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1280 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At DiMera mansion Jack has a candlelight dinner surprise awaiting Jen. She smiles at the first dish … Suspicious Eli and Lani are having coffee waiting for Jake to come out of the Salem Inn … Gabi tries to get her captor to reveal what Jake has that the boss wants. He threatens to gag her again. She does not believe in waiting for heroes and boasts she is a deal maker … At Bayview Ben finds out from Marlena that Gwen has left the building. He wonders where she went … Back at the Salem Inn, Ciara updates Jake on Claire revealing his ex gal pal Gwen is at Bayview … Claire assures John that he and Marlena can trust her just as she trusts them. They exchange I love yous and she asks for a cup of tea. He heads to the kitchen. Knock knock! Tis grinning Gwen … Gabi offers herself and teases she has needs so never mind Jake who pushes her away. The big goon grins … Jake wants to go get what his psycho ex stole. Ciara suggests he go easy on the loony bin reference and let Ben and Marlena deal with the delicate situation … Marlena explains Gwen checked her own self in and was therefore allowed to leave. Ben wants to track her. She suggests the police instead… Claire whispers to keep it down cos John is in the kitchen. Gwen alludes to someone searching for her and demands an explanation. Claire orders her to wait in her bedroom. John returns with the hot tea and wonders who she was talking to …

Gabi flirts with the fiend and gets her hands freed. But before any hanky panky she knees him and he goes down with a groan … Trendy Claire stammers she was speaking her latest lyrics out loud and takes the tea to her room. John reminds her no more secrets and she agrees. Marlena arrives and announces Gwen left Bayview … Ben comes back to Ciara and Jake, saying the same thing. Ciara sighs they wasted so much time and now demands Jake tell the whole story about what exactly Gwen stole that the bad guys want … Gwen accuses Claire of telling someone where she was. Claire explains someone she loves will be hurt if she does not give something back to Jake. Gwen takes out a gilded hardcover book … Eli and Lani realize Ben is now with Jake as well and they will have a long wait. Eli suggests they order but Lani admits she has been felling pregnancy nausea. The only thing she wants and has is goldfish crackers … Jen teases popcorn? Jack mentions the chocolate sauce, gummy bears and more treats. The kids wanted to help him make her special dinner. Jen plans to eat everything their precious grandbabies made. She digs in and makes poor Jack do the same. He asks about work and she shares that Gabi seems to have skipped bail. Jack believes the police will be able to track her down and wonders whether the fair Jen has seen Justin. She has and still wants to tell Kayla about how Steve feels. Jack smoothly changes the subject back to their own family and finishing the sugar. Jen takes a picture with a gummy bear for the kids and decide to end that dinner for a real one. He gushes he has got a backup plan. She gushes like always … Gwen is hungry so Claire hands her a candy bar. She wonders what is soooo significant about that book. Gwen knew not it was special until she saw names and numbers written in the margins. It must be a book for Jake’s mob boss … Jake admits Gwen stole his leather bound copy of Crime and Punishment with names and numbers written by his mob boss. Secret codes he snatched as his insurance. Ciara sighs they might be too late …

Gabi cannot open the door and her wounded captor laughs cos he has the keys … Jen loves Jack’s second surprise with a plate shaped like a fish just like when they were on the Loretta. He muses one of his first memories and toasts to their memories old and new. Jen sweetly says the same … Ben believes they now need the police. Jake gets a call from the goon, who puts on Gabi. She curses him. Jake lies he has what he wants and asks when and where to make the trade. The goon will text him the address. Be there in one hour and no cops or they both die … Claire updates Gwen on Ciara and Ben stating the book had to be handed over to save someone. Gwen scoffs Jake likely lied. Claire argues Gwen does not need the book but Gwen hangs onto it … Jack and Jen romantically kiss. She wants more such moments. How about a honeymoon for a few days? Jack is in wherever she wants to go …Gwen deduces the book must be very valuable. Claire believes Gabi’s life is at stake. Gwen deduces she does not like her and wonders why she cares. Cos she promised to be better and suggests they go ask her grandparents down the hall for help … Wine drinking Marlena and ale drinking John discuss trusting Claire. Marlena hopes she does not feel imprisoned. John is suspicious she might be obsessed with befriending Ciara again … Ben and Ciara are worried as Jake does not have the book it sounds like he needs. She gets an idea and leads them to the Kiriakis mansion. Lani and Eli follow …

Once inside the Kiriakis mansion, Ben remembers Vic once tied him to that chair. Jake is amused and impressed. Ciara gets out the Kiriakis copy of Crime and Punishment that looks like the edition the goon wants … Marlena suggests they manage their Claire expectations. John feels she is still impulsive but Marlena argues she knows the difference between right and wrong … Claire praises her super hero grandparents and plans to go get them. Gwen threatens to bolt through the window … Jack talks cruise. Jen does not want to risk another explosion like the old days and suggests they head to Universal Studios. Jack warns they would not want the grandkids to hear they saw Harry Potter without them. Jen starts to change her mind as they have already been around the world. She would love to stay right here with him. He suggests they start their honeymoon now in this old world mansion. Jen is all for it and they kiss in bliss. But then she stops and shakes her head at Stefano’s ominous portrait. Jack covers the portrait and they get back to kissing …

John and Marlena run into Claire as she emerges from her room. Marlena apologizes as they did not find Gwen at Bayview. Claire announce she is actually here and out she steps. John stares suspiciously … Eli and Lani are confused by Ciara taking Ben and Jake to the Kiriakis mansion. Lani suddenly feels morning sickness … Jake concludes he can scribble some names and numbers in the margins to make the book look authentic. Ben and Ciara wait and hope for the best ... The goon texts the location. He warns Gabi if Jake does not deliver what he wants then they are both as good as D-E-A-D …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, June 17, 2020