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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


John is mighty impressed Marlena convinced Belle to stay with Hope tonight. Claire will be fine here. She must be sleeping well … Hyper Claire insists to Ciara she knows the woman on the flyer! She was hiding from her former flame … Lani and Eli grill Jake about Gabi, whom Will and Sonny reported missing after she went to see him. Jake remembers it well, the fact that the big boss’ goon got Gabi at the garage. The goon gave him 24 hours to get what he wanted and hauled her off. He now lies to Lani and Eli he never saw Gabi… Ben is stunned when Will updates him on Eli and Lani searching for Gabi as a favor. He replies they could cause trouble for Gabi if she jumped bail. Will believes something is off since she would have checked on Ari …. Gabi is tied to a chair in a warehouse screaming for heeeeeeelp! When she calls Mr. Big Stuff stupid he warns the walls are thick so no one will hear. 24 hours have passed. She stammers she was just trying to reach Stefan, who is somewhere in Jake and offers to help him get what he wants from him. She is not without means but her captor is well paid by someone he could never cross. Her fate rests in Jake’s hands …

Jake claims Gabi was a no show. Eli questions that so he complains Gabi tried to inject him earlier but did not succeed. He warns she might want to jab them as well and ignores a call from Ben … Claire knows Gwen left Philadelphia as few months ago. Ciara wonders whether she knows her current location … Sonny is reading a hardcover version of Crime and Punishment. Heavy Russian literature. Will returns and updates him on his meeting with Ben. He believed he knew not where Gabi went but then … He grins Ben asked him to be his best man … Jake acts indignant and reminds Eli what Gabi almost did to Julie. He suggests they let him go already … Suave John is on the phone with Belle assuring her Claire is asleep. After the call pale Marlena gasps Claire is not in her room … Ciara waits for Claire to tell her more but Ben comes home. He wishes her the best staying with John and Marlena. Claire smiles she is happy he and Ciara are together and admits she loves being out of Bayview. Ben has been there. Claire especially disliked some of the nut jobs and repeats she is happy they are together. Ben needs to talk to Ciara about something important. Claire innocently asks if it is about Gwen … John and Marlena have called around but no one has seen Claire. He wants to update Belle and Shawn. Marlena notes she does have the right to come and go as she pleases. John is suspicious she withheld where she went. Marlena does the math … Ben wonders how Claire could have met Gwen since she has been in Bayview for a long time. Claire calls Gwen a good person. They let her know Gabi’s life is on the line. She is the mother of Will’s daughter and that makes her clan. Ciara urges her to share all she knows …

Sonny is surprised that Will said yes to being the best man of the guy they thought offed him once. Will believes Ben is a good guy now. He saved him in Statesville. Sonny smiles Will is such a forgiving soul and teases he is still his date to the wedding. Meantime they must find Gabi before she misses her morning court date. Arianna arrives and announces she cannot sleep. She misses mommy … Eli and Lani have to look into a few things and assure Jake they will be back. He hears Ben’s voice mail warning him about the cops. The goon calls and threatens to off stylish Gabi, who is now bound as well as gagged … Sonny and Will fib they switched time with mommy so Ari can stay with them. They will read her a story. She asks Will to call mommy, who always wants to talk to her … Jake promises to deliver what the goon wants and shares the latest … Ciara is waiting for Claire to elaborate when Marlena arrives at the door. She and John were worried. Claire apologizes and acts like she assumed they were asleep. Marlena wishes she had told them. Claire apologizes. She had to see Ciara. Ben and Ciara stop Marlena from hauling her home. Ben blurts out she knows something that could save Gabi! Ciara shows her the flyer of the girl they need to find, the girl she knows. However, she hesitates as she does not want to cause trouble for her friend. Marlena suggests she save Gabi’s life. Claire reveals Gwen can be found at Bayview …

Marlena does not recognize Gwen’s picture. Claire argues Gwen keeps to herself but she is not unwell. She has been lying low to avoid her boyfriend and faked a breakdown. She stole some of his stuff that was from his creepy contacts. Ben notes now they have Gabi so they have to get to Bayview. He implores Marlena to get them in. Claire wants to come with. Marlena wants Claire home. Ben and Ciara ask Marlena to help … Eli and Lani leave Jake alone assuming he will crack. Eli knows he knows something… Jake admits he is at the station but not cooperating with the cops. He will be gone soon and get back what he needs but he needs time. He gets 3 hours. Eli and Lani return. Eli demands to know who he was talking to … Marlena agrees to accompany Ben to Bayview, dropping off Claire along the way. He asks Ciara to stay in case Jake comes by. Claire hugs Ciara and hopes she will consider their earlier conversation. Then she leaves with Marlena and Ben … Sweet Sonny smiles Gabi wants Ari to spend time with her double dads. They decide tis time to broach the subject of having a little sister or brother. Arianna would prefer a pooch …

Jake argues Gabi has not been missing for 48 hours so they have to let him go … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sonny warns Ari that a puppy is a lot of work. She argues so is a baby. Will suggests they continue the convo later as they head upstairs to read her the story of her choice about a princess … John hugs Claire and lectures her a little. She wanted to see Ciara and boasts because of her they might be able to save Gabi … Gabi throws the water she is offered on her captor. He leers Jake better meet his three hour deadline or else … Lani and Eli tail Jake to the Salem Inn. He goes to Ciara, who lets him know Ben is en route to Gwen … At Bayview Marlena bears news for Ben. Gwen was here but has left the building …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, June 16, 2020