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1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Replay of Will gushing he and Sonny should have another baby … Eli finds Lani at home and asks why she took off, why she said she might not want the baby. Alas she is anxious they could lose this one like their David … Rafe is tidying up toys when Hope comes by to see how he is. He is doing better. Hope wants to say… At the square Kate has tea with Abe, who is surprised she put Steve and Hope’s name on his schedule for key to the city … Kayla is stunned by Justin’s heartfelt hospital proposal. So is out of sight Steve …Eli argues the odds of what happened are low. Lani insists she could not survive it again … Sonny sweetly nods as Will explains he was just telling Marlena that they are in a good place. Tis great to be in synch. They kiss in bliss … Hope is grateful to Rafe for suggesting she stop blaming herself for Princess Gina. He is happy to hear it. Zoe interrupts the moment and he wonders what she wants … Kayla calls the ring beautiful and suggests they speak in private. She sighs and goes with Justin after he agrees. Steve returns to her office to leave a nice note … Abe points out it was not Kate’s place to make the offer. He suspects she felt guilty after not helping brainwashed Hope and Steve at the beginning. Stylish Kate suggests it is just her job to make him look good … Zoe thanks Hope for letting her get her boy back safe and sound. Now she wants a word alone with Rafe. Hope is protective until Rafe assures her he will be alright. When she goes he asks Zoe why he should not arrest her right here right now … Kayla returns to her office and reads Steve’s note about being happy everything worked out for her and Justin. Justin assumes she is not going to accept …

Lani knows Eli wants the baby. He loves her and knows they could give their child a wonderful home. He will take the leap of faith with her if she is willing. She sadly states she could feel their other baby before she lost him. Eli wonders whether this means she wants no children with him … Will and Sonny sit on the sofa and discuss. Sonny brings up adoption. Will calls adoption amazing but it can go south for the adoptive parents. He uses Rafe as an example … Zoe insists her apology to Rafe is real. He gets she did not intend for the gun to go off and suggests they move on. She warns him she will still sue for David and win … Hope is seated at the pub picking up dinner. She suggests Steve sit when he approaches her table. He admits he could use a beer and confesses his almost talk with Kayla was interrupted by proposing Justin. He left her a note about how happy he was for them. Hope notes Kayla might have said no but Steve doubts it. She loves the dude. Hope whispers Kayla loves STEVE!

Kayla babbles about the big decision. Justin repeats he loves her and updates her on his sign from Adrienne, which was Sonny arriving with his blessing. They make one another happy and she cannot deny it. He wonders what her heart desires … Kate asks if Abe is firing her. He has clear expectations. The diva in purple assures him she can follow orders as she was a waitress. He points out she does seem to have a problem following his orders so perhaps they should part company … Rafe growls about Zoe’s gumption. Just cos she cannot have her own kid she is after his! She talks blood. Rafe reasons he has raised David for over a year as per his mother’s wishes. Zoe highhandedly offers to allow him visitation and leers he would lose in court … Sonny assures Will that Rafe’s situation is the worst case scenario. Now having a biological baby comes up but whose would it be … Lani brings up adopting. Eli looks let down. She adds if having a biological baby is a deal breaker, perhaps they should not walk down the aisle after all. He waited for years to marry her and refuses to give up on them. He would love to have a baby together but he will leave the choice to her. She has his full support and he kisses her … Will grins Sonny should get to be the bio-dad since he already has a bio-child and would love to see Sonny’s smile on their child. Sonny teases they could have twins. Fate should decide. Will feels there is no family with more love to share than theirs …

Kayla does love Justin, who decides to wait until she is sure … Back at the pub old pal Hope senses Kayla still loves Steve. She tells Steve to let Kayla make her choice after she has the facts. She needs to hear how Steve feels. Steve now feels sorry for himself, Hope is convinced a big part of Kayla’s heart still belongs to him so she cannot give her heart to another … Kate teases Abe loves the high life of being Salem’s mayor. He is more interested in making a difference. She warns his image needs help cos he is down in the polls. Desperate times call for desperate measures, hence basking in the glory of Steve and Hope’s heroism. Abe argues they wreaked havoc before but she calls him stubborn. Abe chuckles. She warns his numbers will crash and burn without her help …

Lani is grateful for Eli’s support. She knows there are many out there who want to have a child but cannot … Back at the luxurious Kiriakis mansion Will wants to call Kayla for fertility clinics. Sonny suggests they slow down given that Ari needs to be told Gabi was arrested. Sonny thinks she needs to be the center of their universe now. Will believes otherwise but they agree they are having a baby together … Rafe growls Zoe has a kid she cannot look after, committed a kidnapping and almost killed a cop. If she does not back off he will play hardball … Abe will not go back on what PR Kate promised. His brand is solid and dependable. She is pleased he read her long research. He explains he is more policy than PR. Her idea for Hope and Steve has its merits but next time ask Abraham first. She quips yes sir and sips her tea … Zoe retorts Rafe’s sister was arrested and his father is a known criminal. She is David’s biological relation. They will see each other in court … Eli believes any baby is a blessing and is on Lani’s side. She weeps he is wonderful and wants to have this baby. He kisses her and cries he loves her so … Steve exits the pub with Hope and a bag of food. Kayla and Justin the lord of the rings appear. She announces they are engaged. Steve acts happy for them. Kayla looks ready to cry ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, June 1, 2020