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1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Ben has a fruit breakfast surprise in bed for breathless Ciara along with a fortune cookie. Her guy grins she will do well on her first day at work and they kiss in bliss …At the Kiriakis mansion Sonny and Will toast to new beginnings and babies. Time to talk to Ari. She gets to have a bagel as Will admits there is something about … Mommy? Much to Will and Sonny’s surprise stylish Gabi waltzes in and Ari runs to her … Xander visits Maggie and assures her Justin is arguing her case in court. She hopes to be home today … Sarah visits stepdaddy Victor as she is back at work. He quips he already has a doc. She taunts tis a pity he survived … Corporate Brady goes over his schedule and sips coffee. He mutters he will take Titan and Vic down brick by brick. John comes in and wonders what he is really up to … Victor argues he was attempting to protect Maggie as Xander wanted to protect Sarah. She screams up a storm until Marlena stops her … Suited Brady just wanted his job back. The silver fox asks about Xander. Brady hopes he rots in hell. John knows this is really about … Xander also hopes Maggie will get home soon and stays positive. She asks why he came. He regrets the past. The redhead knows he was trying to protect her and Sarah. In addition, he saved her life! But he does not look well. He sighs he lost it all including the woman he loves. How to win her back?

Victor grumbles Sarah should get fired. His blood pressure … Marlena points out it is fine and leaves to speak to Sarah … Ciara is dressed for success. Ben is looking at job ads as he cannot go back to the garage the way things are. However, he hopes she becomes CEO of Titan. She sits on his lap and lets him know she is proud of him. She kisses him and then opens the door to … Jake … Gabi is happy to be home and sits with Ari. She fibs she was on a biz trip as Sonny and Will admit they were about to tell her. Gabi gives her a bracelet and Sonny suggests she put in in her jewelry box. When she goes the guys wonder how she got out of the slammer. Bail. She pours herself coffee from the silver pot and insists she is innocent. Sonny gets sarcastic when she refuses to stop repeating Jake is Stefan. Will warns Ari could not bear it if she got sent away again. She assures them she knows just how to prove Jake is her Stefan today. First she is taking Ari to school … Ciara heads to Titan. Jake came to tell Ben his story … Sarah apologizes for overreacting. Marlena understands since Victor was to blame for part of her pain. Sarah feels so betrayed! Marlena realizes also by Xander. Sarah feels like a fool for believing in him. Marlena senses she still loves him … Maggie is bewildered Victor replaced Xander with Brady as Titan CEO. Xander complains he loves only Brady and confesses he blackmailed his way into the job before. Brady does not want him around. She understands why so he snaps Brady is also sleeping with Sarah …

Back at Titan, hawkish John wants to know Brady’s plans for Victor. Brady asks if he would blame him for wanting revenge. He would not but he would like to hear the details. Here comes stylish Ciara! John hugs her and congratulates her on the wedding news. Then he departs. Ciara is over the moon Xander is gone. Now she reports to Brady … Maggie cannot believe it. Neither can Xander, who assumes Brady and Sarah are pretending. He pouts he wishes he could have a second chance and asks how to make Sarah see he was simply trying to protect her … Marlena reminds Sarah that some people in love are driven to extremes … Gabi denies to worried Will she has plans to inject Jake. She does have a DNA test planned. Sonny gasps she would need a DNA sample from Jake as well as Stefan. She is on it! Will and Sonny are worried. They want Rafe to clear her name first and urge her to let it go for Ari’s sake. Gabi gets indignant, given Sonny did not let go his belief that Will was alive. She decides to go prove Stefan is real and yells for Arianna to hurry! Sonny is exasperated. Will sighs she has made up her mind. He will forewarn Rafe. Sonny now gets a call from Victor. The Greek tycoon asks him to pick him up. Sonny agrees and Will accompanies him … Gabi takes Stefan’s framed photo from a drawer and reminds herself she is on a mission! She now bags what else she needs and sighs there is also something from Jake …

Jake has admitted to Ben that when he wanted out of organized crime, he took something he wanted as a bargaining chip that made the boss mad cos she belonged to him. One day he stormed out after a fight and when he returned everything was gone including the girl. He knows not where she is now … Maggie states Sarah is a headstrong woman who does not respond to pressure. Xander goes to get an update on Maggie’s situation from the court. She is grateful … Raging Sarah wants revenge on Xander and Victor. Marlena asks about the grief of losing Mickey. Sarah cries she can never recover. Marlena suggests peace of mind. That seems a stretch for Sarah right now. Marlena tell her tis time to focus on what is right after admitting what is real. Sarah still loves Xander but forgiving is not an easy thing. Marlena suggests they speak again. There is no hurry. Sarah now gets a call and thinks it concerns Maggie. Marlena gets a call too and is on the move …

Ciara asks Brady how he got rid of Xander. He would rather not discuss that loser. She shares her vision of Titan’s future with a detailed report. Asia is the place. Brady blows her off by stating they are selling the Asian division. She does not get it since it has most of their profits … Jake tracked his ex all the way to Salem but the trail ran cold. Then he needed money and got the job at the garage. Ben wonders why he did not reveal anything to those goons. Cos those bad guys are capable of just about anything … Gabi gets to the empty garage in her little black dress, realizes Jake is not there and keeps walking until she finds … At the Kiriakis mansion Victor mutters to Sonny and Will the mansion seems empty without … Enter the redhead. Maggie is baaaack! Xander follows. She thanks him and he excuses himself. Sonny and Will hug her. She emotionally thanks Will for everything. Exit Sonny and Will. Victor wonders what she has to say to him but she breaks down … Xander opens the Kiriakis door to Sarah. They soap stare … Brady is elusive with Ciara, who heads back to her own office. She believes Brady will consider her proposals but he tosses her research into the trash … Jake believes the bad guys got too close. No woman should be at their mercy … Gabi gets into Jake’s room and puts his toothbrush in her purse. But when she turns around there stands MR BIG STUFF … Marlena visits pretty Claire at Bayview. The blonde who went bonkers announces she is ready to come home. Oooooooooo


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, June 2, 2020