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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Hope drops by Marlena’s elegant home to see Claire for the first time. Is she truly cured? Meanwhile Claire obsesses in her bedroom over Ciara and Ben’s upcoming wedding … Jake and Gwen go at it in the garage. Their crazy fights were always followed by crazy lovin …. Chad smugly surprises Gabi at DiMera mansion. He sternly states he returned for her trial. The stylish brunette soap stares … Rolf wonders to what he owes the pleasure of Commissioner Rafe’s presence. He drawls to admit he set up Gabi to unwittingly drug Abigail and almost jab Jake with it … Chad boasts he is the final witness against Gabi. Her eyes flicker … Ben arrives as Jake and Gwen are about to head upstairs and wonders what he walked in on … Chad argues Gabi interrupted his and Abigail’s celebration and grabbed the bottle, which was when she could have spiked Abigail’s drink. She was a loose cannon that day … Rolf denies doing anything to Gabi. Rafe warns her daughter will suffer if she is locked up. Rolf scoffs. Rafe promises if he tells the truth in court he will get off and out of here. He can appeal to Abe to at least get him a better living arrangement. The mad scientist stops to think … Shawn checks on Ciara and brings up Claire. She assured her she believed she wanted to make amends but … Marlena assumes Hope has concerns about Claire being in Salem. Hope wants to believe she is better with the best intentions but wonders whether she seems jealous of Ciara’s happiness. Trendy Claire comes out and deduces they were discussing her. Marlena confirms and Hope happily hugs her. Claire is stunned Hope has forgiven her but grandma Hope loves her. Claire would understand if she never wanted to see her again … Sultry Ciara explains to Shawn that she meant … Claire wants to be her maid of honor. She fears she would make the wedding all about herself. Shawn apologizes cos he and Belle broke the news that she was engaged. Ciara senses Shawn is hoping for a yes. He sees the best in his daughter but will respect Ciara’s decision …

Gwen buttons her shirt as Ben wonders where the book is and gets impatient she has yet to give it to Jake. They were discussing it. Ben notes they need it now … Rafe offers a facility with a well-stocked library but he needs the name of the real culprit who drugged Abigail … Gabi boasts her brother is getting the confession of the real drugger as they speak. Chad boasts he will make the jury believe as he does that it was her! The motive was revenge for the past. She reminds him that he gave Stefan Abigail’s newborn baby back then and had his own wife locked up. Chad leers so imagine what he could and would do to HER … Red lipstick Ciara feels the pressure of Claire’s predicament and is torn. Shawn assures her Claire would understand if there were another candidate. Alas there is not. She and Claire were thicker than thieves. But can she risk letting her get close? … Hope believes in the power of forgiveness. Claire cries she wants to make amends to all. Marlena blinks. Hope gives her a pep talk and a hug … Rafe assumes Rolf had a flunky give Abigail the drug that was being developed and seeks a name. Then he will get his deal. Rolf grins … Jack enters the room and Gabi complains Chad was threatening her! She storms out as Chad threatens to see her in court. Jack welcomes back the kid and compliments him on the dramatic entrance …

Jack now asks after Abigail. Chad praises the doctors at the facility in Florida and her fighting spirit. But the hallucinations have not gone away. The drug that Gabi gave her might have forever altered her brain chemistry. Jack talks positivity. Chad hangs his head and lets him know the Abigail they knew and loved might never come back … As they return to work, Jake updates curious Ben on his rollercoaster relationship with jealous Gwen. The addiction to one another is still there just like some hot nachos … Gwen comes back to Marlena’s place for the book to return it to Jake. Claire already assumed she had and snaps Ciara could get hurt if it is not returned … Ciara admits Claire came through when she helped them with Gwen but maid of honor? Shawn assures her Claire will accept whatever she decides. Ciara decides she does not want to be like the doubters who did not want to believe her Ben had changed …

Back at DiMera mansion Jack feels tis time for the family to keep the faith. Jen never gave up on him and he knows Chad feels the same way about Abigail! Chad explains Abigail wants him here with the kids. Jack counters he and Jen are taking care of the kids and urges him to return to Abigail, who needs him … Gabi asks Rafe for an update at the station. He drawls Rolf did admit to setting her up. However, it is not sufficient … Gwen greets the guys at the garage with the book. Jake wants it but she wants an apology first. Pause. Ben wishes he would hurry up … Ciara and Shawn are happy to meet up with Hope and Marlena at the townhouse. Ciara smiles she came not to pick up Hope for shopping but for Claire, who is all smiles. Marlena offers privacy. Ciara wants to make the announcement for all to hear. Friendships are complicated but she and Claire know one another and Ciara knows she has a good heart. Tis time for a new beginning as is her wedding. She would love her to be her maid of honor. Claire hugs her and cries tears of joy … Jake sarcastically states he is sorry he flirted but there was no other woman even since Gwen. She mentions his little wife so he laughs he attracts the nutcases. She orders him to apologize for calling him a crazy beech. He does and she gives him the book. Now she wants to go upstairs with him. She goes ahead and Jake sighs to Ben he did say she was crazy … Chad cannot meet Jack’s gaze and goes to the courthouse, determined to bring down Gabi. Jack is more concerned about Abigail at the moment and gets a strange feeling … Rafe sighs Rolf refused to reveal the real drugger’s name. Gabi thanks him and cries it looks bad. Chad is out for blood. The judge will listen to him. Rafe urges her to tell the court she is innocent. She cries she cannot be locked up for what she did not do and lose Ari again. They depart arm in arm. Meanwhile Rolf is on a call, promising his contact he refused to implicate them in what happened to Abigail. Then he hangs up and cackles. He knows the biggest secret …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, June 22, 2020