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1150 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the Kiriakis mansion Maggie flies at Xander for his past plan to steal Sarah’s embryo for Kristen … At the square Sarah smooches with Brady and suggests they have a real affair. He considers … At the station Lani admits to Eli she would feel better if Gabi stayed gone … Jake puts up a missing person picture of Gwen. Julie asks if he has a permit, then falls back onto a bench when she sees his face … Stylish Ciara is frazzled to come face to face with stylish Claire at her door. She assumed she would head to Hong Kong. Claire alludes to staying in Salem cos of her … Jake gets Julie is woozy cos he looks like the Stefan guy. Julie hyperventilates his heart is in her chest. Jake heard Gabi saved her life. Julie quips she actually almost exploded her … At the garage Will comes back to Ben, believing he could not converse freely in front of Jake … Maggie blasts Xander but he blames Brady for telling Sarah. She demands an explanation … Brady suggests they slow down. Sarah pouts they are revenge partners and she needs hers … Ben swears he has not seen Gabi since he thwarted her attempt to jab Jake. Will worries. Ben insists he and Ciara will wait for word and he will keep an eye on Jake. They shake hands. Will trusts him and appreciates their friendship … Jake hears all about Gabi’s evil pacemaker app against Julie cos she wanted to break up grandson Eli and Lani … Eli argues this case involves more people than just Gabi. Lani feels for Will, Sonny and Ari, not to mention Rafe now. Eli wants to help him by finding his sis. Lani is in …

Claire claims she must make amends to Ciara! Ciara wonders who is watching her. John and Marlena are her guardians. Ciara is glad and is done with the past but not Claire. She hates that she hurt the girl was who like her own sister. Ciara has forgiven her. Claire begs for a chance to prove she has changed …Lani and Eli dine at their desks while discussing the case. She believes the real Stefan’s heart is in Julie … Jake is appalled by this latest story on the widow DiMera … Ben asks good friend Will to be his best man … Ciara tells the once troubled Claire she is clearly better. Claire only cares what she thinks cos she was the one she really hurt. Ciara claims she herself was no angel. They were competitors. Claire mentions Theo and Tripp. Ciara is with Ben now and officially absolves her. Claire begs to be her maid of honor … Sarah insists sleeping with Brady would be the death blow to Xander! She reminds him he hid his baby from him. Brady is relieved Rachel is alive. Sarah spins he owes it to Rachel … Xander enlightens Maggie on Kristen’s blackmail. He is determined to mend Sarah’s broken HOT and wants Maggie’s help. She is not interested. He complains his last idea was a bust … Eli explains Jake denied seeing Gabi on the day she went missing. He dislikes the law. As per Will and Sonny, Gabi was a woman on a mission to get Jake’s DNA that day. Lani knows they are missing something. Eli is ready to get creative …

Jake reminds Julie that some Salemites love Gabi dearly like brother Rafe and her daughter’s dads … Will congratulates Ben and laughs they have come a long way. Ben believes he and Will bonded. They had each other’s backs in the slammer. Ben would love Will to be part of their wedding. Will grins and agrees to be his best man. Then they hug … Ciara knew not Claire was aware of her engagement. The girl would love to be by her side. Ciara admits she has no maid of honor yet but Hope and Julie …Claire wants to make sure it is a wedding to remember … Lani and Eli wonder whether Jake accidentally offed Gabi, only to convince Ben to help him dispose of the body … Jake appreciates Julie’s information on Gabi facts. She hears the girl on the flyer is his ex, whom he needs to find so he can get back what she stole for him. Julie is intrigued … Will teases Ben not to ask Julie to officiate. He already has! Will asks about babies. Ben believes they will have some and ask him and Sonny for parenting tips. Will hopes their babies will be friends and reveals to curious Ben they have decided to have another sooner rather than later … Claire argues being a maid of honor would be something that made her feel helpful. Eerie music plays. She talks shower. Ciara hesitates so she complains she does not trust her …

Brady begins to believe Sarah is right. She insists sleeping with her would really sock it to Xander … Xander implores Maggie to help him make Sarah happy again. Maggie is sorry to say he cannot bring her daughter back. He gets an idea … Will admits he and Sonny are still in the planning stage, Adoption can be complicated. He is sorry to hear that Rafe lost custody of David to Orpheus’ daughter. Will feels for Uncle Ben and also shares how worried Arianna is. They know not where mama Gabi went … Julie senses something of great value and suggests she help Jake find his ex. He gets a call from Lani, who orders him to the station now. He thanks Julie for being living proof he is not Gabi’s ex and goes on his way … Ciara tries to let down Claire gently. Claire sighs she is crazy Claire to her and begs. Ciara agrees to consider her idea and run it by Ben. Claire hugs her in gratitude and now spies the poster of Gwen aka her ally at Bayview …

Maggie has heard Xander’s beautiful idea but warns Sarah might not react well regardless … Brady cannot have a fling with Maggie’s daughter but she is ready and willing. He reminds her he loves Kristen. She suggests they sleep together for hateful reasons. Ruthless revenge. Brady is ready so they head to the Salem Inn … Jake is stunned when at the station Eli reveals Will gave a statement about missing Gabi … Will and Ben will talk soon. When Will reveals the police are involved in finding Gabi now, Ben freezes … Clever Claire announces to Ciara that she knows the woman in the flyer personally. Now she has her full attention …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, June 15, 2020