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Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Episode 13,374
1450 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Gabi greets Maggie at Kiriakis mansion, there to pick up Arianna. Gabi wonders where the rug went so Maggie tells her the spilled juice tale and the trouble Will went thru ... Will whispers to Sonny about being in court pretending to wait for no show Leo. Will laments they know not where the body went. Sonny believes another could find it and that would spell trouble ... Hope gasps to Marlena that Ciara is gone from her room. Meanwhile Ciara is at the station with Ben. He assumes she was released but Ciara admits she sneaked out to see him ... Marlena reads the notes and informs Hope Ciara must be at her MRI. She urges her to relax cos her daughter is safe and sound ... Ciara sadly asks if Ben set the fire. He swears he did not and will never be that guy again. She wonders how it happened and laments she fell with her bad leg. Rafe and Hope got her out in time. Ben admits he was worried sick she would not make it. She quips cos he would be blamed? He blurts out he cares for her and wants nothing bad to ever befall her again. She wonders whether he did it but has no memory of the fire starting ... John is at the square with son Paul and wonders whether Sonny felt the Leo intel would help with the lawsuit. Paul notes Sonny did not seem himself. John drawls could be nerves. Paul is suspicious something was happening on the inside of the mansion ... Ari hesitates when Gabi wants her to go from Maggie to her. She has a present for her. The angry child tosses the doll. Meanwhile Ted had just told Kate the bad news about no show Leo. She pouts perhaps he wants a bigger payout. Ted seems to suspect HER!

Will updates Sonny on how he called around and no pound or person saw Leo’s car. Sonny snaps it could have been stolen. Will worries someone will open the trunk. Sonny gasps they have got to hope the cops do not get there first ... Hope gets mad when Marlena suggests Ben is a changed man. She is convinced Ciara was to be his next victim ... Ben understands that without his meds he may have sounded like the old Ben. But he remembers how Ciara spoke and talked him down from believing Clyde was there! He even ignored the voices in his head as he forged on to the pharmacy. She asks if he took his meds. He did and on the way back he felt better. He would never have lit the fire! Ciara snaps she almost died in the same cabin where he tried to finish off Abigail and Chad in a similar manner ... Marlena offers to help if she was wrong about Ben. Hope updates her on Ciara suddenly praising Ben. She feels she is afraid. Marlena points out she was well taken care of and wonders where Ben is at the moment. In custody ... At the station Ben insists he is not the same man. However, Ciara saw how he was when he hallucinated. He could have imagined Clyde ordering him to come after her. Ben argues but he came back. Why would he have done that if he had committed the crime?!

Gabi assures agitated Arianna she can stay longer with daddy. Maggie teases her for spilling juice as per daddy. Ari huffs he lied just like mommy and runs out ... John probes Paul, who just has a hunch. But things are good between himself and Will. Last night was his first night in a while without him. John is curious and questions the mysterious deadline Paul mentions. Paul notes no worries for there is nothing binding Sonny and Will anymore except that they are Arianna’s double dads ... Sonny wonders who took over for Vivian after she was gone. That could be the person who stole the body ... Kate denies any wrongdoing that Ted does not know about. She is feeling the pressure as they are coming after her from all sides. Stefan is out to get them and wants revenge for Vivian! She takes a gun out of her bag and sighs since she pulled this trigger things have gone to hell! Ted wonders what she is doing with it. He wants her to put it away. She reasons she should get rid of it. It could be cursed. Ted takes it away. He assures Kate her life is not cursed. He calls her a brilliant woman and wants to help. He is here for her in every way and pulls her into a passionate kiss ...

Sonny is sorry for Will being drawn into his drama. Will admits he told Paul he was working on a story. Paul comes into the room with a surprise and gives Sonny a stony stare. He demands to know what is going on ... Marlena wants to find out what happened from the source. All Hope wants is for Ben to be locked away for life ... Ben suggests it is Hope who wants Ciara to think the worst of him. He is no arsonist but given his past she has reason to be afraid. He fears he will never get out again. Ciara soap stares at the man who rescued her from the roadside in silence. She then credits him for helping her survive. He laments she thinks the worst of him. She points out people can change. He complains Chad did not think so. He will always be the necktie killer. Ciara states cos he is. He now shares how haunted he is every time he shuts his eyes. His regret and remorse for the victims and their loved ones is never ending. Being with her at the cabin gave him the chance to save a good and loving girl. He believed she came to trust him and asks if he was wrong about that ... When the nurse comes to take Ciara for her MRI, Hope takes off, realizing her daughter is not in the hospital ... Will fibs his deadline was about Leo and he wanted to discuss the case with Sonny. He wants to know what went on in Leo’s head. Paul offers to try and track him. Sonny snaps no. Paul notices ... Gabi holds the doll her daughter did not want. The redhead returns and offers to listen anytime. Gabi starts to confide in her and then gasps and leans as though she has a cramp. She complains she has been having some spasms. Maggie tells her to see a doctor. She will make an appointment with Kayla and thanks the redhead for being so good with Arianna. When she starts to go she doubles over in pain and clutches her abdomen ...

Ted teases Kate for not slapping him for this kiss. She whispers to remove his shirt. He starts with the tie and a sardonic grin. Then they go to the bed ... Marlena finds John at the square and updates him on Ciara being missing. Hope is worried about Ben. John places a call, as he has an idea ... Hope interrupts Ben’s moment with Ciara and screams at him to tell her daughter the truth and admit he wanted to kill her. Ben and Ciara lock eyes ... Ted and Kate get hot and heavy ... Paul suspiciously asks Sonny why he would rather he not search for Leo. Sonny reasons he is relieved he did not ruin his life. Will suggests the digging into his past spooked him. Sonny thanks Paul and acts like he cares not where Leo went. Paul offers to share the two sandwiches with the gang. Will fibs he has to get another exclusive from Sonny first. Paul looks forward to reading it and tells Sonny to let him know if he changes his mind about looking for Leo. Paul kisses Will and walks out. Will points out Paul is a P.I and it is only a matter of time until he does the math. But he does not want him to be an accessory to a crime. So for the time being they tell no one else ... Gabi is in pain as Maggie rushes her to the hospital ... John informs Marlena that Ben is at the station in a room with Ciara and Hope ... Hope warns Ciara not to trust Ben. She innocently explains but she does trust and believe him. Ben gazes at her and she shyly smiles ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, July 11