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Monday, January 9, 2017
Episode 12,999
Length:1460 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope stands from her hospital bed, against the wishes of the prison nurse. Hattie arrives, urging her to regain her strength in the safety of the infirmary. Hope refuses. She wants to get back inside and face her enemies. Hattie is aware that they are looking for Stefano but ominously warns if she does not wait in here, by the time they clear her she could be already dead ... Meanwhile the Salem Mod Squad is ready to check in at their elegant Prague hotel. Together they will track every Stefano clue they can find. Paul is not 100 percent sure he is really alive. Rafe drawls he wants him alive, he needs him to be alive to they can save Hope from the slammer. Marlena looks forward to coming face to face with the phoenix again. Steve growls they will pack him and ship him home ... At the hospital heartbroken trendy Jade tells Joey she would rather wait for her doctor's follow up appointment alone. He senses her pain and points out he too is hurting. Jade the realist woefully states no one will want her now. She lost her baby. When the doctor is ready she goes in alone. Joey hangs his head ... Hope changes the topic from her own turmoil to the tale of Hattie and Alfi, the love interest who used her. She reasons once she is freed she will work to free Hattie. Hope soon finds out the elusive Alfi was a renaissance man with a rather British accent who had a collectible gold pocket watch he treasured ... A close up of the pocket watch is shown and it is being lovingly held by Andre at DiMera mansion. He smirks when he sees the time ...

Kayla assures Joey that Jade will get better in time. Back in perilous Prague, Marlena updates Steve that she spoke with John but alas Interpol was no help. Steve deduces they must do the legwork, do their surveillance and due diligence. They are experts in Stefano's evasion tricks by now. Meanwhile Paul confesses to Rafe he is feeling pumped as this is his first time in the DiMera game. Rafe plays it cool, caring only to exonerate the woman he loves as soon as possible. He knows the clock is ticking ... Hope now has a detailed description of the watch. Hattie decides she has said enough. She warns Hope that the prison is close to war. Sides are being selected as they speak. So far she has three more hard time dames who would rather support Hope. Hope is not impressed and insists violence is not the way ... Joey feels like a heel again, about his crummy karma caused by Ava. Kayla protests. She thinks he should meet with the therapist she recommended to have someone to talk to. Her son sighs he will. He feels he has to atone ... Hope and Hattie disagree on the violence aspect. Hattie is aware it is inevitable. The timid prisoner Hope saved comes to thank her and adds she has five more names who want to support Hope as the future queen bee. Hope wants to do things her own way. She will refuse violence and give peace a chance. Hattie exclaims this is not the place for that and knows it will not work. Hope staggers away, still in pain. Hattie gets an idea on how to save her friend from certain death ... Back in Prague Rafe reveals to the gang that he spoke with Shane and will be meeting Resnik the undercover operative who saw Stefano. Steve plans to check in with his own ISA contacts. Marlena suggests she go from cafe to cafe showing the side photo of Stefano asking if anyone has seen this man. She agrees to take Paul with her as back up since she is the only civilian. Paul notes Steve and Marlena are calm and collected. They state this is not their first time dealing with Stefano DiMera's games. Marlena is looking forward to seeing him up close and personal.

Dr Kayla is busy so Joey will have to wait alone. Before she returns to her duties he asks her to continue to support Jade. Kayla agrees she should stay with them until she feels better. Joey seems to believe that means a long time ... Hope sits with Sheila to discuss peace in prison. She chooses one of her tarot cards, which depicts someone at a crossroads. Coco bursts in and becomes belligerent with Hope for locking up her husband. Hope the cop refuses to partake in any kind of prison violence. The women talk tough about taking her down. She talks tough right back and walks away with confidence ... In Prague Rafe walks and talks with Agent Resnik, an evasive European blonde. He asks about the time she supposedly saw Stefano. She explains she lucked into a meeting and at the head of the table was a mysterious Italian man they referred to as Mr. D. It was dim and he was wearing a hat to partially conceal his face. Rafe laps it up ... Paul and Marlena sit down at a trendy European cafe. They flash the photo and the waiter admits he was here a few weeks ago having drinks and a Cuban cigar. Marlena and Paul hope this is the hot lead they have been waiting for. They have no idea they are being photographed by a lurker behind a plant ... After the appointment Joey follows Jade but she cries he is too good for her and thinks he is pretending to care. He wants to be her friend. Jade is heartbroken over losing the baby and cries they have to say goodbye. Joe disagrees ... As promised, Steve calls sweetness from overseas. Kayla updates him on Joey and Jade and assures him she will look after both. She asks about the Stefano investigation. Steve states they have nothing yet but will do whatever it takes to bring him back to prove Hope's innocence ...

Coco finds out most of the inmates are putting their support behind Hope. They could lose! Shelia thinks they should kill her. Otherwise they are sunk ... Rafe wants to grab DiMera and insists he will do whatever it takes to bring him out of hiding. The agent alludes to DiMera being gone with the wind by now ... A portly man passes by a cafe table and sits with his back to them. Marlena gasps and whispers to Paul that is Stefano's coat and hat and from the side he was a ringer! She suggests he stand up and try to get a signal on his phone as he takes a look. The game is afoot! Paul silently stands up and all of a sudden ... BANG! He immediately shields Marlena and looks up. The Stefano lookalike is gone. No one is injured.

Joey suggests he and Jade to go back to school. She sighs she has no money. He announces he will help her afford college and thinks his folks will as well. His mom agreed she could stay. Jade sadly states his parents will push her out cos she is no good for him. She decides on a clean break and heads home to pack. She will land on her feet like always ... Kayla is worried about Steve taking risks again with a villain like Stefano. He promises to come home safe and sound ... Hope gets bad news. There is now a target on her back. Still she will not back down. Hattie is horrified ... Marlena and Paul are both alright. He goes after the Stefano lookalike. Marlena will look for the shooter ... Hattie gets an idea on how she can save Hope ... Rafe updates Steve on his conversation with Resnik. Steve suspects if they follow the money trail it will take them to Stefano. He promises they will catch him ... Back in Salem Andre sulks at Stefano's chess set as he addresses the black king. He cries he was cold and he thot he loved him! Andre now leers he is done playing this game by fatha's rules. He symbolically knocks down the key chess figures, his eyes dark and deadly. Meanwhile in a creepy alley Marlena catches up with the fleeing shooter, who turns around. Tis Anna, the pretty widow of Tony DiMera, who is not quite herself these days. Marlena wonders what in the world she was doing and Anna sheepishly glances at the gun in her hand ...


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
Hattie will help Hope escape!
The Prague adventure continues.
Chad and Abigail start to find their way back.


All the drama in Salem on Monday, January 9