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Thursday, July 13, 2017
Episode 13,127
1550 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Scary music plays. Dario greets Abigail downstairs. He leans for a kiss and she stops him. Cold Jen has arrived for breakfast and Dario departs for a jog. Abigail asks her to adjust but Jen is against the loveless marriage ... At the hospital Steve and Kayla have a gift for Tripp. Study guides for medical school and Kayla can tutor him for the test. Tripp stammers he is not so sure being a doctor is for him given what he has seen lately ... Jade and Eric meet at the pub for an informal talk. She believes he was right about her wrongly making Joey or any man the meaning of her existence. Eric is listening ... Abigail repeats her reason for marrying Dario - to save him from the Mexican who would kill him. Jen wishes something happy for her unhappy daughter and begs her to get out while she can ... Steve tells Tripp that Kayla can see he has what it takes. Kayla keeps encouraging him with his gift. Tragic piano music plays. Steve asks him to give it some thought. Kayla will patiently be waiting. Steve teases his sweetness is never wrong ... Jaded Jade loves Joey but has decided to give up and go away. Eric notes no one can control their feelings and advises her to use her energy in another way. Jade was just contacted by her mom about her inspirational grandmother passing. Eric is sorry. Jade is not close to her mother although she invited her to come help clear out her cottage for the rest of the summer. Eric is all for love ... At the square Nicole gushes on her phone about the wonderful Horton Center where she is working. She is questioned on her past with Eric and insists there is no problem. But after the call she remembers Eric that night at the Marton house confessing he had done a bad thing. She now calls him to demand a meeting. Eric is somewhat surprised ...

Girl in black Jade meets boy in black Joey at the loft. She lets him know she is leaving to be with her mother, helping go through her grandmother's place. She waits to hear if she has any chance with him. He tells her to go to her mom so she gets mad and reminds him she kept his dirty little secret from Tripp. In return he treated her like trash! She storms out and Joey worries ... Kayla continues to praise Tripp. He thanks her and Steve gets going to help Joey with his broken ice maker. Kayla invites Tripp on more rounds. He is looking forward to seeing how a patient recovered from his surgery. The suited chairman of the hospital board flusters Kayla by requesting they talk. He is dead serious ... Jen repeats her worry about Abigail marrying a man to help him out, a man who might not be worth the trouble. Abigail soap stares ... At the square Brady overhears Dario on the phone with big plans for his bride. Brady asks the name of the lucky girl and blinks upon hearing it is the fair Abigail ... Nicole meets Eric at the pub and asks about that bad thing he did. He tells her he is torn about what it was he did, whether he was the one who stabbed Deimos in the heart! Nicole notes they were drugged. Eric notes he had lots of reasons for wanting Deimos dead, starting with Xander and what they both did ...They remember being in their room at Marton House and she gasps she gave Daniel a kiss goodbye. But the flashback shows she was kissing Eric and excused herself in a tizzy ... Brady accuses Dario of games. Dario calls himself a man in love and suggests he bother someone else since the CEO of Titan was just arrested for murder. Brady talks tough and warns him he had better not harm a hair on the fair head of Jen's daughter or else he will have to deal with him ... Abigail denies Dario is like Eduardo. He is a decent and faithful friend who would never cause her any harm. Dario returns from his run and seconds the notion. Jen leaves for a meeting. Abigail looks more stressed by the second ...

Steve is with Joey at the loft but his son seems down about continuing his studies. Steve tells him to get inspired. His son laments he is at a loss regarding his future, unlike terrific Tripp the future doctor. He wishes he too had a goal and direction. Steve suspects he is a tad jealous. He admits he is and wishes he was more confident like Tripp ... The hospital board believes Kayla overprescribing morphine to Sherman could have contributed to his death. The review board is investigating. Effective immediately Dr. Kayla has been suspended, on paid leave. Kayla stops smiling. Tripp tries to play it cool ... Steve tries to make Joey feel better. Joey likes his new cool big brother. He warns his father he cannot get that close to him on account of him killing his mom. It torments him, it does even though Tripp might never know the truth. Joey has a bad feeling about payback ... Kayla calmly accepts the decision and will appoint a temporary chief of staff. The chairman appreciates it and walks off. Tripp tells Kayla he is sorry. She sadly states so is she ... Eric and Nicole are back in their room, trying to remember. They both hallucinated Dan, they believe. Eric remembers they kissed and she gasps she got mixed up and thought he was Daniel. Eric now believes the something bad he complained about was actually that he kissed her. But now he is torn on whether or not they should reveal the hot kiss to brother Brady. Nicole soap stares ... Brady and Jen stroll through the square speaking of the importance of AA meetings. He heard about Abigail marrying Dario! Jen would rather not discuss and does not approve. Brady now broaches the subject of the guy she mentioned at the meeting, someone she was seeing but then they broke up as she felt there was no future for them. He wonders whether it was Eric ... Nicole hates lying to Brady but hates hurting him more. She insists the kiss meant nothing as she hyperventilates. She also remembers not telling Daniel how close she and Eric came to ... when they were locked up together. History cannot repeat itself so she has to tell Brady about their kiss ... Abigail pauses with her fruit bowl after Dario praises her for believing in him. Abigail sighs she is starting to harbor doubts. Dario looks disappointed ... Steve understands his son is haunted by the memory of what happened with Ava. However time is a great healer and he is getting counseling, plus he has parents he can count on. Joey numbly agrees and admits there is more. Jade is leaving Salem. Steve thinks the distance will do her a world of good. Joey confesses he will miss her, then heads to the kitchen for food. Steve gets a call from sweetness, who sadly states she has been suspended pending an investigation. He is on his way! Kayla is crushed. Tripp opens the door and then leaves, feeling lousy ... Jen announces to Brady that a romance is not in the cards for her. She had one wonderful love with Jack! Brady suggests her life is not over and asks if she can give Eric another chance ... Nicole and Eric conclude all they did was kiss. Nicole notes Brady is a sensitive soul about betrayal so she should share the information with him. Eric remains silent ...

Abigail explains to Dario he has always been up front with her about his actions, his intentions. Dario promises not to let her down. She solemnly hopes not and adds she has errands. Dario goes back to the room to shower and tells her he will text her. Abigail looks deep in thought ... Jen praises Eric to Brady but does not believe they were meant to be. However, she cares for him and hopes he finds his happiness. Brady gets a strange little smile on his face ... Nicole is nervous about losing Brady. Eric is sympathetic but wants to know whether she will tell him the truth ... Abigail approaches the room and overhears Dario muttering on his phone that no one saw it only him. He shoves his bag under the bed and goes to shower. Abigail slips in and removes the bag. Inside are many wads of cash in high denominations ... Kayla cries and questions her competence. Steve has joined her at the hospital and vows to get to the bottom of what happened to clear her good name ... Jade has summoned Tripp to the park to update him on her summer plans. He feels he is being abandoned. She senses his attack of conscience about Kayla. He admits he does feel bad. Jade suggests he stop trying to destroy Kayla for she is not ... She pauses again. Tripp demands answers and asks what Jade is really hiding ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, July 13