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Thursday, January 4, 2018
Episode 13,246
1380 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Commissioner Hope has a visit from Rafe, who carries two coffees to keep her company on his day off. He prefers her to the college games and they kiss. They discuss the big DiMera disaster. The cops could be busy with Stefano O. Just like the old days ... Theo is in hospital having read about the new DiMera, his new boss. Abe reminds him the DiMeras got him lying like about that break in! Abe is aware it was Kate who made him do it ... Dr. Kayla complains to Kate about having to break up an argument between Vivian and Andre. Kate talks tampered test results and warns there could be a lawsuit. Kayla gives her an exasperated look ... Stefan implies the DiMera mansion is HIS. Chad and Abigail coldly disagree. Stefan smiles he and his mother are moving in as of now and there is nothing they can do ... Ciara wakes up with a hell of a hangover so Claire makes noise in the kitchen. She wishes Ciara would leave and thinks she deserves to be unhappy. They bicker about who has a heart. Claire warns her to leave Theo alone as he has enough hard stuff on his plate ... Rafe anxiously asks Hope if she spoke with Ciara. She could not as she was passed out all night at the loft. The last time such a thing occurred was after she was assaulted. It was about keeping the nightmare inside. Rafe insists that is not the case now but Hope as a mother knows better. She asks Rafe why her daughter could be so upset with him. He flashes back to Ciara's sarcasm ...

Chad orders Stefan out. Stefan explains what he means. Chad was the mortgage holder. Abigail is baffled so he updates her on Chad borrowing on the house. Stefano bought that bank! Chad scowls will get the money soon. Stefan threatens to call in the loan. Chad calls him a sob. Ominous music plays as Stefan says he simply wants to live in the abode as part of the family. Abigail warns him this is not the best way. Chad is mad. Stefan smoothly states he wants to get closer to the clan and includes Thomas' name just to taunt them ... Kayla airily advises Kate this test is no emergency so Kate threatens to pull the DiMera funding. That makes Kayla make for the lab. Kate hopes she will keep Vivian far from it ... Theo reminds Abe the DiMeras are his family and asks him not to expose Kate. Abe solemnly states he will not. However he is officially done with the DiMeras in work and play ... Ciara and Claire argue about who would hurt Theo the most. Claire calls her crazy and bitter. Ciara suspects she simply considers her a threat. Claire cackles as Ciara tries but cannot stand. She haughtily heads to the hospital. Ciara groans ... Rafe fibs he cannot fathom why Ciara might be mad at him. Hope thought they were thick as thieves. She gets a call and Rafe remembers recent conversations. Hope ends her call and wonders what is wrong. Rafe forces a smile. A very stressed smile ... Abe already made an agreement with Kate and Andre to part company with Theo. Theo wishes he would not treat him like a child. Abe snaps he is acting like one. Here comes Claire ... In the kitchen Ciara complains to Tripp about Claire being so catty. He wonders whether her getting wasted was worth it and wonders why she wanted to crash the party. She had to tell Rafe and her mom something major. Rafe cheated on Hope with skanky Sami. Tripp is stunned. Meanwhile Rafe is in denial about any friction between him and Ciara so Hope decides to go to see her daughter for answers ...

Stefan praises Stefano for his impeccable taste and smiles which room which room shall be his? Chad gets madder so Abigail tries to take things down a notch. Chad denies they are related and declares father Stefano handed HIM the company after he earned it. Abigail adds the family supports Chad. Always. Stefan believes the board sees things differently. He acts smug so Chad sneers he must have been the saboteur this whole time, to undercut him ... Claire feels the friction and Abe talks future. Theo fumes his father got him fired from the DiMera family. Abe can see how upset his son is and eventually agrees he can return to work there as long as he is cautious. Dr. Kayla enters. Abe wonders what is the matter. The latest test results for Theo show ... Tripp gets the whole story on Rafe and Hope and asks Ciara why she would want to cause trouble. She reasons Hope has the right to know. Tripp suggests she tell her in private then and points out Hope and Rafe seem so happy. He is surprised he cheated. So was Ciara but it happened. Tripp reminds her of her recent meltdowns and understands what it is to feel madder than mad. However, in the end, everyone gets miserable. He urges her to tell herself the truth. Is this about helping or harming Hope ... Rafe decides to reveal to Hope where Ciara's rage is stemming from. Kate interruptus, wanting the cops to do something about Stefan ... Stefan acts innocent. Chad names a couple of companies he could be hiding behind. Abigail thinks it would fit with his corporate raider history. Stefan smirks, denies the charge, and talks family. Chad warns the board will turn on him when presented with proof. Stefan begs to differ about any proof even existing and excuses himself to his lavish new room ...

Kayla is sorry to say that Theo's inability to walk will take longer than expected, as it was the result of his stroke, However, she has found the perfect place for him to partake in a trial group. Claire asks where it is. In Capetown, South Africa. Theo wonders how long it will take to recover. It could be a year. Claire looks heartbroken ... Back at DiMera mansion, Chad solemnly calls Belle to check any links between a certain company and Stefan and his aliases. This is strictly confidential. Abigail hopes it will work. She hates how the board went against him and promises to help him regain his power and family place. Forever ... Amused Rafe and Hope have nothing to say. Kate claims Stefan is a fraud and the fact that criminal Vivian came to town with him prove it. They should do something. Rafe and Hope get sarcastic about their hands being tied until there is something. Kate counters the two crooks have brought chaos to Salem. Hope can only say they will do their best. Kate heads back to the hospital and fumes about the fire that has been unleashed in this new year. Rafe wishes her a happy new year ...

As Claire almost cries, Theo informs Abe he would rather stay in Salem. Everyone he cares about is here ... Ciara denies Tripp has it right. He suggests she think before she speaks cos everyone could get hurt, even her. Ciara says to go to work, He does after tossing her a bottle of pills to help the hangover ... Hope laughs about Kate wanting to lock up Stefan as a preemptive strike. She now asks Rafe what he was about to reveal. Alas the D.A. calls so he can tell her later. With a kiss she walks out. Rafe quietly considers his options ... Kate asks Kayla about the DNA results. Kayla hands her the envelope for Andre, appalled she did not even ask after Theo. Focused Kate frowns ...

Theo would like to look into it first before he makes his final decision. Abe adds the doctors decided and he concurs is son is going to Capetown. He exits to inform Kayla. Claire sadly states Abe is right. Theo cries he cannot leave her. They fall apart and hold each other close. Parting is such sweet soap sorrow ... Rafe shows up at the loft to see Ciara. She is less than welcoming. He enters and explains it is about last night. He thinks he knows what she wants to tell Hope ... As it turns out Stefan chooses the best bedroom. Chad warns him he will not have his and Abigail’s perfect room! All of a sudden Kate waltzes in, waving the results of the dastardly DNA test ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, January 4