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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At DiMera mansion Rafe informs Chad the jury has decided. Chad drawls Gabi will get what she deserves … Gwen smirks at Gabi to stay away from her boyfriend. Gabi is about to explode … Colorful Julie admits to Abe she still has much to do and asks him to move some flowers. She is very finicky that this wedding be perfect. She babbles about the champagne and gives orders but Abe thinks she should get the champagne herself … Val is snapping pics of reluctant subject Eli and goes to freshen her makeup. Ding dong … Lani and Kristen hug. She came in her nun’s habit to witness her bff’s wedding. Kristen is aware of her arrest warrant but had to come! She is grateful she helped her get away with her daughter and gets emotional … At the park Brady ends a call with little man Tate. Marlena arrives. She realizes he misses him. Brady finds out she is fancy as she is headed to Eli and Lani’s wedding. He asks her to thank Eli, who stopped him from making a major mistake … Eli is happy to have Billy in town for his wedding. Val appears and explains she invited him. Eli is glad his old FBI mentor came but Val reveals he is more. He is actually her date … Julie did not mean to be obnoxious but she always orders poor darling Doug, who feels under the weather. Abe deduces now she has to do everything and reminds her Eli and Lani requested a simple wedding. She steps out for the champagne as he folds the napkins. Tamara arrives and the mayor is over the moon. Tis their daughter’s big day. They hope for smooth sailing … As they sip tea, Lani tells Kristen that Eli learned what she did and protected her. Kristen is relieved and regrets causing trouble. No one saw her. Lani reveals she is having a baby. Kristen congratulates her with a bear hug …

Eli tells Billy he is lucky to be his mom’s date. He learns they have been dating for the last three months … Rafe folds his arms and informs Chad that Rolf all but admitted he did it. He believes in Gabi. Chad gets sarcastic and suspects Rafe’s sister went to see Jake … Devil in a blue dress Gabi announces that is her hubby! Jake denies it. Gwen gets worried when she hears she stole his toothbrush and is having the DNA analyzed against that of Stefan … Abe is so proud he will be able to walk his precious daughter down the aisle. He missed much. Tamara and Lani both believe she is lucky to have him. He hears Julie and gets back to folding the peach napkins. Sparkling Tamara smiles as he admits she is sometimes a pain … Here comes Julie … Elegant Eli is without words. Billy goes back to the car for his phone. Eli suspiciously wonders why the secrecy. Val wanted to be sure first and hopes he is alright with it … Brady coldly confides to Marlena his plan to destroy Victor’s Titan but then the tycoon reached out. He got him to tell Eli Kristen did not stab him. Eli warned if he accepted that version then Brady would become the suspect. Brady alludes to a plan. Marlena wonders what plan. For Kristen and Rachel to come back and be with him but now he worries it will never happen …

Lani admits she is afraid as she already lost a baby. Kristen is sympathetic and wants to help her get ready … Jake pouts he did not give Gabi his permission. She thinks he will thank her. Gwen taunts she seems too sure of herself. Gabi talks timeline. Gwen met him two years ago but before that he was her Stefan in Salem. She suggests she show a photo. Gwen points out if that is true she is the past while Gwen is his present. Gabi calls him her ex. Gwen gushes they got back togetha. Gabi wants to know if it is true. Jakes sighs tis complicated and steps away. The feisty females end up in a catfight … Back at the Bistro Tamara and Julie have a hearty reunion. They both hope for a beautiful wedding. Abe has finished folding. Julie suggests he leave the rest so the mayor steps away to make a call. Tamara laughs she frightened him off. Julie wanted the napkins perfect. Tamara thinks this day is more than napkins. Julie admits she wants this one to work. Tamara smiles this day is a gift even with messy napkins. Abe heard that!

Eli is happy if vivacious mama Val is happy. She cannot wait for him to wed Lani … Lani looks like a stylish stunning mermaid ready for a royal wedding. Kristen helps her with something borrowed and new. The new is a gift of a small cross necklace in memory of their convent days. Lani is touched. The something borrowed is a silver rattle Rachel played with. Kristen wants her baby to have it. The friends forever hug again … Exasperated Jake stops the cat fight. Rafe arrives, astounded when he sees the Stefan lookalike. He informs Gabi the verdict is in. Time to get to the courthouse in time. Gabi snaps until the test results are in Jake should stay away from the … Gwen calls her a psycho as she sweeps out with Rafe. Jake looks overwhelmed … Marlena is sorry for Brady’s suffering. He thanks her for listening. Always. She heads for the wedding …Julie is still hopping around. Abe is about to leave to pick up Lani. Woman in black glitter Marlena has a happy reunion with good friend Tamara … Gwen paces and calls Gabi a madwoman. She tells Jake to tell her he does not care if the DNA matches. Gwen is not surprised Gabi is facing prison but Jake is not smiling …

Rafe and Gabi run into Chad en route to court. He leers she will get locked up but Gabi flounces off with Rafe, refusing to be bothered … At the bistro Tamara and Val are happy to meet. Eli praises the place but Julie is still bothered by the napkins. He thanks her for everything. She wishes his dad were here. He knows he is and they share a heartfelt hug … Lani gets a text from Abe, who is almost there. Kristen says an emotional good luck and goes … Seconds later Abe arrives. He just saw a nun on the run. She smiles it was someone from St Joseph’s with a gift and asks about Julie’s. Things are set up and her mom is here. Lani is relieved she came. Papa Abe is proud and pumped … Meanwhile Brady tells Kristen’s photos how much he loves and misses her. Sister Kristen is watching … Marlena admires beautiful bride Lani and goes to check on the groom. Abe promises his nervous daughter this time will be perfect. The wedding march plays. All gush when Lani and Abe appear. She kisses her mom and approaches her groom. Marlena begins but Tamara faints to the floor …Gwen cackles Gabi is crazy and will not bother them from the slammer. Jake has no response. Meanwhile Gabi taunts Chad at the square since she was found not guilty … Brady stands up from the park bench. Kristen turns away and he speaks her name. Violins play …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, June 29, 2020