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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Lani takes her vitamins and worries. Eli assures her Kayla will keep her and baby well. She gets testy and complains about being hormonal. He gushes she looks great, hugs her and she giggles … At the Kiriakis mansion Sonny complains to Will that Ari keeps asking about Gabi. Will calls Mayor Abe, who notes tis too soon for a formal report. He offers to give Rafe the unfortunate information in person …Hope and Rafe are still stunned he lost custody of David … Kate finds out Allie arrived in Salem and assumes she wanted to surprise her as Lucas woefully waits … Eric and Nicole get an eyeful of Allie’s baby belly. Nicole wants a drink. Eric is shocked … Rafe knows Zoe does love the lad. Hope reminds him she said he could visit anytime but Rafe has his doubts. Hope offers to send the rest of David’s things to Zoe and tells Rafe she is here if he needs to yell. But be calm with Zoe for David’s sake. The big guy is grateful. She tells him to go shower. He numbly thanks her for everything and does just that … Back at DiMera mansion Lucas warns Kate that Allie might not want to come see her. Kate talks rapport that is more than just her credit card. Lucas realizes she might be with … Allie announces she is in the family way. Eric wonders why she was not up front …

Abe arrives to Hope at Rafe’s house and is horrified to hear the judge gave David to Zoe. He decides there is nothing else he needs to know right now … Lani yawns and wants to go back to bed … to sleep. Then she remembers they were supposed to wedding plan on this day. She is hoping for a simple dress and ceremony. Eli suggests July 4 but she feels tis too soon. He teases the fireworks would be free … Sonny and Will discuss what might have happened to Gabi. They sense Jake was hiding something. An adoption agency now calls Will … Allie admits she was scared to say everything before Eric agreed to let her stay. Eric is concerned. Allie is confused. Nicole understands. Eric explains there are only two bedrooms. She assumes he is kicking her out. Nicole gives him a look … Eli and Lani remember the July 4 when he first proposed and she accepted. She likes the date and wants to start making lists. He wants to savor the moment and kisses her. She kisses him back … Abe admits it is not official police biz yet and he would rather not bother Rafe now. He is relieved he has Hope. If only she would return to the Salem PD! She smiles no and complains about Kate insisting she and Steve accept the key to the city. Abe is all for it now since they did save lives. He is also here for Rafe … Will sighs the adoption agency seems to be against them. Sonny wants to find one that is not homophobic. He has a friend who had success and promises it is worth it. Will feels down. Enter Kate with Lucas, who is looking for Allie. Will assumed she was in London and hopes everything is alright …

Allie gets upset about Eric’s sermon and starts to leave. He sighs she is not listening just like Sami. When he mentioned the lack of room he meant after the baby was born. They need a long term plan. She complains about worrying what Sami would say. She fears she would take over and raise her baby herself. Eric defends his sister. Nicole suggests they hear her out. Allie lists all the things Sami would say including who is the father. Eric wonders who the father really is and how he is coping … Nicole later urges him not to interrogate the girl and be more sensitive. Allie overhears and agrees. Nicole states he would be more understanding if she was someone who had walked into the Horton Center. Eric touches Allie’s face and apologizes. She implores him not to say anything to Sami … Shirtless Eli and Lani are interrupted by Abe. She pretends they were wedding planning. He is happy to hear their wedding date. However, he is here about a job they are not going to like … Post shower Rafe emerges. He heard Abe’s voice. Hope repeats what Abe said and admits she told him he lost custody. Rafe does not mind and asks Hope to remain …

Lani believes Gabi jumped her bail. Abe argues Will believes she would not leave Ari. He promised Sonny and Will he would put out feelers. Eli wonders why not ask Rafe. They hear about his loss and Lani gasps he loves that little boy. Abe adds so does she … Hope talks pizza. Rafe remembers what David likes and sadly sits down. He already lost Sami’s kids but David felt like a gift from God. Alas he was not meant for fatherhood … Lucas updates Will and Sonny on Allie the wild child. Will wants to keep an eye on her but right now they know not where she is. Perhaps she just arrived at John and Marlena’s. Kate will call. Lucas will wait to involve Sami. Kate comes back. Marlena has not seen her. Will now realizes who she must be with …

Eric suggests Allie not lie to volatile Sami but Allie believes this is not her business. Nicole notes she will eventually find out. Eric notes there is no way she can keep this secret … Hope feels Rafe was meant to be a father. He played a big role in Ciara’s life and she will always love him. She apologizes for the past and points out he could still be a dad … Lucas wants to surprise Allie but assumes she will bolt if she knows he is on his way. Kate senses a problem. Lucas vows to find out … Allie believes Sami is too busy taking care of EJ. Eric reminds her there will be a baby in the picture in a few months. Allie muses maybe not … Hope thinks the right woman is out there and she and Rafe will have a wonderful family. Meanwhile they are friends again. He grins always … Lani reluctantly agrees to try and find Gabi for Rafe. Abe adds and for her daughter. He will send them his notes from when he spoke with Sonny and Will. Abe marks the day he gives his daughter away on his busy calendar. He clears the whole day. He would not miss it. He and Lani exchange I love yous and hug … Sonny can see Will is worried about Allie. Will suspects she could be acting out. Will did. Sonny smiles he did not and suggests this is their wake up call. Terrible teens are tough. Will still wants another child, this time with hubby. They hug … Knock knock! Eric can see Kate and Lucas outside the door. Kate wonders what is taking so long. Allie looks ready to faint.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, June 11, 2020