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- Sami is smug in her stylish purple dress, champagne in hand, handsome hubby EJ at her side. She watches Xander exposing Nicole with glee. He gets vulgar to the party guests about Nicole cheating with another man. Nicole’s eyes widen in horror. Eric threatens to remove the uninvited liar. Roman stops him. Xander taunts he left his wife alone for too long and helps himself to champagne. Nicole suggests he is drunk. EJ senses a scheme, but Sami notes Nicole looks scared. More guests step forward to order the thug out, including John and Roman. Xander exclaims he was the man who slept with Eric’s wife and she looooooved it. Eric does not believe Nicole would sleep with her enemy. Brady orders Xander out but Eric wants to deal with him. He recalls how Nicole always refused his advances. Xander recounts running into Nicole at the pub on a night Roman was not at the bar. They had drinks and went to his hotel room. He dares Samantha to confirm his story cos she said she saw him with Nicole that night heading to the Salem Inn. Sami stammers she did witness them walking into the inn together but did not tell anyone. She did not want to make a big deal out of it. Eric turns to Nicole, who admits she was with Xander when she arrived at the Salem Inn, but she slept off her drunken state in her own room. Sami quips the inn has no record of it. Nicole snaps she used her Basic Black corporate card. Brady covers by claiming he knows about the receipt. Xander insists his tale is true and Nicole was hitting back at Eric for abandoning her with two brats. She could not get enough and got him hired at Basic Black afterwards. Eric slugs him until the men pull him off and toss Xander out. Eric now asks Nicole if she really got Xander a job so he would not spill their sordid secret ...
- Roman ices his son’s hand, replying Xander was just jealous cos he got the girl. Eric stares at Nicole without a word. Chloe confides to Brady she does not believe Xander. Brady remembers Nicole confessing to him. He refuses to let Xander ruin her life and storms after him. Chloe now approaches Nicole. Marlena sighs to doubtful John that Nicole’s denial was off ... Xander admires his case of cash on Julie’s couch, hoping the whole million is there. One can never truly trust Sami ... Back at the pub party, Sami acts like she said nothing since she did not want Eric the good to be hurt. She wants to believe Nicole. EJ thanks God his wife was not with anotha man. It would have driven him mad ... Chloe assures Nicole that Eric does not believe it. Eric steps up and asks why she hired Xander. Chloe explains it was to cover her work as she needed time off and Xander had the right experience. Sami strongly suggests Nicole come clean. Marlena advises her to butt out. Eric and Nicole need to be alone. Eric asks whether Nicole hired Xander as a bribe. Nicole breaks down, sobbing she is sorry as John covers his mouth with a hand and Philip soap stares. Eric bolts ...
- Nicole cries on Chloe’s stylish shoulder. Roman and Marlena go after Eric. Belle cannot believe it. Papa John answers the long absence must have been to blame. Sami is about to leave with EJ until Nicole grabs and accuses her ... Xander closes his case of cash when he hears the door. Tis Brady, who demands to know his reason for outing Nicole ... As EJ watches with a stony face. Nicole accuses Sami of getting Xander to crash her anniversary. Sami sanctimoniously quotes the commandment about not committing adultery and reasons Eric was once a priest. Nicole leers let she who is without sin cast the first stone and storms out. EJ looks down at his wife ... Eric arrives home alone, raises his eyes to the heavens and woefully sinks to the floor. Knock knock! Tis Roman and Marlena who must speak to their son. He opens the door and Marlena embraces him ...
- Xander scoffs about Brady’s sordid history with Eric and Nicole. Brady scoffs he just blew his Basic Black job. His motivation must have been money! Brady catches sight of his case of payoff cash. He demands to know whose bidding he was doing ... Back at the pub, Chloe is astounded Nicole had an affair with Xander. Much to Phil’s irritation, she goes to find Brady, fearing for his safety with the thug ... John and Belle decide to depart as well and inform Sami and EJ. Belle is suspicious of her sister. EJ sighs Eric will never forgive Nicole now. Sami suddenly wants to go home. Lawyer Belle smells a rat called Sami and says so to John ... Eric is angry and inconsolable. His wife slept with an animal she loathes! Their marriage means nothing! Roman disagrees. Marlena believes they can overcome. He demands to be alone. Marlena praises him and promises he will overcome. Meanwhile they are here. Always. Ro seconds that. Hugs and I love yous are exchanged. Alone again Eric cries his heart out, remembering his romantic bliss with Nicole ...
Phil tidies the bar and texts Chloe in case she needs help with Brady. Phil will be waiting and waiting ... Xander grabs his case, refuses to reveal his payer, and Chloe interrupts. Xander orders her to remove her boss and leaves. Brady complains he got a case of money from his boss for the job. Chloe states Nicole suspects Sami. Brady concludes Sami could get that kind of money ... In their grand bedroom Sami makes moves on EJ, who would rather hear about his wife’s latest soap sin ... John is home with tea made by Belle, who still believes Sami was unusually cruel to Eric. Sami was out to get Nicole tonight. Roman and Marlena return. Marlena is sorry to say Eric is in bad shape ... Eric holds his romantic card and remembers Nicole’s emotional declaration of love in their matrimonial bed. The door opens. Their reddened heartbroken eyes lock ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, July 19, 2021