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Monday, July 9, 2018
Episode 13,372
1460 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady explains to Eve he hid the identity of Deimos’ killer for the wrong reasons. She needs a name and deserves to know! She whispers who was it? Brady will tell her the whole story. It all started when he found the amulet in Eric’s room. Eric now knocks on the door and calls out for Eve ... At the Kiriakis mansion Sonny nervously waits and remembers Will agreeing to meet him later, how Will had promised they would fix this and woefully stated he did not want Sonny hurt. Meanwhile Will wonders where Paul is and opens his own door only to run into Paul. Will pretends to Paul he wants coffee but Paul wants to know about when he went to Sonny ... Hope is horrified that Rafe pinpoints her daughter’s location to where Ben held Abigail hostage. Meanwhile Ciara coughs and panics in her bed with her wounded leg as the fire spreads in the confined cabin ... Jovial Jen greets Roman at the pub. She will be meeting Eric and asks how July 4 was. Roman sighs no one wanted to celebrate since Ciara is missing. Hope fears she is with Ben. Jen gasps no ... Ciara is unable to reach the door and decides to try for the window. She falls and is overcome with smoke as her phone starts to ring. Hope and Rafe are on their way ... Eric insists Eve open the door. Brady swears her to secrecy and opens it. Eric steps in. He was just with Chloe and she told him about the courthouse. He suggests he broker a peace plan for Tate between Brady and Theresa. Brady snaps to talk sense into his cousin and blames Theresa for suing him for sole custody. Eric claims she felt cornered. Eve exclaims she already made Maggie take the stand. Terrible Ted tried to make it look like Brady killed Deimos too which is not true! She glares at him. Brady starts to sweat ...

Will lets Paul in. Paul points out Sonny seemed stressed when he saw him. He updated him on Leo. He asks Will what happened when Will was with him ... Justin asks Sonny where the rug went. Stressed Sonny remembers how he and Will rolled stone cold dead Leo in it. Amused Justin assumes the redhead is redecorating. Sonny also remembers Will lying to Maggie about the juice spill. Then they left Leo in the trunk. Back to the present. Sonny repeats the juice lie and that the rug was sent to be cleaned. Justin would like to prep for his trial tomorrow. Leo’s lawyer will come after him and they have to bury Leo! Sonny agrees with that ... Bartender Roman updates Jen on what Marlena said about Ben’s remorse. Jenny is not buying it. Roman also updates her on Chad making him leave town the same night Ciara took off. They need to find her soon ... Rafe and Hope race to the burning cabin crying out for Ciara. No one answers as smoke fills the air ...

Eve proceeds to blast Eric but Brady stops her since they know Justin would want the best for Tate. He tells Eric the full Theresa reunited with Tate story. He was all for it but she got low down dirty when he turned her down. It is too late to mediate. He sarcastically suggests Eris say a prayer. Eric gets it and goes on his way. Eve wonders why Brady would protect Deimos’ killer. Brady notes he was not the killer it was actually Nicole. Eve’s jaw drops ... Will worriedly asks Paul why he wants to know about Sonny. P.I. Paul hopes the intel he got him will be helpful and now asks whether they discussed him remembering their old declarations of love. Will points out his memories are not the present and he said as much to Sonny. He and Paul are staying in love! He seals the deal with a kiss ... Justin reminds Sonny he is still innocent and has nothing to hide. Sonny looks down and agrees to follow his advice. Justin poses a few questions the way Leo’s lawyer would. Sonny is distracted. Justin gets impatient. They cannot lose the lawsuit! Sonny stammers there is something he is hiding about Leo ... Rafe kicks down the door as Hope screams for Ciara. Rafe uses his jacket to shield them and gets Hope to her daughter. Alas she is not breathing!

Rafe carries Ciara out of the cabin, Hope close behind him. Jen has just left Hope an anxious message. Roman asks about Abigail and JJ to get her mind more at ease. He smiles about things being good between Jen and Eric. She gushes they had gotten close and agrees he is a good man. She was just not certain he was over Nicole. Nicole seemed so unhappy when she left Salem. Roman reasons their relationship was not the right one. Enter Eric. When Roman steps away he sweeps her into a kiss ... As eerie music plays Brady tells Eve the tale of Nicole confessing to him that she had killed Deimos. But the real reason she left town was HIM. He blackmailed her into breaking up with Eric and going away. Eve pauses. Brady admits he was in a bad way at the time and wanted them to be miserable. He used a recording of her confession as leverage. Eve notes Eric does not know why she left. Brady admits Eric was led to believe she never loved him. Only he, Eve and Victor know the truth. She tells him the whole town should know what Nicole did now! ... Paul holds Will’s hands, happy he still wants to be with him. Will appears strained and lies he has a morning deadline. Paul still wants to stay. Will stammers he would get no sleep so he should stay at his own place tonight ... Justin is listening. He is on Sonny’s side! Sonny groans he made so many mistakes. Justin asks what he did. He arranged another meeting with Leo. Justin just wants to know what happened cos there could be consequences. Sonny explains what happened at the square when he met and tried to record him, which was actually the second last meeting they had. However he does not tell Justin that. But he did get some useful information from John and Paul about Leo’s illustrious past. Justin will read the notes and vows to make the Leo issue vanish. He exits the room and Sonny looks down at his keys ...

Paul teases Will for wanting him to leave. He will be waiting once his story is done. Once alone Will takes off ... As Rafe calls for an ambulance Hope does cpr on Ciara, who has suffered smoke inhalation. She begs her baby to wake up as Rafe calls to report a fire ... Will and Sonny secretly meet at the park. Sonny refuses to contact the cops since they already rolled Leo in the rug. He has latex gloves to wipe their prints from the car. Then they can set up Leo's crash into a pole or tree ... Eve argues with Brady to expose Nicole. He explains Eve changed his life by making him fall in love again. He does not want Nicole to be sent to prison since she will lose her daughter. Eve counters he can expect the same with his son if he does not turn her in ... Jen and Eric hope Ciara will come home soon ... Ciara wakes up coughing as Hope cradles her. Ben comes running. Rafe pulls a gun on him and growls they thwarted his plan. Ben cannot believe it ... Brady turns away as Eve attempts to change his mind. She tells him to fight for custody of his son cos Theresa will turn him against him. But Brady knows how hard life has been for Nicole and her miracle baby Holly. Deimos wanted to take her Holly away and he will not be like that man. Eve thinks he has to be - to hang onto Tate ... Soulful Eric sips his coffee and complains to Jen about Brady’s bad reaction to his peace proposal. At the bar Roman greets Paul and gets him a beer. Paul explains Will is working on a big story tonight. It sounded important ... Will glumly hopes Sonny has a plan B cos Leo, the car and Leo’s body are all gone! Now what ... Rafe shoves Ben roughly onto the ground and cuffs him. Ben gasps and swears he did not do this as Hope tends to gasping Ciara ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, July 9