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Episode 13,785
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


John enters the hospital and asks Brady how he is doing. Brady hates the waiting and the bad coffee. John asks about Vic, who is in surgery. No news. John wants to buy his boy lunch but Brady believes he should stay. John stays too. Brady insists he is alright. John heard about Kristen being back. Brady sighs she is like a sickness that never ends. He loves his life better without her … Kristen boasts to Nicole that Gabi appointed her Co-CEO. They will be working together, as well as with Brady … JJ hangs his head at the park wishing he could help Lani. She asks to stay at his place for a while. No problem. She swears him to secrecy since … At DiMera mansion Eli informs Gabi that Lani told her what she did. Gabi assumes the worst and shouts Lani lied … Kate is frustrated inmate Will is not listening. She hates he wants a divorce … Evan stops and acts understanding. Is Sonny really ready to take the next step … away from Will …? Meanwhile Will assures Kate it was hard but he wants to do the right thing. Marlena was more understanding. He now exclaims about the Kiriakis clan and Kate wonders what is the problem with Victor … Brady complains about crazy Kristen leaving the convent for him … Nicole will not tell Kristen when Brady is coming back to the office. Kristen points out she and Brady are now partners. Nicole sighs Victor had a stroke so Brady is at the hospital. Kristen makes a snide remark. Nicole warns she will NOT let her get Brady back … Lani admits to surprised JJ she lied about becoming a nun. She swears him to secrecy and updates him on someone ruining her life. She plans to expose Gabi for the monster she is! JJ looks puzzled …

Gabi insists to Eli she is not evil. Eli notes she was not evil to make Lani kneel after losing Stefan, though it was over the top. She is pleased that was all he heard. Eli, however, wonders why she initially said what Lani told him was a lie. What did she mean? … Kate spoke with Phillip and found out Vic is in surgery still. Will feels for Sonny. Kate wishes he would not give up. Will wants Sonny happy but that cannot happen with him in the slammer. He cannot stand in his way of some happiness with Evan ... Sonny smiles he was just thinking the kiss was nice. Evan asks if he had mixed emotions. He did feel like he was kinda cheating as he is not divorced. Evan supports him pulling back … Gabi just felt she lost it. Eli explains Lani is leaving town anyway … Lani informs JJ that Gabi forced her to beg on her knees for Julie’s heart. And that was not all. She ordered her to dump Eli! JJ questions how she could force her to do that … Kristen cackles Nicole is insecure. Nicole taunts she had to wear her face to get Brady in bed! Kristen boasts she and Brady are the same and suggests she bow out. Nicole claims they are already a couple in love … Kate talks parole. Will reminds her he offed Sonny’s mother! Kate reminds him Adrienne was a woman with no self-pity. She would not want her son to lose the love of his life. But Will believes he knows what is best for the love of his life …

Sonny takes a deep breath. Evan senses Sonny still loves Will. He suggests they slow down for something long term. He can wait until the divorce is finalized. Friends … for now. They shake hands and Evan admits this is harder than he thought. Sonny turns his phone back on and reads a shocking text … Brady admits to John that he and Nicole came close but they are only friends. Furthermore he does not want Kristen and told her … Kristen leers Nicole got her claws into Brady. Nicole leers cos he loves and wants HER. Kristen boasts Brady loved her when they got together before. Nicole claims just this morning nekid in bed Brady said she was his best ever. Kristen hisses to shut up. Nicole dares her to try and off her the way she did Haley …

Rafe comes home. Evan, who usually cooks dinner, is running late. He was … Rafe assumes with Sonny and asks if they are seeing each other. Only after the divorce. Rafe warns emotionally Will and Sonny will stay strong. He speaks from experience. Evan believes Sonny is worth the wait, the real deal … Sonny rushes to Brady, asking how Victor is. He regrets he did not realize … Brady assures him he will be there when he wakes up. Sonny worries about Maggie. John takes him to her. She has been praying … JJ asks if Gabi was blackmailing Lani. She laments way worse. Someone’s life is at risk! JJ thinks the cops should know if Gabi is a threat. Lani wants to lie low and needs time to get Eli away. JJ can see she still loves him … Stylish Gabi tells curious Eli that Kristen is hesitating with the shares. Eli senses a game. Gabi admits she asked her for something – just a job … Nicole talks back to Kristen, who growls if she does not stay out of her way, something is gonna happen …

Kate passes Will a note from Ari. Kate was cross cos she loves him so. She believes in the power of his and Sonny’s love. Fight for the family! Will feels Sonny should not be left hanging. He could be happy with Evan. Kate warns Evan is the wrong one and he will hurt him. Will asks what she knows … Rafe wants Evan to know he needs and appreciates him. He asks him to sign his consent to a background check since he lives under the same roof as David. It is for the adoption. Evan pauses … JJ was hoping Gabi had become a better person. Lani notes it was no more than an act and she has been lying to Eli. She set her up. JJ wonders what she wants to do next. Pretend she left so Gabi will get comfortable. Hopefully he can help …

Eli is not impressed Gabi gave Kristen a job at Basic Black so she could get close to Brady. Gabi had no choice as she was dangling the DiMera shares. She was also supposed to fire Nicole but she could not cos the board loves her. She just wants what she deserves, Basic Black be damned … Kristen and Nicole continue to insult each other. Nicole taunts it will be hard for her seeing her and Brady together and orders her to start filing … Kate distrusts Evan. Will doubts Rafe would have hired him for David if he was not above board. Kate quips he also hired Jordan. She has decided to do some digging. Will sarcastically suggests no poison since it never takes … Evan acts nonchalant and agrees. Rafe goes to David … Gabi has a voice mail from Nicole. Eli warns Kristen could betray her … Lani swears to JJ she spoke the truth. He wants her to move in. He wants to help. She hugs him …Nicole finds Brady at the nurse’s station. No news on Victor. Alas she has to warn him about Kristen … Kristen warns Nicole’s picture with Brady she cannot have him and tears her half off. She drops it in the trash and takes a look at Brady’s half like a woman obsessed …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday January 8, 2020