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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Gabi taunts Chad at the square. He calls her verdict a travesty … Grateful Rafe ends a call with Gabi’s good lawyer. Here comes Hope bearing pizza and a smile … The beautiful wedding begins but the mother of the bride goes down! They rush to her side and Lani asks if she can hear her … Violins play as Brady calls out to Kristen. Tormented Kristen turns around and says hello. Brady grabs her in a hug as tears of joy flow. She slipped into Salem in disguise and he assumes it was for him … Tamara stops Julie from calling an ambulance. Val asks some medical questions. Tamara admits it is about blood sugar. Julie gushes they have cookies and Billy gives her one. She will rest in her hotel room but refuses Lani’s offer to postpone. She will be there in spirit. Abe assures Eli it will go well … Chad warns Gabi he will get his justice. She denies being a danger to Abigail and declares she is his danger now and taking back DiMera … Rafe updates Hope on his first video chat with David. T’was hard. She assures him it will get easier … Billy offers to escort Tamara back to her hotel room as he has to make some calls about a case. Tamara assures anxious Lani she is alright. Marlena suggests they proceed. Abe proudly watches as Marlena presides. Marriage is more sweat and tears than a fairytale but becomes magical with everlasting love. Alas last time fate interrupted. Julie snaps it was Gabi’s fault … Back at the square Gabi argues to CEO Chad she will get the board back in her court. Proof that Jake is Stefan will cement her position as a DiMera. She and Stefan shall stake their claim. She quips she is sane unlike Abigail and leaves Chad enraged …

Kristen came back for Lani’s wedding but Brady believes this moment was meant to be. He removes the habit from her head and they passionately kiss. He asks about Rachel. Kristen gushes she is getting two teeth and singing and laughing. Brady whispers where is she? Alas she left her with someone she trusts. They blissfully admire baby photos on her phone until Chad appears … Elegant Hope is happy to hear David looked well. Rafe explains how he ironed Eli’s wedding attire. They deduce he and Lani are almost at I do. Rafe bites into his pizza and sighs about Gabi’s stunt last time. Hope tells him true love always wins … Glamorous Julie gushes Eli and Lani’s love takes her breath away. If there is justice then Gabi … Gabi waltzes in wearing a glittery outfit and gloats she has magically appeared! Julie gasps Noooooo while the guests gape at the interrupter … Hope informs Rafe she is accepting the key to the city. However, it means she will miss Kayla and Justin’s wedding. She did it for Abe and felt sorry for Kate about her family situation. Rafe gets it. Unlike Sami, he knows Allie is having a baby. Hope sighs there will be hell to pay when Sami finds out. Rafe eats more pizza and apologizes again for cheating with his ex. Hope sighs tis the past. He still regrets it …

Marlena suggests Gabi stop. She came to tell those who testified against her her good news! Abe defends Eli and Lani and reminds her they recently saved her. Julie wants to take out the trash. Lani gets upset she is ruining their wedding again so Eli orders her out. Abe starts to escort her and Julie opens the door. Lani cries. Eli promises the rest will be perfect … Chad demands to know when Kristen came back. Brady believes her brother will not report her. She implores him to forget seeing her. Chad refuses. He needs something … Rafe thanks Hope for how she has helped him and they hug. Gabi arrives with champagne for her victory. Hope decides to depart. First Gabi insists Rolf must have had his minion drug Abigail … Chad wants a favor from Kristen. Gabi got off and wants to come after DiMera. Kristen thinks she cannot but he warns there is a small chance Stefan is alive. Kristen hates Gabi but has to remain on the run. Chad wants something. Brady suspiciously wonders what. Her DiMera shares … Eli admires the cross Lani has around her neck and she notes it was from a friend. Meanwhile Abe has locked all the doors. Julie suggests they get back to their places. Val is relieved. Eli wants to hurry. Julie reads poetry that was originally read by Tom Horton about the heart and love. Marlena thanks her and continues. The mood becomes light again and there are no objections to the union. Lani thanks them for sharing this wonderful day with them. She now knows this wedding is not cursed and will be blessed by all their love. Marlena agrees. Abe smiles. Marlena notes there is nothing to fear but then a plate is heard crashing …

Hope heads off after Rafe thanks her for the pizza. Gabi grills him about whether they really are only friends … Chad wants to consolidate power with his and Kristen’s shares. Kristen believes she will never be able to come back to Salem and agrees to let Chad have her shares to protect father’s legacy. Brady asks if she is sure and she is. She will have her lawyer contact grateful Chad. He tells her to take care of herself. She prays Abigail will be home soon. She is always in the know. Chad thanks her for everything and walks off. Brady updates her on his recent attempt to have the charges against her dropped. She does not want him to take the fall, kisses him and starts to go. He grabs her hand and announces this time he is going with her. He means it too …

Back at DiMera mansion Chad speaks to Stefano's portrait. He wonders why he keeps protecting his legacy and also wonders why he (Chad) wanted Gabi to be the one who had harmed Abigail. Perhaps it would have been simpler since now he has to suspect it was someone else, someone who took their orders from Stefano. He stares at the portrait but gets no reply from the phoenix … Rafe insists he and Hope are only friends. Gabi gets a call from the lab. Within the hour she will get the results and knows whether her Stefan is alive … Kristen warns Brady he would be abandoning his son. He laments he cannot be without his daughter. He needs to be with Kristen now and kisses her. She happily agrees and they head off … Julie believes a clumsy caterer dropped one of her dinner plates. Enter the divine Vivian Alamain, who declares she got no invitation and therefore came to crash this wedding!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, June 30, 2020