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Monday, January 8, 2018
Episode 13,248
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope waits for Ciara to say what Rafe did ... Chad drinks at the club and offers Kate one to drown their sorrows together. She hears from him that Abigail went to see Stefan ... Abigail gets an eyeful of nekid Stefan at DiMera mansion and wonders why he said she could come in. He notes his natural state is no big deal but she begs to differ. He flirts. Meanwhile Kate is pleased and points out Stefan does seems sweet on Abigail. Chad considers Kate, himself, Andre and Abigail the fantastic four ... Back at DiMera mansion Vivian puts her arms around Andre and assures her partner in crime all is going according to plan. Andre advises her not to gloat cos Chad would never forgive him for his inside betrayal and Kate would kill him ...

Kate thinks Chad looks worried about sending his wife to Stefan. He sighs it is the lion's den ... Tripp comes across Claire crying her little heart out at the park. She updates him on Theo needing therapy far far away though he may still never walk again. She weeps ... Rafe admits to Hope that Ciara feels his actions could upset her mom. Hope asks for clarification. Rafe states Ciara overheard him. Hope asks to whom about what. Ominous music plays. Rafe hesitates. Ciara suddenly states it sounded like he was trying to get Abe to keep him on as commissioner. Hope smiles and assures her daughter Rafe is on her side. She loves and trusts him. Ciara smiles up at Rafe and notes she also knows how much he loves her mom. Hope is ever so relieved they are on good terms again ... Black nail polish Kate promises to prove herself to Chad, who wonders how things are with Andre. She alludes to something unimaginable ...

AS the story goes, Vivian was the one who reached out to Andre, to make his dreams come true. Andre reminds her that Stefan is the king in name only and as per their agreement Andre holds the reins of power. The company needed someone more cutthroat than Chad to survive. Meanwhile demure Abigail is ready to argue why Stefan should change his mind about Chad - but only after he gets dressed. He does so she turns around. She declares she reminded Chad that their child was the future ...Vivian assures Andre they will be able to keep Stefan the newest DiMera under control ... Ciara is thrilled to get the keys to Bo's bike at long last. With a kiss, happy Hope heads off to meet with the D.A. Rafe asks Ciara what changed her mind. She had a change of heart and did not want her mother to feel the kind of pain she feels ... Vivian teases Andre for his true feelings for Kate. He notes they were wed in name only but things happened. He confesses he does love that woman. Viv slyly asks if she reciprocates. Andre notes she did not answer when pressed. However, he has high hopes ... Kate admits to Chad sometimes she wants to strangle Andre but there is a spark. She never imagined they could happen and sighs they both suspected him of the sabotage. Chad says they were wrong. Kate is now impressed with Andre's unwaivering loyalty. Chad listens and wonders ... Stefan assures steely Abigail he was sincere about the clan coming together for the good of the company. He cannot help but question whether this is the prelude to a coup ... Claire freaks when Tripp touches her and he looks hurt. She then apologizes to Tripp, as she knows he would never try and take advantage. She wishes she could accompany Theo to Capetown and complains about Caria acting crazy. Tripp tells her people in love are like that. Claire woefully recalls how happy she and Theo were but that was then this is now. Now he has to go away. She sobs on Tripp's sympathetic shoulder ... Ciara reasons to Rafe she did not want to hurt Hope. He appreciates it, promises to help with the motorbike lessons, and departs. Ciara feels pretty darn good about getting her act together ... Abigail alludes to the sabotage. Stefan emphatically states it was not him and he would expect to be believed before he hired anyone back ...

Viv reminds Andre he hungered for power more than any romance with Kate. Andre claims he will still keep Kate at Countess W. She mentions Chad and Abigail. He tells her will have no trouble keeping those two in the dark about his power. He now leers Kate can never find out and Kate walks in wondering what. Andre smoothly smiles and turns around. She wants an answer. Vivian observes. Andre lies Viv wanted him to divorce her. Viv hisses she is Stefano's ho. Andre gallantly defends Kate as one whose intelligence is as impressive as her beauty. Viv quips love is blind and takes her leave. Kate lets Andre take her coat and coos he said some nice things. He gushes ... Abigail coldly tells Stefan if he does right by DiMera then they will not believe he was the saboteur. Stefan gets sarcastic so she lets him know they would be honored to have their jobs back. Done and he looks forward to working clooosely with her ... Ciara is on her computer when Tripp returns and she thanks him for giving her good advice. She did not want to make Hope as unhappy as her and credits Tripp, who grins ... Rafe joins Hope at her office and asks about the D.A. She is still a pain. Hope thanks him for making things right with her little girl. Rafe grins but still looks a tad guilty ... Andre has a drink with Kate and calls wot Viv and Stefan did appalling. He also asks whether she has given any thot to a real marriage and slides closer on the sofa ... Vivian finds Stefan in his new room and is furious to find out he hired back Abigail and Chad ...

Abigail returns to Chad at the club and tells him two important items. They are rehired and his brother is an incorrigible ass ... Hope and Rafe are cold at the square so she suggests a warm fireplace. She also is sorry for the stress with Ciara. Rafe thinks she is perfect, kisses her, and reminds her he wants to make her his wife. Now they race off to get romantic ... Ciara is stunned when Tripp informs her that Theo and Claire cannot be together. Claire woefully enters and explains he has to leave Salem ... Vivian wonders why rehire them. Stefan states as the new DiMera on the block he wants no enemies and praises Abigail. Viv reminds him the woman happens to be his brother's wife ... Abigail admits to Chad she had to beg. He gets mad. She adds she also had to say she believed him so she did in a way. Chad sighs what a s.o.b. Abigail adds he is a smart s.o.b. They will win! They exchange I love yous and a sweet kiss ... Kate is touched by Andre's loyalty. He needs more unless she feels nothing. Kate confesses she does feel something and it surprises her. They kiss on the lips and she excuses herself to her bedroom. She coos he can grab a bottle of champagne and meet her upstairs. Alone again, Andre mutters to fatha all his dreams are coming true. However, he hopes to God no one will ever know wot he really did ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, January 8