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Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Episode 13,249
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the center Eric sighs as he remembers his kiss with Jen. Here she comes acting cold when he smiles he had her on his mind. He asks her for lunch or dinner but she blows him off and marches out with the papers she wanted. Eric is baffled by her behavior ... At the pub Steve and Kayla read all about Vivian online. He would rather not know more. She is off to Theo again and admits she knows not whether he will walk ... JJ sees Lani at the hospital. She explains Theo is having more tests as due to the loss of some motor neurons he still cannot walk. It will mean treatment in South Africa for a year. They are all hoping. JJ is dismayed and asks for more details. When he hears there is no guarantee he gets glum. Meanwhile Gabi approaches working Eli at the station since she believes she was betrayed ... At the Kiriakis mansion Will thanks Maggie and Victor for the hospitality. Maggie marvels Sonny is so happy he is giving their marriage a chance. Will, on the other hand, announces he is moving out and he and Sonny are divorcing. Maggie is in tears and tells him how happy they looked with Arianna. Victor accuses him of breaking Sonny's noble heart yet again ... Sonny runs into Paul at the square and angrily asks whether he feels guilty. Paul is sorry but Sonny blames him for Will wanting to divorce him ... Maggie wrings her hands. Victor snaps Will must have found a new boy toy. He accuses him of using Sonny. Will denies it and wanted them to work ... but ... He remembers kissing Paul and notes he has no business being married at the moment ... Sonny rages at Paul for planting a kiss on Will New Year's Eve and hanging around him in general. Paul counters he did not initiate the kiss, it was Will just like before. Sonny does not want to believe him. Paul claims he made no mention of Will and his moves of confusion to spare Sonny's feelings. Sonny hisses he must be hurt and jealous. Paul poignantly tells him he wants him to be happy even if it breaks his heart. With that he walks off ...

Gabi informs Eli that she was betrayed by the DiMeras again for Chad is no longer the CEO, it is Stefan, who could be just like sinister Stefano! Eli understands ... JJ blames himself for the tragedy of Theo. Lani wishes he would stop. They shall overcome and also help Theo. JJ is close to crying. Lani tries not to cry. JJ wants to cancel his counseling session with Eric. She insists he attend. He nods and woefully walks out ... Jen runs into Kayla at the hospital and asks about Theo. She feels for Abe and the family. Kayla heard from Abe they are on better terms and also teases her about Eric. Jan replies there will be no romance. They did kiss at midnight, though the next day Anna - who is strangely seeing Roman again - shared what she overheard. Eric admitted to Roman he would never love a woman the way he loved Nicole. Jen gets it loud and clear. Kayla begs to differ. This was second hand and Eric is no man about town. She suggests Anna did not hear the whole conversation. Jen heard plenty enough and thinks his kiss meant nothing. She can stay friends with Eric since he has feelings for Nicole. Kayla scoffs as she is not a believer in third party intel. She dares Jen to ask Eric herself ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Victor is cross about Will leading on Sonny. Maggie notes no one is to blame and Will cannot even remember who he is. Sonny opens the front door only to find Will ready to move out ... Paul joins Steve at the pub. He looks perturbed. Steve senses it is about Sonny so Paul updates him. He is glad he called him about a new case. Steve goes to his car to find the file he forgot but he falters at the table. Paul catches him. At the same time Lani stands up at the hospital, still waiting for word on Theo and she too falters ...

Jen refuses to embarrass herself any further. She is here to find a volunteer. Kayla approaches a handsome Dr. Shaw. Jen has already met him and thanks him for saving her daughter's life once upon a time. He is interested in volunteering for such a wellness program as the center has. Kayla points out he is on break so Jen joins him to talk shop. Kayla watches with a smile ... JJ opens up to Eric the emotional healer in his session. He fears he could lose Lani, It is just a feeling ... Gabi wonders whether Stefan will fire Kate. This is the last day of her grace period so perhaps she should go with Eve. However, she knows next to nothing about fashion. Eli will support her either way. She appreciates it and is elated they worked out their own issues. Eli admits it still plagues him he suspected her of going back to JJ but Gabi blames Lani for that whole misunderstanding ... Paul makes unsteady Steve sit and drink some water ... Sonny wishes Will would reconsider. Will feels this ending is inevitable. He assures Sonny he is sad about it too and hates that he hurt him. However, they will both see each other with Arianna so one day ... Sonny snaps not to use the F word. Friends. He will always love him. Will silently walks out. Sonny takes a deep breath ... Eli blames himself for what happened. Gabi reminds him nothing happened. He feels badly he ever accused her of cheating with JJ and they hug. She heads to DiMera after a brief kiss ...

Eric thinks JJ should not blame himself any longer. He agrees as he does not want to upset his mom. Eric grins. JJ grins he is glad they are close. Eric laments he is at a loss and knows not how Jen really feels. JJ says to ask her and thanks him for the help. Eric soon finds himself tossing out old files. The photos he took of smiling Nicole appear. One is left on the table as he takes the rest of the trash out ... Victor is sorry for Sonny's pain and points out he should not jump into anything. He has to talk Titan. Sonny agrees to consider his reputation. He will be ready to discuss his future as asked, with Victor when he has an answer about what comes next. Maggie gets emotional ... Jen shows Dr. Love around the center. He would love to volunteer as medicine man in residence. Jen gushes and gives him the official tour. She calls Eric the director and then sees the picture of Nicole on his desk. It makes her go pale and silent ... Kayla wants to check out Lani ... Steve downs the water and tells Paul he feels fine. Still Paul worries. Steve jokes he had one too many with John last night. Paul should go home and rest. Paul sighs he wishes he could. Steve tries to make him feel better about Sonny. Paul thanks him and heads out. Steve soap stares ... Sonny has his bags packed. Victor accuses him of giving up and growls to get out of his sight. Maggie eyes him with genuine concern. Sonny pauses ...

Dr. Love asks if Jenny is okay. She gasps she is good and muses there is much to learn here. He smiles and invites her to tell him more over dinner. Jen decides to accept. Eric stands at the door and woefully watches ... Victor rages at Sonny to go and calls him names. Sonny snaps he is not leaving the house or Titan. He is ready to take on the DiMeras and their new era. Matter of fact he was heading overseas to close a deal. Titan and the clan matter most. He can see that now. Maggie smiles as he promises not to let Vic down cos his support and the company mean the world to him. The Greek grins with a tear in his eye ... Paul spies Will sitting alone at the square. He warns him he let a great guy get away, one who loves him tons. Will knows it. However, he could not remain with him when he wants another. He gives Paul a look of longing and then leaves with his bag. Paul frowns ... Steve has trouble reading the print on a page and gasps what the hell is happening ... Eli remembers regretting being with Lani. He is now greeted by JJ whom he has summoned. They simply have to talk ... Dr. Kayla meets with Lani in her office and lets her know she is having a baby. Lani looks away. This is the last thing she was expecting to hear ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, January 9