerous Gwen but he promises he will be there for their wedding … Jake implores the goon not to harm Gabi, but the goon has a bigger boss and hauls protesting Gabi away. He has 24 hours! Jake cannot stop him, curses, and starts to pace like …. Stefan DiMera.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, June 3, 2020