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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Suited Jack sips his pub coffee. Enter Xander. Jack wonders what he wants from him. Xander boasts about something he can do for him … At the Kiriakis mansion Maggie and Sarah share a heartfelt hug … Ciara ends a call on the phone with Ben, with flyers for distribution at the square … Shawn comes to pick up Claire at Bayview. She babbles about saying goodbye to bff Gwen. Belle is busy with the judge … At the townhouse as John and Marlena await the arrival of Claire, the bemused blonde reveals Kate called. Granddaughter Allie is in Salem … Good uncle Eric cannot convince mom-to-be Allie to share her news with Sami. Nicole agrees. Allie is against it. There might not be a baby. Lucas and Kate knock on the door. Lucas calls out to open. Allie panics … Stylish Ciara has been placing flyers. Brady wonders who that girl is. A friend of Jake’s who went missing. She confronts him for dropping her Titan ideas in the trash … John hears Kate was able to track Allie’s online shopping. She must be with Eric the fave uncle … Lucas declares he came about his daughter. Knock knock! Eric whispers to anxious Allie he has to let him in …

Curly girly Sarah already tried to see Maggie but she was busy with Victor. Maggie is sorry for her daughter’s situation. Loose cannon Sarah admits having her mom home means so much. The man to blame for her pain is the past … Xander wants to take out a large ad in the Spectator stating he is sorry. To Sarah. Jack warns Horton women do not appreciate big gestures. Therefore, Xandy should let go. No way … Shawn arrives with Claire. John and Marlena hug their girl. She is grateful for their help. Shawn tells them Belle is busy untying the red tape. Claire is touched to find her favorite flowers. She gushes she is finally home in Salem … Brady claims he considered Ciara’s excellent ideas which were not right for Titan. She disagrees. He wants the best for Titan but Ciara wonders … Kate and Lucas enter. He demands an explanation from designer shopping Allie. Why did she really run away from Sami …?

Sarah and Maggie enjoy tea time at the Kiriakis mansion. Maggie feels their men were misguided when they tried to protect them. Sarah refuses to forgive them ever, especially Xander … Eloquent Jack explains to Xander that actions matter more than words. Sarah would be maddened by his flashy gesture. Xander asks for advice and reminds him he saved him from the warehouse explosion. Jack has not forgotten he also sold him to evil Eve! Thank God his wife and kids forgave him for those days. Xander asks the expert on how to win back a Horton woman … Back at the townhouse, Shawn decides to go give Hope the good news about Claire. He will also bring Belle by later. He assures anxious Claire that Hope will be happy. John is over the moon Claire is back and is ready to play a game until Marlena comes out with the save the date card of Ben and Ciara. She suspiciously asks Claire how she came by it … Ciara suspiciously asks Brady about his corporate vision when he gets vague. She noticed he was in a hurry to get his old job back. He just wanted it back from Xander. She adds it is Victor’s company and he was Xander’s partner in crime. She thinks he is out to destroy Titan. Brady blinks …

Allie does not want to live with Sami and says so to suspicious Lucas. Kate steps up and invites her to move in. She has already accepted Uncle Eric’s invitation. Eric explains there were conditions. Lucas wants to know more. Allie announces she is having a baby. Lucas soap stares … Claire fibs her folks told her about Ciara’s wedding and gave her the invitation so she would not be bothered. Marlena asks if she is alright with the news … Ciara reminds Brady of the employees who need their Titan paychecks all over the world. He denies wanting to do anything bad and wonders whether she plans to share her theory with Victor … Maggie is appalled to hear how Xander tried to help Rolf and Kristen steal Sarah’s embryo. Sarah still feels betrayed by her so-called friend. She admits when she found out there had been no abortion she was relieved and wanted the baby. The redhead reasons Kristen must have threatened Xander. Sarah will never forgive him for the two betrayals and weeps she almost took him back before she knew everything … Pub Jack points out he proved to his family that they were the most important people in his life. Xander sighs his situation was different. Sarah despises him. Jack suggests space. Xander talks jewelry. Jack advises him to ponder what Sarah needs …

Exasperated Lucas exclaims how could Allie be pregnant! Kate reminds him that he and Sami were young unwed parents. Lucas demands his daughter name the s.o.b. responsible …Claire admits she is no fan of the groom but she is in no position to judge. If she can be rehabilitated anyone can. Claire also claims she wants Ciara to be happy and hopes they can be close again one day. John and Marlena know that is up to Ciara. Claire smiles if marrying Ben makes Ciara happy she supports it. John and Marlena breathe a sigh of relief … Ciara admits to Brady there is Victor’s health to consider so she will not give him stress. But if Brady is sincere he will reconsider her ideas. Brady calls that blackmail but she believes it is negotiating. She has another copy she could give to Vic … Brady grudgingly accepts the folder, fuming … Maggie believes Brady told Sarah to get revenge against Xander. Brady has lost it all and is lashing out. Sarah gets him. The redhead warns dark side Brady would not be good for her and vice versa. Maggie also assumes they are having an affair …

Allie refuses to reveal the father. Lucas threatens to call Sami. Allie threatens to take off. Eric hauls Lucas aside. Kate whispers to Allie she is here for her and they embrace … Eric speaks sense into Lucas, who apologizes to Allie. She notes the baby’s father matters not. He disagrees. She declares she might not be keeping her baby … John, Marlena and Claire are playing cards. Claire wins! John gets a text from late running Belle. Tired Claire cutely kisses her grandparents and goes to lie down. Marlena looks worried … Sarah gets mad at Maggie when she warns her against getting drawn into Brady’s dark world … Xander sarcastically thanks Jack and suggests they do this more often. Jack seconds that since he did get him through that locked door … Allie does not mean abortion. Lucas gasps she is giving the baby away. Kate sighs to give her space. Lucas will be back tomorrow but cannot promise not to tell Sami. He storms out with Kate. Anxious Allie gets an embrace from Uncle Eric … Xander asks Maggie for help but she snaps why should she help him after what he did … Sarah catches up with Brady outside. Xander told Maggie they were having an affair. She decides she wants to do the wrong thing and grabs him in a kiss … Marlena ends a call with Kate and informs John that Allie is with Eric and Nicole now. Shawn returns. They all assume Claire is asleep … Ciara ends a call with Ben when someone knocks. There stands Claire!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, June 12, 2020