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Episode 13,786
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jen is visiting Abigail, amazed Thomas looks like dad Chad! Jen is surprised to hear Chad went to confront Kristen on her games. Meanwhile Chad shows up at Kristen’s new Basic Black job, warning her she better not have parted with her shares. But all Kristen wants is Brady … Brady insists to Nicole he will not get back with Kristen even if she is now a Basic Black partner … Elsewhere in the hospital, Ciara is scared. She is scared for Victor and even more scared for Ben. Justin arrives and she asks about his last chance appeal … Xander is in the chapel praying to God for Mickey, Sarah and Victa. He prays this is not punishment for their actions. Maggie appears and innocently wonders … At the condo, Stefano Steve leaves Gina a message, ready for the next step in their plan. Enter Jack, who lets him know he overheard … Justin insisted the evidence was all circumstantial. The judge has yet to rule. Ciara longs to see Ben but must stay here for Victor. She admits she was there when he had the stroke … Xander hyperventilates he is being punished for his past. Victa means much to him now. Maggie agrees. She was somewhat surprised he chose Xander as his CEO after Brady lost his child. The redhead is hoping for a reconciliation between Brady and Victor …Nicole lets Brady know she claimed to Kristen they were a couple. She wanted to hit back. Brady decides it is not such a bad idea … Kristen wants to be close to Brady, convince him they were meant to be. Chad gets back to the shares and the fact that Gabi would ruin his family and the fortune father built. She smirks she is only stringing Gabi along. Chad snaps like with him …

Elegant Jack wants to know Steve’s plan. He replies he is working with Hope to find Rolf and Stefano. Jack blasts him for not coming to him – his brother – when he first set foot in Salem …Jen admits to Abigail that there is no lead on Rolf. She wonders how he and Stefano could have vanished into thin air … Stefano Steve drawls he was busy. Jack criticizes him for his cold card when sister Adrienne died. It was worse than his usual big fat nothing. He put himself before the family. Steve hits back by bringing up Jack abandoning his family … Maggie finishes her prayer. Xander was faithfully waiting. She thanks him for being there and knows Victor feels it as well. They have become close. Xander wants to check on the latest and they leave together … Sneaky Brady likes Nicole’s joke on Kristen and wants to keep it going … Chad demands an answer on those shares. He pouts no more power for Gabi. Kristen denies doing that and alludes to more to the mystery. Chad knows Stefano wants them on the same side. Kristen counters Stefano would need to make any request to her in person and points out he has not …

Brady promises nervous Nicole he will not let Kristen harm her … Chad tells Kristen he and Stefano have only texted. Kristen does not speak to screens so he can pass on to Stefano her way or the highway … Fake Steve coldly reminds Jack he deserted the family. He heard how he took off time and time again and let the family believe he was dead after the elevator drama. Jack gasps he had no memory and exclaims Steve knew his mind when he signed divorce papers. Kayla was hoping he would see the light. He replies he is no mind reader and claims Kayla moved on. Jack argues cos he treated her badly. Stefano Steve leers Jack once raped her … Justin gets the whole story about Ciara and Victor’s confrontation. He wonders what he said about their belief he ordered Xander to off Jordan. She stammers that was when he had the stroke and blames herself … Kayla returns as Maggie and Xander run up for news on Victor … Chad will pass on the message to Stefano and warns Kristen that HE is the future. He has been building DiMera on a global level and Gabi will not get her hands on it. If she gives that girl her shares, she will be faced with father's and his wrath … Kayla relieves Maggie with the news that Victor’s surgery was a success. The redhead is ready to see him. Justin goes to give Sonny the happy news. Ciara is stopped by Xander, who demands to know where she is headed … Jack owns what he did but Steve keeps going, reminding him he gave him a kidney. Jack declares if he had any decency he would have come back to Kayla. Stefano Steve suggests he mind his own biz. Besides Kayla is with another and their only current connection is their three kids. Jack is flabbergasted since Steve and Kayla actually have two kids. Oooooo

Ciara decides when Maggie is done she will visit Victor. Xander warns her to stay away since just seeing her could give him anotha stroke …Chad comes home as Jen is leaving. She loves the grandkids! Once they are alone, Chad updates Abigail on his meeting with Kristen. He gets himself a drink and sits down to send Stefano the message he promised Kristen he would. He types as Abigail rests her fair hand on his shoulder. Kristen is demanding a face to face meeting. Abigail steals a sip of his drink … Jack talks Joey and Stephanie. Steve adds Tripp. Jack reminds him that Tripp was Eva’s. Steve argues but she is not alive and Kayla is like his mother. He reacts with hostility when Jack asks about his contact with Tripp. Steve gets back to how busy he is trying to track down Stefano DiMera. Jack warns even if he captures him he will not be anybody’s hero. It has been years! Perhaps they were all better off without him anyway! He storms out and Stefano grimaces good riddance … Justin praises Kayla for taking care of Victor. Sonny is on his way. Kayla sighs she went to see Steve, who said he has another woman. Justin is sorry. It must have been hard … Outside the bistro Kristen runs into Brady and Nicole … At DiMera mansion Chad waits for Stefano to reply. He then gets frisky with his wife and suggests they skip dinner … At their pub table, Jack complains to Jen about Steve. She agrees it was off that he said he and Kayla had two kids. Jack suspects he knew he made a slip. Jen’s baby blues widen … Stefano is miffed Gina did not call back. He now gets the message from Chad … Kayla feels lucky and kisses Justin, who feels like the lucky one. He insists she give herself a dinner break while he and Sonny visit with Victor. They exchange I love yous … Kristen gets sarcastic about Brady not visiting Victor. Brady explains he got better and they are celebrating. He hopes them both being at Basic Black will not bother her. She states she keeps her personal and professional life separate. Brady suggests she back off Nicole or she will answer to him! They walk away together like a cozy couple …

Brady and Nicole are at her apartment. She chain locks the door, having felt Kristen’s hatred. Brady feels smug … Kristen goes back to her room and rages like a wounded animal … Chad kisses Abigail in bed. Beep beep! Tis a message from Stefano, who has decided to deal with Kristen himself … Kristen opens her door to Steve … Kayla greets Jen and Jack at the pub. Victor is going to make it. Jack tells her he just saw Steve and she is better off without him … Kristen demands to know what the heck Steve Johnson is doing at her door … Ciara prays in the chapel for Victor and then for Ben. She weeps not to let her innocent lover die. The hearing has to go well … Justin appears announcing he was just called. The judge has decided Ben’s fate ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday January 9, 2020