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1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Tis a sunny morning in Salem. Claire sits with coffee drinking Gwen at the square and complains her place of work is under new management. They want someone more sophisticated. She gets busy with her texts and gushes about being marvelous Ciara’s maid of honor … Shirtless Ben gets romantic with Ciara until she tells him Claire is her maid of honor. He warns in the best case scenario she wants to steal the limelight. Ciara reminds him she helped him with Gwen and Jake but Ben reminds her it was Eli and Lani who really saved the day … Gabi dreams of Stefan romantically bringing her breakfast in bed … Lani reads the note on Eli’s gift of flowers and smiles. She calls the groom who is chez Rafe and thanks him. Today will be perfect and nothing could go wrong. Meanwhile someone is still outside her door … In her sweet dream Gabi kisses Stefan. In her sour reality it is Chad who wakes her up with a breakfast tray. He taunts it might be her last meal … Jake leaves Gwen an angry message about the dang book. Dangerous Luca walks into the garage … Eli cannot wait to wed the woman he loves. They exchange I love yous and end the call. She stops to smell the roses and turns on the shower. Knock knock! Enter a woman with groceries. Lani pulls her gun. Valerie shouts not to shoot and drops the food. Julie gave her the key in case no one was home. She puts on her apron and informs pretty Lani she is here to make her a good hearty breakfast. She gushes about the grandchild … Rafe lets Eli know the coffee is ready. Eli is relieved they are still good after he testified against Gabi. Rafe reasons he just told the truth even though all the cards seem stacked against her this time … Gabi puts on her robe and refuses Chad’s sarcastic breakfast … Luca is free cos his flunky took the blame. He warns Jake he is here to set an example of he who betrayed the boss …

Ben fears Claire could flip out. Ciara believes what the doctors say including Marlena and teases to get ready cos he needs to be there too today. He frowns … Gwen thinks Claire should thank her for her help. Claire does just that. Wicked Gwen now wonders whether she has a wicked plan against Ciara … Gabi declares she did not drug Abigail and she was framed by Rolf. Chad laughs at her and warns he will be able to prove Stefan is dead after he gets the DNA results. She dares him to go to the garage and see her hubby for himself … Jake tosses the coveted book to Luca. He is done with the organization. Luca will pass it on and leers leaving is not so simple … Gwen smirks does Claire have something in mind for Ciara? Claire waves to Ben and Ciara as they arrive. Gwen excuses herself and wishes them all fun. Ben finds it weird she is friends with Jake’s ex. Claire gushes they were bffs at Bayview and brings up being Ciara’s maid of honor. Ben does not agree it is good news … Eli assures Rafe he and Lani are here for him. Rafe reminds him tis his buddy’s big day and wants to help out. Eli smiles there is indeed something …

Lani sips her tea and admits to Val she is stressed after the last almost wedding. Val hopes Gabi gets sent back to the slammer. Lani recalls how she almost took her vows … until Kristen DiMera made her see the light. Now she and Eli shall have their happy ending. They enjoy their delicious breakfast. Val explains her dad owned a diner. She met David there and still regrets not informing Eli he was his father … Rafe has finished ironing Eli’s shirt. Eli is still very aware of the long road he and Lani have travelled… Gwen rushes into the garage, relieved Luca left and Jake is alright. He sighs he gave him his book and hopes they let him out of the organization. She gushes about them being back together. Jake makes a snide remark … Chad admits he would not mind if Stefan were alive but his heart is in Julie so it cannot be. Gabi wants to believe there is an explanation. Chad quips to enjoy her final day of freedom. Gabi looks ready to explode …

Jack is playing cards with winning Thomas. Chad comes downstairs. Sister is at the lake with grandma Jen looking at ducks. Thomas is more interested in big animals. Jack will take him to the zoo. He wishes daddy could. Chad explains he has to go back to Florida to be with mommy … Ciara wishes Ben would be civil but he will not pretend. Princess Claire points out she was helped like Ben was. She deserves a second chance. Ben disapproves of her pressuring people. Ciara referees. Claire compares her second chance with Ciara to Ben’s reboot with Will … Rafe has a gift of gold cufflinks for grateful Eli, who wishes he would come to the wedding. Rafe believes it is best he stay away given what sister Gabi did and drawls to save him some cake. Done. The best friends share a guy hug … Lani opens Val’s gift – a pretty floral handkerchief her mama had on her wedding day. It has blue so that covers something old and blue. The women exchange I love yous and Val tells 'daughter' she will see her soon. Lani smells the roses again … After Val has left the hallway lurker inches closer to the door …

Gwen makes a pass. Jake tells her tis not a good idea. She hopes he does not believe he is Stefan. He notes the timeline does not rule it out. She gets jealous of Gabi … Gabi calls on the status of the DNA test she submitted. Tis not ready yet. She holds her wedding ring and sighs he is Stefan. She just has to prove it somehow …Chad assures Thomas that he and mommy will be back soon. Jack dangles the zoo and takes him upstairs to read about the animals. Chad stares darkly … Ciara steps away for a call after suggesting Ben and Claire grow up. He warns Claire he will be watching her like a hawk. Claire wants to make Ciara happy like the old days. Ben refers to the fires and Ciara returns. They act like they are getting along. Claire wants to show her a wedding dress without Ben and they flounce off ... Jake denies having any interest in nutty Gabi. However, he has doubts about being with Gwen again. She starts to seduce him and they kiss. Enter stylish Gabi, who orders her to get her hands off her husband … Rafe comes to the mansion to get Gabi and informs Chad the verdict is in … Val lets Eli know Lani felt like she was being watched. He suspects a case of pre-wedding jitters. Meanwhile Lani opens her door to … Kristen disguised as a nun. SURPRIIIIISE!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, June 26, 2020