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Friday, January 5, 2018
Episode 13,247
1640 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric unlocks the closed Brady pub and turns on the lights. Roman emerges, and announces he is taking today off. Anna appears, babbling about losing an earring in Roman's bed. Yes, THE Anna! ... Woman in white Jen catches up with cousin Hope at the station. Hope has coffee and is at a loss what made her daughter livid ... Rafe mutters he knows what Ciara was mad about. It started with the motorbike. She snaps it was more. He knows and declares the time has come to clear the air ... Kate is at DiMera mansion with the results that prove Stefan is the son of Stefano. Chad is in denial. Viv flounces in with Andre and smiles they are a happy family now. Andre assures Chad it is true and Stefan is the new brotha. Stefan offers to take a second test when Chad doubts it, Kate wants Stefan and Vivian out now so Andre starts to usher Viv away. Stefan stops them and dares Chad to tell them the latest. His eyes reflect his very DiMera determination ... Andre exclaims this is their home. Stefan and Vivian claim they can all live together. Stefan now wants to get down to DiMera biz and agrees with Andre being in charge of Countess W with Kate at his side, talented Abigail continuing with PR. Abigail thanks him. Chad asks about his role. To go back to being a V.P. reporting to Stefan. Chad quits on the spot ... Eric is all ears as Anna praises Roman for inviting her for the new year and giggles, going to look for her earring again. Roman grins like a man who won the lotto. Eric is exasperated about his "bad" decision ...

Jen updates Hope on the wicked things Ciara said to her and Eric, her refusal to open up. Hope is even more worried about her little girl ... Ciara warns Rafe once the secret comes out it will never go back. Rafe realizes she overheard him speaking with Sami at the square. The stressed girl gasps yes she overheard so she knows all about their affair. Rafe is sorry for everything. Ciara cries how could he do that to Hope! He gasps he is sorry and did not mean to hurt her. She fumes he used to feel like her second father. He implores her to hear him out. She hisses he was horrible but he begs her again to listen to his story ... Hope informs Jen that Ciara was acting like she had something significant to say. And tell Eric she is sorry about what she said. Jen gushes she is going to see him soon. Hope is intrigued. Jen blushes about his New Year tender and romantic kiss. Hope is tickled pink. Jen still has reservations ...

Roman reminds Eric that he and Anna are consenting adults. Eric assumed he cared for Kate still. Roman notes she is now entangled with Andre. One baby step at a time for him. Eric now updates Roman on Vivian and her Stefano mini me sweeping into Salem ... Chad calls Stefan the saboteur. Kate hisses to come clean. Chad walks out and Stefan states best not to stay if not happy. He advises anyone else who would rather leave the company to follow Chad. Abigail does just that. Stefan turns to Kate and Andre, wondering what the two intend to do ... Hope asks Jen why the hesitation. Jen is still uncertain of Eric's interest. Hope reminds her he is a gentleman, a former father. For him a kiss is not just a kiss. Jen worries he has rebound fever. Hope urges her to ask how he feels about her ... Roman teases Eric about dating Jen. Eric admits he would like to pursue a relationship with her. Roman the straight talker teases to tell her in a less vague way. He also asks him if he is sure he is over Nicole ... Andre refuses to be shoved out of fatha's company. Kate also stands firm and warns Stefan one wrong move he is out. Stefan notes she is as tough as Andre told him. He believes they can make DiMera great again. Kate quips so far he is no Stefano. Madame Viv is elated with the outcome and walks out with Stefan since it is time to call the movers. Kate hisses to Andre she wants them out. Meanwhile Chad and Abigail console themselves with a drink at the club. She wants them to start their own company but Chad wants only DiMera, which was stolen by a brother he did not know existed. Now it is too late. Abigail softly states she has an idea how he can keep his company ...

Anna comes downstairs as Eric confirms he misses Nicole daily. Anna discretely steps outside for phone reception. Eric adds their love is hard to forget but he is trying to let go and feels ready. Jen is his future ... Jenny gets her coat on and thanks Hope for the advice. She assures her Ciara will make it through with her mom there. They wish one another luck ... Ciara thinks there can be no reasonable explanation for what Rafe did. Rafe sighs he and Hope fought and he was not sure Hope would ever be over Bo. She even returned his ring and they were over. Ciara had no idea. Rafe continues. When he saw Sami they were both feeling rejected, him by Hope, her by Will. Then they went to her hotel room. Ciara really wants him to stop. He explains they had history and things just happened. She asks if it was only once. It was that time only and he hopes she believes him. She might never believe him again ... Andre sits with Kate at the mansion and alludes to their passionate kiss at the party. He insists they have a spark. Kate needs him to elaborate. Andre gets the business side of their marriage might be over but he believes they could have a chance of a real marriage ... Abigail believes it all comes down to the board. Chad complains about Stefan getting to them all. Abigail wishes to connect Stefan to the hacking attempt that Theo was looking into. Chad notes the board would kick him out for corporate sabotage. But how to proceed? Beautiful Abigail warns him he might not like her bold idea ...

As the fire crackles, Andre wonders why so silent. Kate was not expecting to hear his admission ... Andre muses a man might tell a woman he loves her and he suspects there is truth in the matter for him but how might she feel? She admits being his wife was not the way she thought it would be. She blinks back her tears of emotion and tells him she needs more time to know how she feels. Andre appears a tad disappointed and tells her to take her time. He intends to wait ... Abigail suggests she and Chad head home and ask Stefan if they can get their jobs back. They need to have access from the inside. Chad thinks he will suspect something. Abigail assures him they can win him over. In fact she has noticed he is rather fond of her so she can pretend she had to walk to support her hot head hubby, who only had their son in mind. Chad hates it but she convinces him. He kisses her and calls himself lucky ... Jen and Anna have a happy reunion outside the pub. Jen is surprised to hear she spent the new year with Roman. She asks why she is outside. Cos Roman is having a heart to heart with Eric inside. All she overheard was that Eric still loves that Nicole Walker woman ...

Ciara declares Hope deserves to know what her future husband did. Rafe asks her to wait until he tells her. Knock knock! Tis Hope, demanding to know what has been bothering Ciara. She is stunned to see Rafe and asks why he is there. Ciara goes silent. Rafe looks guilty as soap sin ... Roman is relieved Eric is ready to take a chance with Jen and believes she is a great choice. Eric does too. But outside Anna innocently repeats to Jen what she overheard. Alas, she did not hear the rest. Jen only hears how Eric loves and misses Nicole and hastily excuses herself ... Rafe claims he came to clear the air with Ciara, who confirms her anxiety was about him. Hope wonders what he did ... Chad anxiously glances at his phone, now alone at the club. Kate comes in and he offers to buy her a drink. She hopes all is forgiven. It seems so. She admits she is annoyed with him for quitting, leaving her and Andre to fight alone. And he took Abigail with him. Chad grins she is going back as they speak. Abigail knocks at Stefan's door. He says to come in but when she does the shirtless wonder gives her a roguish look ... Back at the club Kate slyly states Stefan seems keen on Abigail. He might be receptive. Chad tells her they are a good team like her and Andre. They are the formidable four and could bring Stefan to his knees. But only as a united front ... Andre solemnly assures Stefano's somber portrait he shall protect his legacy. Vivian walks in and he calls her a beech. She informs him they are alone so he can now be nicer to his partner in crime. The plan is proceeding marvelously. Andre gives her a strange stare ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, January 5