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These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


- Trendy Claire comes to Ben’s place, promising to convince Belle to rep him and slow down Ciara. He sighs tis too late ... Woman in red Ciara summons Allie to Julie’s Place. Allie senses tension. Ciara requests her as her maid of honor ... Phil is drowning his sorrows at the pub when Lucas comes down wondering what happened to the party. It was over before you could blink ... Eric gets his jacket and snaps he is seeking a late-night flight back to Africa. Nicole accuses him of running away ... EJ asks Samantha about her latest soap sin. She pauses and remembers her recent affair with Lucas. Then she makes light of Nicole lashing out when cornered. She takes off her jewelry. EJ wants to discuss the drama, but Sami acts tired. EJ suggests the scene was staged. It was almost designed to destroy Eric’s marriage ... Nicole has seen the picture Eric threw and hits back at his rage by reasoning he left her alone ... EJ hounds Sami, who is not sorry the marriage of her twin is toast but feels for his sorrow. EJ suspiciously sips his drink and seems to doubt the public shaming at the party was Xander’s idea ... Nicole exclaims Eric left and stayed longer than planned. When they spoke all he thought of was his important work. Eric hangs his head and apologizes. However, how could she turn to Xander?! She weeps she realizes he does not believe she loves him, but she really does. Eric cries too and she sadly states the marriage might be over, but she deserves a discussion as his wife ...
- Chad greets Theo at DiMera mansion. Time for a chess rematch. Theo announces Ciara and Ben’s marriage was annulled. He asks smiling Chad to stand as his best man ... Fierce Ciara explains Victor’s judge friend annulled her marriage. Allie likes Theo and asks if they are tying the knot in town. They are ... tomorrow ... Claire ends a call with Belle. Ciara texted Shawn that she weds Theo tomorrow ... Eric argues they agreed with his departure. Nicole felt she had no choice. He snaps is she trying to excuse her affair? Nicole shares she was going to email Eric about her anxiety but never sent it. Their anniversary was approaching. Eric is still smarting from the fact that it was Xander. Nicole notes it got his attention ... Phil suggests EJ finding out about Sami’s fling would make him turn on her. Then Lucas could offer her comfort. Lucas considers ... EJ asks Sami what she is not telling him. She flirts and offers to confess. She did give Xander a million to show up and share his affair. Eric deserved to hear the truth. EJ sarcastically congratulates her for making Eric hear the full story, thus ruining his relationship ... Nicole declares she felt unloved and self-destructed. Eric realizes they were both to blame ... Ben believes Ciara plans to wed Ben on their anniversary to sock it to him. Meanwhile Allie argues to Ciara that the day she wed Ben was the happiest one in her life ...
- Chad scoffs Ciara selecting her anniversary to Ben to wed Theo is not romantic. Theo gets the win in chess and assumes Chad lost on purpose ... Ben is exasperated. Claire suggests Ciara is scared to remember their romance, hence her haste ... Allie recalls how romantic and happy beautiful Ciara was at her wedding to Ben. Ciara blames his past for almost killing them all. Allie heard he became a better man out of his deep love for her. They were the Salem poster boy and girl for happily ever afters ... Eric apologizes for running away. What now? Nicole takes a deep breath and meets his tormented gaze ... Lucas loathes the lousy way EJ treats Sami. But he might not be able to trust Nicole, who might hurt her. He tosses the letter in the trash, still torn ...
- Allie wants to repeat Ben’s beautiful vows, but agitated Ciara stops her. She assumes she is against what she asked. Curious Theo arrives and wonders. Ciara reveals she invited her to be her maid of honor ... Claire suspects Ciara is acting out of fear. Ben remembers what a fearless beauty she was when they were together. All that mattered was their love ... Nicole sadly states she is s sinner and Eric is a saint. He denies it. She feels unworthy. He makes her the best version of herself, but he is better without her. He weeps and wonders where they go from here. Nicole weeps their marriage must end ... EJ believes it troubled Sami to see Nicole betraying Eric. He praises her for being faithful. She hugs him like a lost child, and he strokes her hair ... Allie sweetly agrees to be Ciara's maid of honor. Theo gushes Chad is going to be his best man. Tomorrow is the big day. Ciara solemnly states nothing will stop them as they embrace. Allie observes ... Claire begs Ben to fight. He vows to do what he must to stop Ciara’s marriage tomorrow ... Sami and EJ kiss passionately ... Lucas leaves so sneaky Phil takes out the letter he tossed ... Eric does not want to let Nicole go. She weeps he must. He kisses her lips and offers to return in the morning. Nicole cries tis best if he walks away now. He will always love her. She will always love him back. He leaves and she falls to pieces. Eric is melodramatically gone again. For now.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, July 20, 2021