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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Claire and Ciara are back from boutique shopping with dresses for Ciara to try on at home. Claire promises an unforgettable wedding … Bike mechanics Jake and Ben are hard at work. Ben senses stress. Jake sighs Gwen wants them back together. Something always gets messed up. Ben brings up the book. Jake confirms that case is closed. Now he just has to deal with Gabi … Gabi gets off an impatient call about the delayed results and insists to Rafe they will reveal what she wants … Vivian sweeps into the wedding with her pantsuit and confirms to a horrified Lani she is here to crash the happy day. Abe tries to intervene. Julie warns she will not succeed. Viv refuses to let Lani get away with the murder of son Stefan. When Eli steps forward she whips out her shiny gun. The guests gasp in unison … Ciara looks in the mirror at a fancy wedding dress she is wearing. She asks fashionista Claire her opinion. Claire claims tis too tacky and typical. Besides Ben said he would kill her if she did not do right by his fiancée … Ben hears all about Gwen vs Gabi from Jake. Jake wants Gabi to get what she deserves. Ben reasons Stefan made her feel safe and what they had was real, hence her obsession … Exasperated Rafe warns Gabi that Stefan’s heart was given away so Jake could be some guy called Jake! She gushes when they kissed he was her Stefan and vows to prove it … Marlena tells Viv tis not the way. Viv cackles at the psychology of vengeance and explains this wedding will really be an execution. Eli stands loyally by Lani …

Viv asks the mayor whether he is ready to give his daughter away. Eli steps in front of Lani. Viv shoots the ceiling and leers until death do they both part. Abe assures her he knows how hard it is to lose a child but revenge will not help. She quips she feels damn good. Eli sends Rafe a 911 text. Help is on its way … Stylish Claire sips her coffee as strange music plays and pouts to Ciara about Ben spooking her. Ciara explains he agreed to give her another chance. Claire does not deny it, changes the subject to how she wants to make things better for everyone and makes a snide remark about the dress … Jake assures Ben he has no plan to wed Gwen. Enter glittery Gabi. He is stunned she was acquitted and tells the loon to enjoy the fresh air. They have a bike to fix. She stays and he tells her to scram. She suggests he accompany her to the hospital for the DNA test results. He scoffs. She boasts he will learn he is rich, powerful and married to her. He will have to accept it … Lani appeals to Vivian to let her unborn baby live. Madame soap stares … Ciara has now found the right wedding dress and Claire was the one who choose it. Claire knows Ben will love her in it and suggests they celebrate. Alas Ciara is too busy with Titan work so Claire offers to take all the dresses back to the shop. Ciara thanks her with a hug. Crafty Claire smiles …

Ben goes on break while Gabi and Jake argue. Jake doubts her results will even be legit and gets rude so she slaps him … Rafe arrives outside Julie’s Place and curses cos the door is locked. Inside Val and Julie implore Vivian to spare the unborn baby. Vivian decides this is the end. Abe says no. She raises her gun with a glint in her evil eye … Ciara is working when Ben comes home and warns he might have seen her in her wedding dress. Bad luck. He teases not for them and kisses her. She gushes about the dream dress Claire helped her find. Ben gets tightlipped. She is grateful he is giving her a chance and wonders why he is home early. Gabi showed up as the test results are almost in. Soon Jake will know his truth … Gabi fumes she would not fake test results for a grease monkey so if he is not Stefan he will never see her again. If he is Stefan, she will be back. Exit Gabi. Stefan curses … Rafe catches Vivian off guard, grabs her gun and cuffs her, reading her rights. She leers Lani will never be safe! Rafe mutters she might have murdered someone for no reason since it is possible Stefan is alive. Vivian digests. Impossible! Rafe adds they are trying to determine the identity of the lookalike. Julie confirms he is a dead ringer. Vivian gasps she wants to hear more as Rafe hauls her to the station. Lani realizes Eli the hero texted Rafe. Julie sighs no more weddings here. Lani lists all the things that went wrong. Eli wonders whether to continue. Lani would like a sign. Here come …

Ben gets romantic with his wedding planning girl and she cannot resist. The bridal shop calls. Her dream wedding dress was destroyed … Jake catches up with Gabi at the hospital to make sure she does not alter the real results … Lani is elated Tamara and Billy are back. Julie tells them the latest. Tamara is sorry for her poor baby. Billy asks Val if she is alright. They all are and Eli and Lani are surrounded by love. Marlena waits to hear whether the bride and groom wish to continue. Lani got her sign and agrees they should get married. The guests applaud … Ciara is upset the dress was ruined by nail polish stains that cannot be removed. It was alright before! Ben tells her to find another dress. She wonders how it could have happened. Meanwhile prissy Claire paints her nails as eerie music plays … At the station Vivian wants to hear more about her son. Rafe cuffs her to a chair and mentions Jake the mechanic. Viv doubts it is her well educated son so Rafe shows her a photo … Gabi touches the ring she still wears around her neck and opens the envelope while Jake watches and waits …

The mood is light as Eli says his heartfelt vows to Lani. He also praises her for the sacrifice she made the last time they were almost married. He wants to be her husband now and forever. She calls him her dream, the love of her life, her world, her everything. He makes her feel special and safe, the luckiest girl and the world and she cannot wait to love him. Marlena talks rings. Abe has it ready. And so it goes. Val has one ready for Lani. The vows, the rings slipped on the fingers and Marlena pronounces the pair husband and wife. The room erupts with joy and they share a kiss. Together they sweep away the bad things with a broom and jump the broom. Tis a new tradition in Salem. Eli passionately kisses his bride. This historic moment was theirs.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, July 1, 2020