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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Gabi hopes the card playing goon will let her go when Jake comes. He complains about her knee. Here comes slick Luca, who was sent by the boss. He wants to know where Gwen is. Gabi snaps who the hell is that … Claire presents Gwen to John and Marlena … Lurking Lani hears from lurking Eli that it looks like Jake is showing Ciara and Ben a book inside the mansion … Jake is writing fake codes in the book. Ciara has her doubts. Jake notes the low level goon will not suspect a thing. Ben notes but the big boss would. Jake gets both his and Gabi’s lives are at stake … Claire is sorry she lied and John is miffed. Gwen admits she swore her to silence but Claire convinced her to help. John and Marlena digest. Marlena wonders what Gwen has that the bad guys want. Gwen holds the book close. Hawkish John watches … Jake and Ben are ready to go. Ben wants Ciara to stay. She takes the book … until Xander snatches it cos he was reading it! … Brady and Sarah sigh in bed together. She apologizes but does not feel better. Brady calls it a mistake as he was unable to … for the first time! The truth is he had Kristen on his mind. Sarah gets it cos she had Xander on hers … Ciara argues Victor owns the book. However, Xander has been reading the classic a while. He is stunned to see the Stefan lookalike. They want the book but he believes he is like the protagonist of Crime and Punishment. They need that copy now! Ciara calls it a matter of life and death. Xander walks off and they run after him … Claire and Gwen explain that Jake’s mob boss from Philly wants his codes back. Marlena will call Ciara and hopes tis not too late for Gabi …

Luca laughs when Gabi gives him a hard time. She wonders how long Jake was with Gwen. A year and a half, which was when he first met him. She whispers he could be Stefan … The gang grab the book away from Xander, who storms out babbling about the life and death book matter. Lani and Eli overhear … Brady and Sarah are still obsessed with their exes. He wonders whether she can forgive Xander. Speak of the devil … Marlena did not receive a reply from Ciara and steps away when the hospital calls. Claire worries about Gabi so John reminds her she is a fighter. Gwen wonders who Gabi is and Claire wonders what the connection is. John reveals Jake is a dead ringer for Gabi’s late hubby Stefan. Gwen has known him for a year and a half. John drawls Stefan supposedly died two years ago … Gabi warns Luca that Jake is the son of Stefano DiMera. He was shot and brought back from the dead by a mad scientist. He laughs and alludes to offing him first. … Ciara begs Ben to be careful. He promises he will come back to wed the woman he loves and they kiss …Eli and Lani are still lurking outside. They hide as Jake and Ben emerge. Ciara is going to call the cops in an hour if they do not come back. Jake is confident cos they have the book. Lani and Eli follow Ben and Jake in the dark Salem night …

Sarah wants to stick to the plan at the present and opens the door, telling Xander they are busy. He implores her to accompany him …John is in the kitchen making food for Gwen when Marlena comes back with a lecture for Claire. She warns she will send her to her folks if this happens again. Alas she could not turn away Gwen. Gwen praises Claire for convincing her to stay and do the right thing. Marlena and John emphasize she must be honest from this moment on. Claire gets it and is grateful … Gabi babbles Jake is bringing the book so their biz will be done. The bad guys warn he stole from the boss but she cannot let them hurt Stefan. The goon gets a call and has the two sent up. Gabi gushes she knew he would come for her. Luca leers he was hot and heavy with Gwen … A third thug hauls in Jake and Ben. Gabi glares at Jake/Stefan … Xander escorts Sarah to Mickey’s resting place. He had a beautiful gravestone made. She gets emotional … Brady gets emotional about missing Kristen. It is not possible to move on without her or Rachel … Ciara has gotten Marlena’s message and comes to the townhouse, where Gwen is holding the real book. She calls it a terrible idea when Ciara tells them the guys took a fake book … Jake is surprised to see Luca, aka the right hand of the big boss. Book first. Jake wants Gabi released first. Ben fears cultured Luca might see it is not the real book. The other goon has his knife to Gabi’s neck. Jake throws Luca the book as ominous music plays. Wrong book!

Xander explains Maggie stated she would want something simple for Mackenzie. Sarah cries tis perfect. Xander is sorry he did not tell her the truth from the start and hope Sarah will find her peace. He heads back to the parking lot to give her a moment … Alas tis too late for Ciara to reach Ben. John wants the real book to give to the bad guys cos the cops would only freak out the fiends …Luca leers this code is not real and neither is the book. Jake would need time for the real one. Luca decides no deal. Eli and Lani burst in and bellow to freeze. Luca gets shot. The dumb goon threatens to stab Gabi. Lani feels sick. Gabi is shocked she is preggers. She mentions lying down making things better so Gabi gets away with a low jab to the goon. He gets shot and Lani loses her lunch … Sarah weeps for the late Mickey. She will always love her and be her mama … Xander returns to Brady to say he is sorry. He regrets wot his actions did to Kristen and Brady and now realizes he was wrong. He leaves and Brady considers … Ben calls Ciara as John stands by with the book. Everyone is alright. Eli and Lani saved the day. Gabi was unharmed. Marlena breathes a sigh of relief. Ben repeats nothing will be able to stop him from marrying the girl he loves … Jake and Gabi get into an argument after she notes he was only in Philly as of 1.5 years ago. He could still be Stefan says she! Ben comes back with an update about Gwen having the book and her current location. Eli and Lani want to know all about that book. Jake sighs long story … Back at the townhouse everyone is relieved the mob nightmare is finished. Gwen, however, warns it is far from over …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, June 18, 2020