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Thursday, June 15, 2017
Episode 13,107
Length: 1310 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


On the island of the lost, Sonny is down! Gabi screams. Paul faces JJ and Chad with his knife, ready for a fight. JJ swiftly disarms him and Chad helps. Gabi rushes to Sonny ... Steve and Angelica Deveraux are face to face in her New York office. Been a while. Not long enough says he. He wonders what she is up to ... At the loft livid Claire demands Jade tell the truth and updates Joey. He mutters wow. They now hear how Hope and Abe saw the flick. Claire screams at the crazy beech to come clean ... Eli sits alone in the sand, looking at the bloodied bandage on his strong arm. Lani approaches and the talk turns to him keeping away from Gabi cos she seems to love Chad. Lani alludes to having her own doubts about JJ ... The two guys struggle to tie up Paul as Sonny opens his eyes. He hopes Paul is alright ... Paul has passed out and JJ and Chad try to revive him. Sonny is now in a state ... Joey, Theo and Jade stand as Claire continues to demand Jade take responsibility. Jade is silent. Joey urges her to own her truth. Jade admits it was her doing. Theo sighs. Claire's crying baby blues are wide ... Lani laments she and JJ do not seem to be in the same place. Eli teases her and tries to make her feel better. He finds out JJ has commitment phobia and is taking things too slow for the detective ... Sonny has a gash on his forehead and watches with worry as JJ and Chad proceed to haul Paul back to camp. He calls out not to harm him and leans on Gabi as she walks them both after them ... Steve suspects Angelica is after what Adrienne has. She accuses Adrienne of turning Alexander against her and wants her to pay for marrying Justin too. Steve wonders why now. Cos it is never too late in life for revenge claims the blonde cat ...

Jade is sorry but Claire cannot let her get off so easily. She destroyed everything! She now turns on Joey for bringing that girl into their lives. Jade gasps she just wanted to get her instant fame. Theo watches as Claire continues to blast her. Jade claims to care about her friend. Claire admits she cannot stand her! Jade sniffles and sits down. Theo tells angry Claire to stop as she keeps going. Joey looks glum ... Lani wonders whether they found Paul and gets dismal about their chances of being found with each passing difficult day. Eli normalizes the discussion with talk of books. She likes Eat Pray Love and such. Eli changes the subject to JJ. Lani the avid reader believes in this beginning stage of her relationship with JJ she is not making her mark, only in the chemistry part. She plans to protect her heart ... The gang lie down feverish Paul, who is almost having a seizure as he shakes and sweats. Gabi gasps to somehow save him. Sonny speaks to him and has an idea ... Theo now tells off Jade for her betrayal. Jade makes light of her morality and ends up feeling she knows not what love is. She takes off and Joey goes after her ... Eli thinks JJ is one lucky guy to have Lani in his life. He admits when they first met he felt overwhelmed by her strength, beauty and smarts. He gets back to her natural beauty and inner strength. If JJ cannot see it he is not worth it ... Sonny dabs perspiring Paul with water and reminds him of all they have managed to do together. They are conquerors! Paul opens his eyes, then they close again. Sonny touches his face and smiles they can overcome for their love is strong. He kisses his head and begs him to come back to him. Paul makes a sound ... Angelica is amused Patch is a P.I. and wonders what he found in her drawers. Steve now finds out Sebastian does not exist, he is Angelica's company cover name a la Remington Steel ... Theo regrets being rude to Claire cos she did not deserve his distrust. She turns down his attempt at an apology. Theo looks like he has been slapped ... Lani and Eli agree they were both wrong about one another. He muses JJ must know the good thing he has with her. JJ appears and drawls he does know ... Sonny assures Paul he knows he did not mean to hurt anyone and Paul flashes back to the mosquito bite that led to his bout with madness. He stares at Sonny as Chad and Gabi watch and gasps what has he done! Still Sonny holds his head ...

Jade sadly sits alone at the park. Joey approaches and offers his hanky. Jade is hard on herself. He suggests she forgive herself for it is not all her fault. He feels to blame as she stopped believing in relationships with feelings, as per her definition. He apologizes for hurting her ... Claire is hard on Theo for not believing her side of the story. She knows he would have believed Ciara in a Salem second ... JJ informs Eli and Lani that they have Paul. They are safe. Eli excuses himself to return to camp and JJ realizes Lani has something to say to him ... Paul's ankles hurt as they have been tied tightly. He stops Sonny from freeing them and urges him to keep him roped and tied for all their sakes. Gabi marvels that Sonny's sincere love brought Paul back but for how long! Chad reassures her and acts like a boyfriend, placing his protective arms around her ... Steve warns arrogant groomed Angelica that Adrienne is up for the fight. Angelica throws around the three lucrative offers she has on her table today. Steve wonders why the Spectator. Because it belonged to JACK! And her revenge will be sweet. Steve suspects that is really an excuse and soap stares ... Lani tells tired JJ he has been acting distant whereas she is drawn in. JJ admits he was pulling away ... Sonny tenderly tells Paul it is going to be alright. Gabi feels better. Chad gushes they will get through together and gives her a hug ...

Dangerous music plays. Steve deduces the enemy is waging war on all who done her wrong. Angelica confirms it. Steve takes his sarcastic leave from the lady who married a serial killer ... Jade admits she still loves Joey. He is sorry about that but they can still be friends. Next time she has an idea for a scheme she should share so he can set her straight ... Theo thought Claire wanted attention and more music hits. She laments she only wants to share her music and let the world know what love means. She thought she had it with Theo, who made her feel special. Alas she was mistaken. She walks out and Theo weeps ... JJ sighs he was trying to keep his distance from Lani as he hurts every lovely lady he cares about. Lani hugs him in relief and tells him not to worry about hurting her. He agrees and they seal the deal with a sweet kiss. A forlorn flute plays ... Gabi now dabs at sleeping Paul's face. Sonny is at a loss as he promised Paul he would be alright. But how can he keep such a promise given their island predicament?? What to do now? Chad sighs he knows not and adds at least they are stranded with someone they love ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, June 15