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Friday, January 6, 2017
Episode 12,995
Length:1260 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the hospital Ciara the overworked volunteer wants a break, feeling tired. Claire calls an emergency cos of Theo's bug but Ciara wants no part of it ... At the pub Theo confirms Claire kind of helped with the plan and explains he heard Val lying. She suggests he stay out of her life, her concern ... Gabi enters the station as Abe and a grateful mom whose child he found congratulate JJ on his much deserved detective promotion ... Chad is out and about with Abigail and Thomas at the square. She has misgivings but he grins they are in it together. They breathe in the fresh at and he hugs her. She smiles since all now feels right in her world ... Gabi is touched when little Heather thanks superhero JJ for finding her. The child reminds him of Arianna. Mom and daughter depart and Gabi approaches JJ, wondering why he failed to share his heroism with her. JJ covers his hurt by acting distant and walking away to work ... At the square Chad and Abigail tease Thomas to say dada. Chad the dedicated dad gets his phone ready for the photo op. "Dada" says Thomas and his parents are over the moon. Abigail gets emotional. It means so much being here with Chad for this first moment and she kisses his face ...

Ciara is incensed Claire pushed Theo into doing the wrong thing and calls her a user. Claire counters she is jealous cos Theo wants HER. The peeved princess storms out for dramatic effect ... Theo points out he wants to protect Abe. Val reasons it is wrong to bug others. Theo starts to think like Abe would - about spying being wrong ... Gabi follows JJ and congratulates him, then says she is sorry for earlier about the way she reacted. Things have been hard. He claims he gets it and adds he is busy. He coldly asks why she is even here. Gabi's eyes widen ... Chad and Abigail's cute family time continues. She gushes when he grins her bond with her son cannot be broken. Not ever. He takes his son onto his own lap. Ciara happens by, happy to see Abigail alive again. Abigail thanks her for helping with the baby when she was away. Ciara is inspired and happy for them both. She and grateful Abigail hug as Chad winks at his wife ... Gabi explains she got a message from Rafe. JJ will only say he had to go out of town on personal business. He is tight lipped and wants to get back to work. Gabi congratulates him again and woefully leaves ...

Theo now realizes he did the wrong thing and wonders whether Val will out him to his father. Just then Abe finds them together at the pub and asks what this is all about ... Ciara gushes Abigail being home makes her have faith that her mom will come home as well. Then she goes on her way. Abigail hopes everyone will be as understanding. Chad thinks so, hands the baby back to his mama and stands up , bumping into Gabi by an outdoor menu. Tension ensues and Abigail watches with worry ... Val fibs she summoned Theo to ask him about himself, get to know him better. Abe chuckles and invites his son to join them for lunch. Val assumes he is meeting Claire. Theo agrees. Abe goes to order the lady her usual salad at the bar. Val now lets surprised Theo know she will keep his spying secret since they settled it themselves. The teen thanks her and apologizes. She officially accepts. Once he is gone Abe comes back to the table. He appreciates her meeting his son. Val loves that he reminds him of his father. They talk teenagers and Abe looks forward to meeting her son one day ... At the station Lani is looking for Abe and finds out JJ was promoted. She offers to buy him a beer to celebrate her former partner's success. JJ accepts the friendly gesture ... Gabi gasps hello and turns to go. Chad asks Abigail if he minds her having a word with Gabi, who does deserve closure. Abigail agrees and he walks away. After exchanging a long look with the girl who just came back from the dead the girl whose husband she wanted, Gabi goes after him. Closure is a relative thing ...

Theo comes across curious Claire at the square. Ciara appears and sides with Val. Theo updates Claire on Val promising to tell no one. Claire acts like she was barely involved but Ciara suggests she was the mastermind. She wonders whether this spy game is really over ... JJ and Lani open up over their beer at the club. She toasts to his promotion and he drinks to their renewed friendship ... Abigail is anxious as Thomas sleeps at the mansion. She wipes a few tears from her face and Andre enters. She appears disappointed and admits it has been one long day. Andre seeks Chad and informs her how angry he was about him hiding her secret. He hopes to make things better. She sighs about Stefano causing chaos again but Andre can sense her stress ... Chad escorts Gabi to the pretty park, where he wants to explain himself. He admits he cared for her but then Abigail came back. Gabi laments she really meant she loved him but then everything changed. Chad confesses one cannot turn off one's feelings regardless ...

Claire gets a call from Belle, believing she heard from Val and wants to lecture her. She walks away on her phone as Ciara urges Theo to drop this mission. Not so fast. Theo still senses Val has a very big secret she is hiding from him as well as Abe ... Abigail admits Chad harbors some anger and hurt. Andre thinks he would do well to be grateful. Abigail gasps she needs to regain his trust. Andre can relate. Abigail now complains about Gabi coming between them on their first family outing. Chad is now speaking with her alone! Andre thinks leaving them alone was a mistake and has a bad feeling. Abigail fears he might choose the other girl . Andre suddenly tells her to trust in the man she loves but Abigail thinks Andre is covering his own suspicions ... Chad is sorry he hurt Gabi and she still means much to him. She wishes him all the best with Abigail and Thomas. He thanks her and they hug. She tries to give him back the amethyst necklace but he asks her to keep it and clasps her hand ... The head lieutenant leaves JJ a file regarding the docks, his new assignment. JJ looks inside and does not like what he reads ... Claire comes back and sees Ciara talking closely to Theo on a bench, her hand on his knee. Scheme queen Claire remembers how she baked him cookies and curses they need to be kept apart ... Abigail wakes up on the sofa as Chad greets sleeping Thomas. He sits beside her and she asks about Gabi. He assures her he is committed to her and Thomas but it will take time. He wants to make this work and holds her in his arms. She closes her eyes and he kisses her head. Meanwhile Gabi weeps all alone at the park, the amethyst necklace in her hand. She looks at the angel statue and gets to thinking ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, January 6