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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Hope visits Rafe with coffee and bagels. She bears news about his sister … At the Kiriakis mansion Will and Sonny are surprised stylish Gabi is safe and sound but still obsessed with proving Jake is Stefan DiMera … Jake remembers his run-ins with passionate princess Gabi. He now leaves Gwen another message but the flirt is right behind him … At DiMera mansion Kate tries to stop Lucas from storming over to see Allie … Allie reads a note from Uncle Eric who is at work. She is about to bolt when Nicole arrives with breakfast. Alas the girl has decided to leave town … Stylish Kate suggests Lucas let Allie have her space. His questions upset her. Kate suggests he is acting like Sami. He might push her away … Nicole gently asks why Allie is leaving. She believes Lucas spilled her secret to Sami and she wants to avoid her. Nicole can relate and wonders where she is headed. She just wants to be alone to make up her mind about her baby …Gwen grins Jake looks good. The garage but it is far from his mob job in Philly! He likes this life. They argue. He suggests she give him his book and then they are through … Breakfasting Gabi happily shows Will and Sonny the DNA samples she believes will prove Jake is really her Stefan. They warn her not to miss her court date for poisoning Abigail. Will warns they could send her back to the slammer for being a no show …

Hope reveals to Rafe that Gabi was snatched by the mob but is safe … Gwen teases Jake stole the book but he reminds her she stole it from him. She was trying to teach him a lesson. He demands it back and shouts someone was almost killed. She wants to know who this Gabi really is cos she claims she is his wife … Gabi counters she is not crazy and will attend the court date but first she will drop off the DNA samples. Will and Sonny worry … Kate gives Lucas a pep talking about treating his daughter as an adult. She offers to go speak to her on his behalf … Glam Nicole assures Allie that she and Eric will support her all the way. Nicole even offers to keep Sami at bay but hopes she is not ending her pregnancy. Allie hangs her pretty head and cries she came too far so the baby will be born. Nicole calls her beautiful. Allie can feel the raging hormones. Nicole knows and is happy she is having the baby. She asks if the father can help. Allie immediately gets defensive. Nicole is here when she is ready to reveal more … Lucas gets miffed about mama Kate wanting to take over and takes off to do this his own way … Rafe is incensed he was not informed by Abe that his sis had been abducted and takes off … Gabi insists Jake is Stefan. Will worries she is getting her hopes up too high. She updates them on Gwen. Sonny states it seems he moved on. She babbles about their fight and marches off to do battle … Jake denies cheating on Gwen as she claimed. The boss will send more men after the book. She gets jealous about Gabi. He warns if she does not give him the book he will tell the next goons she has it. Gwen gets upset and he searches her bag. She flirts she did not bring the book and hopes he will frisk her … Rafe catches up with Gabi at DiMera mansion and is stunned she was at the garage stealing Stefan’s toothbrush. She dropped the DNA off for testing. Rafe reminds her of her trial. She gets less cocky when he admits he did not get a chance to see Dr. Rolf …

At the square, Hope informs Kate she is not interested in the key to the city. Kate blows up at her for not taking her advice. It seems no one does these days … Allie admits she is afraid of the father’s reaction. Knock knock! Now her father Lucas is at the door. Nicole opens and he pushes his way in to continue their convo. Allie has no more to say. Nicole gushes she is not going to end the pregnancy. Lucas is elated and wants to escort her to Kayla for a checkup. Then she can fly home to Europe and have the baby. No way … As Sonny and Will sit before their elegant breakfast spread, Will shares his doubts about Jake as Stefan. Sonny reminds him he was living as someone else in Memphis when he was believed dead so he can understand Gabi’s tenacity. What if it is Stefan and she is able to bring him back? Will sighs … Jake blasts Gwen for showing up without the book. She wants a cut of what he gets and laughs she has the leverage. He warns her the bad guys mean business. She is after an apology first … Gabi freaks at Rafe for not seeing Rolf until he admits he was busy with David’s custody hearing. She is horrified Zoe won but Rafe has accepted it and hopes to at least be able to see the boy. Sympathetic Gabi gives him a hug … Kate complains the ceremony was fully funded by her! Hope had no idea. She complains about Lucas as well …

Allie wants to have the baby chez Eric and Nicole but Lucas will not listen. She has parents … Back at the square Kate complains about Lucas going nuts on pregnant Allie and acting like his own mother was a bad parent. Hope tries to make her feel better … Allie wishes Lucas would treat her like an adult. He suggests she start acting like one cos she went and got herself pregnant. Allie snaps he and Sami did the same and storms out … Rafe is ready to go to Statesville and get the confession from Rolf that Gabi needs. She thanks him. The truth shall set her free … Gwen saw Jake all over another woman in Philly but he accuses her of jealousy. She waits for his apology so he smiles when hell freezes over. She snaps she will see him there and starts to go but he grabs her arm … Will and Sonny are astounded when pregnant sister Allie appears at their door …Nicole warns Lucas that involving Sami would be the worst move … Kate thanks Hope for listening and hopes she will be able to stop Lucas from making things worse. Hope smiles she will accept the key after all and offers to speak to Steve. Kate appreciates it … Jake insults Gwen, who slaps him. He grabs her in a kiss and she stops. Such are their fights. They get back to kissing. Meanwhile Gabi tells Stefano’s portrait she will prove she is right and bring back his son. Time to celebrate with a drink … until other son Chad shows up with a smirk.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, June 19, 2020