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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Lucas is stunned Allie is giving her baby up for adoption … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sonny and Will wonder about adopting Allie’s baby if she is not ready for motherhood … Jack comes to the bistro for coffee as court is in recess and complains to brother Steve he desires justice for all Gabi has harmed … While someone watches Lani from outside the pub, she looks at the menu. Kindly Kayla joins her … Victor informs recording Eli he lied about Kristen stabbing him. Eli knows from Lani that she did do it but keeps his silence. He grills slick Vic about why he accused Kristen. Brady watches … Jack is relieved Steve has coffee instead of shots and wonders why the files. He is catching up on pending Black Patch cases. Jack sips his coffee and brings up the sensitive subject of Kayla … Lani admits to Kayla she loves being with child but is still a little nervous. Eli is her rock. Kayla tells her tis a wonderful time. Lani hopes this wedding will take … The lurker is still looking … Victor claims he wanted Kristen away from his grandson. Eli probes. He repeats he lied. Eli is not buying it. Brady calls his grandfather hateful. Victor states there was a baby and he knew it would keep them together so he tried to keep them apart. He declares Eli can drop the charges. Not so fast says the dedicated detective … Sonny reasons the timing is right and would help all involved. Will wonders whether he would be alright with their new baby only being his blood … Lucas disagrees with his daughter’s decision. She snaps she does not want to be like teen mom Sami. She has made up her mind she’s not keeping her baby and warns him to back off …

Back at the pub Kayla laughs Gabi is not likely to crash Lani’s wedding this time. They compare notes about having intimate ceremonies. Lani congratulates her. This week Lani and Eli tie the knot, next week tis Justin and Kayla’s turn. Kayla sighs at least it is not July 25, when she and Steve married for the first time … Patch patiently points out to Jack he wants Kayla happy with Justin. Jack heard his drunken confession about loving Kayla and suggests he speak to her. Steve drawls he did see her. Jack heard she took him home but Patch passed out. He urges him to fight for the woman he loves. He speaks from experience for he and Jen were also meant to be. Steve warns him to say nothing about his feelings. Jack replies his secret is sort of safe with him. Steve gets a bad feeling … Lucas wants to apologize to Allie with ice cream. She would rather be aloooooone. He gets testy and takes off. Rafe now greets Allie, his former stepdaughter. She shows him her baby bump … Brady declares the charges are supposed to be dropped. Victor apologizes for making mischief. Eli warns the D.A. will want the name of the real attacker … Lani learns of Steve and Kayla’s wonderful weddings. Kayla remembers the first one when he helped her find her voice again for their vows. Romantic magic as seagulls soared overhead. Lani wonders whether they really are over … Steve panics when he hears Jack told Jen he still loves Kayla. He wants a drink. Jack stops him and assures him it will be alright. However, Jen does think Kayla has the right to know how he really feels. Steve fears she already spoke to her …

Sonny marvels the baby being biologically Will’s would be perfect! Will loves him and kisses him. They should discuss with Allie. Lucas has arrived and wonders what … After he gets over his astonishment at her state, Rafe warmly embraces Allie. He suggests they sit and catch up. She is sorry about Gabi’s trial. Tis in recess. Rafe is ready to listen. She hates how Lucas is losing it. Rafe teases his baby is having a baby. She sighs he snapped when she used the A word. Adoption. Rafe is on her side and she smiles he is the best stepdad. He thinks Lucas will come around and asks how Sami reacted. She does not know yet and Allie wishes she never would … Eli needs the name of the person who gave Victor that stab wound. The Greek tycoon claims it could be an underworld adversary he cannot name and gets sarcastic. Eli will inform the D.A. but Brady did confess so the D.A. will order his arrest. So much for the perfect plan … Rafe understands Allie’s hesitation but Sami loves her. She exclaims she would take over and fears Lucas might even tell her, then calls David lucky. Rafe sadly states he lost custody of the little lad. Allie is sorry … Jack reminds Steve he only has until the 10th to make his move and departs. Steve soulfully sighs … Lani apologizes for overstepping. Kayla repeats what she said to daughter Stef the other day – Steve was the wonderful past whereas Justin is her wonderful present and future. Tis time to move on. Lani will do the same. Move on. Kayla gets going … Brady denies doing it. Eli exclaims he confessed and was found in the living room with the wiped weapon in hand. Victor would refuse to testify against him. Eli explains he would be charged with perjury plus the judge would think he was lying to protect Brady. They must make up their minds. Their great plan could go to hell with the D.A.

Rafe sighs the judge selected blood relative Zoe. Allie thinks that was wrong and remembers their good times along with the stress of Sami’s lack of cooking talent. She takes his hand and praises him as a parent. He sighs it was not meant to be and gets summoned to the courthouse. He is here for her always. She smiles he always has been and he saunters off … Lucas asks Will to help him talk Allie out of giving up her baby to strangers. Will suggests they might not actually be strangers … Eli will wait to hear from Brady and Victor. He warns they could both be charged for Kristen’s crime … Brady curses. Victor claims they can do nothing … Back at the pub, Eli kisses Lani, who is still eating and updates her on Brady and Victor’s big lie. He wants some of her sundae so she spoons it to him. Someone is still spying on her from outside … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Will announces he and Sonny could adopt Allie’s baby. Sonny adds if she agrees … Allie tells herself how Rafe will be able to help her and smiles … Kayla bumps into Steve by the pretty park. Their eyes lock with endless love …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, June 24, 2020