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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the Kiriakis mansion Lucas asks Will and Sonny to convince Allie to keep her baby, not give the child to strangers. Will smiles they don’t have to be strangers … At the square Allie feels the baby kick. Shirtless jogger Xander pleasantly asks when she is due … Eric has taken Holly to her sleepover and kisses Nicole. She wants the perfect wedding. He knows their love is perfect and they smooch … Will suggests he and Sonny adopt Allie’s baby. Sonny adds if she agrees. They wanted another baby and this baby would be related to Will. Lucas warns Allie might not agree … Kayla hands Steve his fallen Black Patch file and notes he and John were always a good team. He drawls he has had great luck with teammates and stops her from scurrying off … Mama Maggie has helped Sarah unpack, happy she is back at the mansion. She wonders about Xander. Sarah will be avoiding him and admits she was angrier before. The redhead noticed she kept her wedding dress. Sarah denies still loving him … Allie claims she could be chubby. Xander overheard her earlier and introduces himself. She admits Will warned her to avoid him but all she cares about is Sami not hearing she is having a baby. Xander smiles her secret is safe with him …

Lani and Eli return home but Lani feels she is being watched. Eli teases the world watches her beauty and gushes they are going to be hubby and wife tomorrow. She suggests he sleep elsewhere tonight … Eric gets romantic with Nicole. They are all alone and she pulls him to the bedroom … Xander overheard Allie admit she was not ready for motherhood. She believes the baby will be better off with someone else and Sami will never know. Xander praises her and excuses himself with a grin … Lucas fumes Will seems to be planning the future of Allie’s baby. He is livid people have been leaning on her. Will hopes his hesitation is not just because he and Sonny are a couple cos the adoption agencies have already been giving them a hard time … Steve heard Kayla and Justin have a wedding date. She replies it is next Friday and he wishes her the best. He sighs Jack got an invitation. Kayla stammers he is invited too if he wants to be there. Steve gazes at her and suggests she check with Justin. She stammers he will be fine. Stylish Kate now approaches Steve with the news that Hope is accepting the key to the city. He sighs he cannot. Kate insists he was a hero for rescuing John and Marlena. Kayla softly agrees he is a hero … Lucas points out he is proud of Will and supports him and Sonny the wonderful parents. Will wonders what the problem is. He thinks down the line Allie could change her mind and adds they also have to consider the father …

Eric and Nicole emerge from the bedroom giggling. Allie is on the sofa and announces she is giving her baby up for adoption. Lucas did not agree with her letting a stranger have the baby. However, she ran into her wonderful stepdad Rafe and wonders whether he would like to adopt her baby … Sarah tearfully tells Maggie that the headstone for Mackenzie meant much. Xander loved her daughter. Maggie adds he loves her as well but Sarah does not want to be with another Victor. Xander arrives with flowers so the redhead discreetly departs. He gives Sarah a pep talk about going on and being happy again. Easier said than done. He blurts out he could give her anotha baby … Eli is hurt but Lani believes seeing the bride on the wedding day is bad luck. Their marriage is at midnight and she cannot tempt fate … Sarah is exasperated so Xander updates her on someone pregnant planning to give her baby up for adoption. Sarah would be wonderful … Allie explains Rafe just lost David and has always wanted to be a dad. Nicole asks if Rafe is aware of her idea. Not yet. Eric and Nicole agree Rafe is a great guy. Eric adds he is also Sami’s ex. She might not support the idea … Lucas has been there. He cared about Will a lot and even sued Sami for fatherly rights. He points out the father could suddenly show up and slap them with a custody suit … Stylish Kate is relieved when real hero Steve agrees. Kate announces the award ceremony is next Friday afternoon and will be in touch. Kayla realizes he will be busy Friday afternoon. Steve calls her sweetness and then apologizes. It just slipped out. Kayla blushes …

Eli has his bag ready. Lani suggests he stay with friends … Will notes they have not spoken to Allie so it seems too soon to worry. Lucas admits he has a lot to consider now, for Allie, for them and also the baby she is carrying … Allie is not interested in what Sami wants. Nicole agrees with her. Eric wants her to take her time deciding. Nicole thinks it is worth pursuing her idea of Rafe … Sarah blasts Xander for suggesting she adopt a baby now and wants to know the identity of the pregnant girl. Allie Horton. They are related somehow. Sarah cries she cannot replace her baby. Xander already made her fall in love with a baby that was not hers! He apologizes and she hits his flowers … Lucas is against Allie being pressured but would be thrilled with Will and Sonny. He hugs Will, adds Allie may be hasty because of Sami and does not want the guys he loves to get hurt … Eric agrees Rafe is great but asks Allie to be careful as he is still raw. He also knows a lot of adoption options and offers to help if she wants to meet with an agency. She does not want Sami to ever know the baby was hers and would not mind Rafe. Eric refers to Carrie and Rafe’s affair. Allie realizes everything is complicated. Nicole assures her they are here to help …

Sarah cries she could never replace her baby. Xander argues he loved the baby he helped bring into the world but now there is a child that needs a home. Sarah screams to leave her out of it … Kayla does not mind the memory of Steve calling her sweetness. He notes Justin would not like it and suggests he not attend the wedding. He can see she is happy. She admits it makes her unhappy that the kids do not want her to wed another. Steve will speak to them and wants to be Kayla’s friend. She says always and he emotionally tells Sweetness he wants the best for her. She feels the same way. He touches her arm, a tear in his eye, and takes his leave … Back at DiMera mansion Lucas informs stylish Kate that Allie is not keeping her baby. Sonny and Will want to be the adopters … Will suggests he and Sonny let Allie know they would love to adopt her baby. Sonny suggests they wait until tomorrow … Eric tells Allie to take her time. Rafe might not agree. Nicole knows she will make the right decision for herself … Xander is sorry. Sarah just wants him to move out. He closes the door behind himself and she breaks down …Eli kisses his bride at the door. Tomorrow will be the best day of their lives. He leaves and she closes the door but someone is in the hallway waiting …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, June 25, 2020