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THE LUNACY OF LOVE – Ben is Ciara’s New Hero and Eve is Desperate to get the Missing Nicole tape!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Episode 13,373
1450 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


JJ comes home to Theresa’s burnt cookies spewing smoke from the oven. The silly goose admits she broiled them by mistake. They were to be for Brady. JJ thinks now is not the best time to bake for him. She sighs about the mess she made and wishes he would not hate her. Meanwhile Brady is thinking in bed. Eve wakes up. He fears the judge believing he killed Deimos will cost him his son. Eve urges him to reveal it was really Nicole ... At the loft Claire ends a call with Julie. She exclaims to Tripp that Ciara is safe and throws her arms around him ... Hope is at sleeping Ciara’s side in the hospital. Rafe calls. Hope updates him she is going to be alright and her leg was well taken care of. She wants to be here when she wakes up to find out what Ben did ... Rafe glares at Ben, who is handcuffed in an adjoining room and growls he is gonna get the truth out of him ... Tripp wants to go see Ciara but without Claire ... Ciara slowly opens her eyes. Hope smiles and kisses her forehead. Ciara assures her she is sorry but fine. Hope promises Ben will not hurt her again and her testimony will send him back where he belongs. Ciara dramatically declares he saved her ... Rafe is hard on Ben and calls him stupid when he states he was helping Ciara. He accuses him of trying to kill her in a fire just like what he did to Abigail. Ben blinks ...

Theresa hates what Ted did to Brady in court but she had to get Tate from Brady, whom she believes Eve poisoned against her. It was a horrible homecoming. JJ urges her to get along with Brady for Tate’s sake. She blames her sister sleeping with him for causing conflict. JJ questions her hitting back at Brady for being with Eve. Theresa curses and confesses he could be right ... Brady refuses to betray Nicole. Eve reminds him she did kill Deimos and get away with it. Brady reminds her Deimos was a bastard. He himself is no innocent but he will not make her lose Holly. He decides to appeal to Theresa. Eve scoffs and then makes a call ... Claire gets petulant about Tripp telling her not to come see Ciara with him. He wants another chance with Ciara and says to wait. She huffs and stays home ... Ciara tells Hope the true tale of Ben rescuing her and letting her hide at the cabin cos she did not want to come home. Hope notes he is a killer. Ciara alludes to his softer side, and the splint he made her. She did not want to come home and Ben cared for her. Hope calls him a psycho and a serial killer. Ciara states he is a different guy now. Hope counters he held Abigail at that very same cabin, which is the very same cabin he tried to burn down before ... Ben argues he was nowhere near the cabin when it caught fire cos he was getting his meds. He urges Rafe to let him have them on schedule. Rafe refuses until he is done and he had better start telling him the real truth. Ben shakes his head ...

Ciara informs Hope the doubter that Ben had departed to get his meds. Hope replies he is mentally ill. Not with his meds! Ciara suspects someone else set the fire. But then she remembers raging Ben before she brought him back down to reality. Hope wants to know what she is thinking. Here comes hopeful Tripp! Ciara states she told her mom everything but Hope senses there is more. She loves Ciara Alice and will be back soon. Ciara loves her too. Tripp asks if she is alright. When he refers to Ben as a maniac Ciara passionately defends him ... Ben exclaims he did not start the fire, he would never hurt Ciara. Rafe rages he is still a serial killer and vows to make sure he never gets the chance to harm anyone again ... JJ is sorry for what Theresa endured in Mexico. However this time she has to do the best for her son. Her feelings should be on hold. Knock knock! Tis Brady who has come to have a conversation with Theresa about Tate ... At the Kiriakis mansion Victor needs a drink to deal with Eve. She sits in her stylish white dress and announces she needs his assistance. It is about Brady, who Victor can stop from losing custody of his son. Now she has the Greek’s full attention ...

Theresa greets Brady and asks JJ to stay since he knows everything. They argue about Chloe, Eve and Brady being suspected of killing Deimos. JJ tells Theresa to tone it down. Brady calmly explains he has come with a proposal ... Eve complains to Victor that Brady is now suspected of killing Deimos as he did not reveal it was really Nicole. Victor refuses to help since he is still smarting he cut ties with him. Eve suggests the late Isabella would not approve. He insults Eve instead of responding. She lets him know Brady seems lost. They simply need to give the judge the proof that Nicole killed Deimos. She knows about the recording and wonders where Brady hid it. Victor states it is in the safe so she asks for the combination. He cackles and goes to open it himself ... Tripp soap stares at Ciara, wondering why she keeps defending Ben. Tripp is desperate to make things right. She sighs she is too tired now. He wants to know whether they can fix things. She gives him an accusing look ...

Hope joins Rafe, who is holding Ben’s meds. He is sorry to say Ben sounds like he is telling the truth. Hope laments she needs solid evidence to prove to Ciara that Ben is not her savior! She wants her daughter to know the devil he is and turns to glare at him. Ben returns the stare ... Hope and Rafe eventually return to Ben’s room. Hope reads the report from the hospital about him being a changed men and muses actions speak louder than words. She warns the report from CSI will make Ciara see who he really is. Ben replies she is wrong and Ciara would agree ... Ciara asks Tripp to let her rest. He feels to blame. She counters she took and crashed the bike on her own so he should not feel guilty. Tripp stammers he is here if she needs anything. She bids him goodbye and goes back to sleep. But when he slams the door she turns with tears in her eyes ... Brady suggests shared custody. Theresa does not believe he means it. He wishes they would work together to put Tate’s needs first ... Eva waits for the recording. Victor growls it is gone from the safe. Eve snaps where did it go? He assumes Brady has it. Eve fears the worst ... Theresa sobs and screams at Brady, still stressed from her hell in Mexico. She believes he is only being nice as he is now losing. JJ takes her aside and suggests she stop and think. This is about Tate. The oven timer goes off so she heads to the kitchen. JJ urges Brady to play nice for Tate’s sake ...

CSI is not ready. Rafe assures Hope that Ben is not going anywhere. He gave him his meds as requested. Hope sadly states Ciara believes he changed. Rafe heads back to the cabin in case he can find something. Hope stays and glares at Ben again ... Back at Kiriakis mansion Victor is bewildered that Eve wants a plan B. She has a bad feeling that Brady will be sent to prison for a crime he did not commit ... Theresa hands Brady a box of his and Tate’s fav cookies. He is touched. She woefully remembers when they were a happy family. He asks her to consider what he said. She sighs she will. He thanks her and leaves. Theresa breaks down. JJ wonders what comes next. She has no idea ... Tripp goes back to the loft. Claire asks if Ciara is cross. Tripp tells her she had other things on her mind, like defending Ben ... Hope goes to see Ciara, but the bed is empty ... Ciara hobbles into Ben’s room on her crutches. Ben looks up like he has seen an angel ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, July 10