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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Lucas wants his phone from Nicole. Eric comes in and demands an explanation as they have fallen on the sofa wrestling … Allie munches at the Kiriakis mansion as Will and Sonny learn the latest. She complains Lucas wants to call Sami. Will understands why Lucas would be concerned about the baby … Xander picks up Sarah’s fallen briefcase outside the Salem Inn, sees her luggage and asks if she is moving out due to a spat with Brady. She sighs they were never lovers … Victor is in Brady’s chair at the office and glowers at him when he arrives … Lani asks Eli to help her decide what to wear assuming she may be called as a witness against Gabi their enemy. He kisses her and assures her Gabi can cause them no more harm. He cannot wait for their July 4th wedding. Lani wishes Kristen could come… Lucas accuses Nicole of stealing his phone. She was trying to help Allie. They argue about him calling Sami. Eric suggests they all act like adults … Allie gets testy so Will apologizes. He can relate to Sami being a …. “handful” finishes Sonny. Will promises just brotherly love and sandwiches. Allie would love more sandwiches so Sonny sweetly goes to get some. Allie loves Sonny already. Will is happy to have little sister here … Brady assumed Vic would be home with Maggie. The Greek counters he is capable of balancing biz and personal. He demands to know why Brady is trying to destroy Titan … Xander is mighty relieved. Sarah admits she did plan a tryst with Brady but neither could cos Brady loves Kristen and … Xander regrets obeying Victor and making a mess. Sarah gets sarcastic but then asks him not to walk away. She whispers how wonderful Mickey’s headstone was. It meant much …

As Eric stands by Nicole suggests Lucas settle down and listen to Allie as she did. Lucas laments he scared her off. Nicole notes her things are still here. Lucas wants his phone back. Eric agrees she should give it to him. She wishes he would promise not to call Sami but has to hand it over … Allie ignores Lucas’ call and praises the magnificent mansion. Will and Sonny are grateful for Victor and Maggie spending time with Ari, given what is going on with Gabi. Allie is sorry to hear she is facing another trial. Will sighs Ari will feel abandoned again if Gabi goes back to the slammer … Eli is stunned when Lani states Kristen should be her maid of honor. He reminds her she is on the run for stabbing Victor … Slick Vic has been monitoring Brady’s reckless biz decisions. He suspects his revenge plan started with firing Xander and continues with trying to ruin Titan. Brady fumes is he firing him again?! … Lucas leaves Allie a message, promising to listen. Eric approves. Lucas wonders what she told Nicole. She wants time and space to decide what to do, drama free. Eric warns she will vanish if Sami is contacted. There is no harm in giving the girl time … Allie would love to see her niece Ari but she is at day camp. She questions Will and Sonny on that decision. Sonny points out they are trying to protect her. Alas she lost Mickey and misses her. Sonny starts to say they have decided for another child but Will interrupts with an offer of more milk. Allie happily heads to the kitchen. Sonny sighs. Will believed it was not the best time … Xander wanted Mickey to have a proper resting place. Sarah gushes she has got one and took her flowers. The former Kiriakis gardener offers to help as he has no job now …

Victor growls destroying Titan would not solve their differences or make Brady’s sorrow disappear. Brady exclaims he stopped giving a damn the day he lost Kristen … Lani explains why she had to let Kristen go and have a life with her baby. Eli understands and suggests he show her how much he loves her … Allie praises Ari’s fridge art. Maybe she could do motherhood. Will points out things cost. The girl thinks she could get a job. Will mentions the father so she stops him and states she is solo. Will realizes why Lucas wants to help. Allie believes she is mature enough. Will reminds her she has a responsibility to her unborn baby. Is she ready to be a single mom? … Victor has no desire to sack Brady again. He is family and he loves him! Brady bitterly blames him for making him lose his daughter and the love of his life. Victor would do anything to make it better. Brady gets an idea … Xander suggests Sarah move back into the Kiriakis mansion. She would rather not reside under the same roof so he offers to move out. Maggie misses her so much. Sarah considers but the memories. Besotted Xander argues she and mom need one another and carries her bags… Will explains to immature Allie that when Sami had him she was a teen. Allie remembers the hard times and wants a wonderful home for her unborn baby like the wonderful home Will, Sonny and Gabi have made for Ari. How to make it happen? Will smiles she has time and he and Sonny are here if she needs anything … Chez Eric and Nicole, Lucas concludes it is best not to call Sami, makes peace with Nicole, and leaves to look for his daughter. Eric teases time to clean the place up … Eli and Lani snuggle in the afterglow and kiss until … ring ring! Brady calls Eli about a police matter and hopes he will come to Titan. Eli grudgingly agrees …

When Eli arrives Brady claims Victor wants to make a confession … At the Kiriakis mansion Xander suggests Sarah get settled in so she smiles and goes upstairs. He now overhears Allie telling Sonny and Will her baby deserves the best life with people who would welcome him or her into their home. Xander takes off. Will thinks Allie has time to decide and offers to be there for her, whether for appointments or cravings. Sonny is so happy Ari’s aunt is staying in Salem. Family hug! … Eric teases Nicole wrestling with Lucas looked fun and she coyly kisses him. Then he chases her to the bedroom … Lucas sees Allie at the square and is sorry. He promises to say nothing to Sami for now. She thanks him and declares she has decided not to raise the baby … Sonny and Will wonder whether they should adopt Allie’s baby should she decide to give it up … Sarah finds her wedding dress and remembers. Xander brings in her bags and she turns her back so he leaves the bags and steps away … Eli records the statement. Brady explains this is about Vic claiming Kristen stabbed him. The Greek tycoon announces he was lying … Pregnant pretty Lani is at the Brady pub, unaware that someone unseen is spying on her …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, June 23, 2020