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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Nicole and Eric romantically snuggle on the sofa. Ding dong! Tis Allie aka daughter of Sami … Kate drops by to see John and appeals to him to speak to Hope and Steve … Kayla ends a message to Justin and runs into Steve at the hospital … At the square, as Hope tries to calm Rafe’s fears, suited Justin arrives. About the verdict … Kayla teases Steve he made it through the night. He teases she helped him out and apologizes. She asks how he feels. He hopes he did not say anything dumb last night. She gushes he was the perfect gentleman. He is grateful. She smiles he once did the same for her and flashes back to her state after too much champagne years past when they were together. They both blush … Rafe is upset Zoe got custody of David. Hope gasps he is the only parent David has known. Justin is sorry but he has to give up the little lad immediately. Rafe talks appeal. Tragically the ruling is final. Christian wants Zoe to raise his child. Rafe rages he is to blame for the mother being dead! He was the one David called dada! Justin is sorry to say Zoe and an official will pick up David soon. Rafe has to go home to say goodbye to the boy. Hope pats his arm … Steve drawls he will let Kayla get back to saving lives. She wonders what bothered him enough to make him booze it up. He remembers the dream that felt real when he revealed he wanted her back. Kayla continues. She senses he is haunted by what he did as Stefano. He replies he let go of that baggage. She wonders what drove him to drink … John drawls Steve and Hope made their own decision to reject the key to the city. Kate argues there is a cash reward for getting Orpheus. John might help. Kate goes in a half huff as Marlena arrives. John is thrilled Claire can stay with them. They must see more of the descendants …

Allie keeps her hoodie on claiming she has a cold. Eric is happily surprised to see her and asks how long she is staying. She asks to crash at his place a while. Eric and Nicole pause … Rafe goes home with Hope at his side. The big guy knows not what to say to his son and woefully walks upstairs. Hope starts to pack the toys. Zoe arrives to pick up David. Hope begs her to let Rafe keep the lad … Justin interrupts Steve and Kayla. About lunch … Kayla wants a bit more time to talk. Steve decides they are done. Justin hears Kayla put him to bed the night before, overreacts and then apologizes … Allie sighs mama Sami is hounding her to move home. Eric heard she got no job after finishing college. She complains the economy is not kind and Sami cut off her funds. She fled before Sami got to London to drag her home. Eric wonders how she could afford the ticket home. She has her ways … At DiMera mansion Kate ends a message for Abe about the key ceremony. Lucas storms in, having arrived from London. He complains he and Sami arrived to take Allie back to Italy but she had taken off! The girl has been partying and shopping as he already told her. However, he heard from her roommate that grandma gave her tons of money! He blames Kate … Allie is not returning Sami’s calls. Eric insists she call her. She hopes to stay a couple of months with her dependable ex priest uncle. Sami might not mind. Eric wants to talk to Nicole. Allie goes to freshen up and calls him her fav uncle. Nicole suspects the wild child is hiding something …

John wants fresh flowers for sweet Claire. Marlena calls him sweet and he opens the door to … buddy Steve. Steve is happy to hear Claire is coming. They can talk later. John suggests he join him so they can walk and talk … Kayla asks Justin about the ruling. Alas it did not go well … Hope praises Rafe the perfect father and begs Zoe not to tear the two apart. Zoe looks torn … Lucas lectures coy Kate for enabling Allie by giving her money. Kate wants the girl to have fun. Lucas admits Sami is freaking out but back with EJ in Italy as he needs her. Allie is ignoring his attempts at contact. Kate has not heard from her and admits she handed over her credit card. Lucas insists they track the charges … Nicole is fine with Eric’s niece staying a while. Holly would love having her around too. Eric hugs her and assumes when Sami comes for the wedding he will be able to help them make amends … Zoe reasons she is respecting the wishes of her brother who is Christian’s father. Rafe comes in carrying David. Time to hand him over. Rafe weeps Zoe will take David home and he will like her son. He promises to call and visit. They hug. David innocently agrees with everything …

At the pub Justin feels badly about letting Rafe down. Kayla gives him a kiss to make it better. He suggests they set a wedding date for their small event. When he mentions next month, Kayla hesitates. She and Steve tied the knot in July. Memories …At the square John tells Steve not to give up … until he hears Justin and Kayla are engaged. Steve just wants to talk about Black Patch. He is ready to come back to work at their detective biz. John is enthused and also suggests he take the dang key to the city cos there is a cash reward. Besides they need Kate to back off … Allie reappears, adding she makes good smoothies. Eric and Nicole welcome her to her new home. She calls them the best and wonders why mom does not like Nicole. Nicole makes light of it and assures Eric’s niece she loves her like family. Allie wants to be the best guest. Eric talks rules … Hope takes David to get some snacks as Rafe cries and packs his bag. He emotionally hands Zoe his favorite story. She promises he can visit anytime as she lives a few hours away. Rafe appreciates it. She will try and be the best mom, gasps she is sorry and goes. Rafe holds the last fallen toy and falls apart. Hope sits beside him and holds him … Kayla muses she and Steve had more than one wedding so the month matters not. Justin suggests July 10 and she uneasily agrees. Steve walks in in time to hear it and witness their kiss … Kate discovers online that Allie bought a one way ticket to Salem. Lucas is stunned … Eric orders Allie to call Sami first, and abide by his no partying condition. She quips she is not into partying anymore. Nicole wonders why so she unzips her hoodie. Allie’s having a baby!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, June 10, 2020