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Thursday, January 5, 2017
Episode 12,994
Length:1420 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Kate calls Andre from the club and leaves him a mad message about having to risk her relationship with Eduardo. This is one Mr. Right she would rather not lose. Meanwhile in the club office Ed now occupies, high tech Myron is working to transfer all data from the microchips. Ed urges him to hurry so he will get what he needs to get rid of DiMera Enterprises as soon as possible ... At the Kiriakis mansion Deimos and Nicole celebrate their love with another kiss. He laments he is so lucky and feels unworthy of this wonderful woman. He vows to honor her heart ... Nancy arrives in Chloe's room with Holly in a baby carriage. How she wishes her daughter would wake up! Still sleeping beauty Chloe sleeps ... Nicole will not be lunching with Deimos as he had hoped. She plans to visit Chloe and sighs how strange Nancy is acting. Deimos solemnly suggests Nicole is well within her rights and urges her to visit that baby. She departs as Brady steps in. Deimos seeks a DNA update. Brady assures him he had the lab put a rush on the sample he procured so they will know soon ... Kate appears to change her mind about lunch and stands to leave, only to run into her Romeo. Ed drawls he would not miss their champagne lunch for the world and shows her to their elegant table. Tis quite a spread and Ed is especially proud of the fresh halibut flown in from Nova Scotia - aka Canada's ocean playground. He pours the bubbly. Just as they are about to start. their phones ring at the same time ... Back to Nancy, who thinks aloud about how she is doing an awful thing by keeping a mother from her daughter. How she wishes she could tell Nicole the truth! Enter Nicole, admiring the sweet baby angel. Guilt ridden Nancy gulps ...

At the pub Claire and Theo listen to Val's telephone calls as they have been recorded by the bug attached to her phone. Bored princess Claire complains she wants to have fun. Theo is tenacious and tells her he knows he will eventually hear something significant. Claire sighs ... The nanny pleasantly takes Tate out for some fresh air and Deimos wonders what happened to nanny Eve. Brady mutters he treated her like a servant so she left. It is not the first time someone has been scared off by his behavior. Deimos frowns ... Nicole picks up baby and gushes she is going to visit daily. Nancy tells her she is taking baby Holly to Chicago to be with Parker and Craig until Chloe feels better. She wants to be by her daughter's side and the baby belongs with family. Nicole looks crushed ... Claire mentions not doing anything normal. Theo is insulted so she heaps on the praise about how much more successful smart Theo will become than his mediocre friends who will all need jobs to make money. Theo starts to smile ... Kate creeps into Ed's office. Ed appears and asks Myron to give them a moment alone. Myron covers what he was doing and departs. Ed wonders what his date is doing in his office. Kate coos she assumed he had taken his call in here. No, in fact he stepped away elsewhere. Kate continues to play it coy and cool ... Nicole reasons the baby is much to small to be taken away from her mother. She can take care of her and emotionally adds she loves her like she was her own. Nancy suddenly snaps no way in hell through her tears of torment ...

Deimos states it is sometimes hard but he is trying to nurture his family ties more thanks to Nicole. Brady calls him a lucky guy to be with Nicole and stares sternly ... Theo hears Val talking to "sweetie" her "favorite guy" back home and believes this is someone other than her son. Claire calls it a smoking gun and Theo gets caught up in her conspiracy theory ... Jen is sitting at the square when stylish Val comes out of a store. They greet one another and exchange a few niceties. Val just loved Jack's book. Jen is grateful. She notes she has been spending a lot of time with Abe lately. Val gushes he is a good man and good friend. She happily accepts Jen's invitation to stay and have a cup of coffee with her ... Nicole and Nancy start to disagree. Nicole reminds her she delivered the baby hence her attachment. Nancy suddenly apologizes for overreacting. However, they both know Chloe would not want her baby to be anywhere near Deimos! Nicole cannot deny it and decides she will still be able to visit by driving to Chicago at times. Nancy tells her to call first. Nicole is close to tears ... Kate smiles she told her assistant to stop forwarding her calls and assumed Ed wanted to stay on her good side without interruptions. He assures her that is what he wants and leaves his phone on the desk. Now back to their lunch date ...

Theo is furious. Claire suggests they live stream what guilty Val is saying now ... Back at the square Jen remembers Val used to date cousin David. Val talks controversy. Jen believes people have changed for the better since those days. She asks about her stay in Salem, whether she would move. Val replies she is here to fill in at the hospital and evades the question, feeling uncomfortable. She smiles she needs to go and suggests they exchange numbers. Jen smiles and agrees that would be great. Val removes her phone from her handbag and something falls from it. Jen the former investigative reporter recognizes a bug when she sees one. Val seethes she knows exactly who put it there. Back at the pub, Claire and Theo gulp ... The nurse needs Nancy to sign some treatment documents for Chloe so Nicole gets to hold the baby again. She flashes back to delivering the pink bundle of joy and begs Chloe to wake up to be with her daughter. Mothers should be with their babies! Chloe sleeps on ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady receives the DNA test results. The sample was compromised so there are no conclusive results! Deimos declares he is going to get this done himself. He storms off to get that sample ... Ed sits with Kate and explains he has respect for his ex-wives but feels different with Kate cos she has the power and the beauty. He feels inspired to try and succeed to make her proud the way he is proud of her. Kate almost weeps and gets a call. She gasps she has to go and fibs it was from Adrienne, who needs her now. Ed decides to get the chef to prepare a bag of food for her. Kate looks down at Andre's text demanding she get wot he wants. Kate has not forgotten how dangerous Andre can be, how he threatened to deal with Ed himself if she did not do something ... Valerie speaks into the bug. She lets Theo know she knows he is listening and will meet him at the pub. It is time to talk. Theo tells panic stricken Claire to go. Needless to say he does not need to tell her twice ...

Back at the hospital Nicole is saying goodbye to Holly as Nancy comes back. Nicole weeps and Nancy decides to tell her the truth. She gasps she wants her to know ... All of a sudden solemn Deimos steps in the room and Nancy bites her tongue ... Ed has the bag for Kate, who pretends she has just returned from the ladies room. She takes off in a hurry. Ed heads back to his office ... His phone is not where he left it and the transfer of data has been disconnected. The device is also missing. He cries out NOOOOOOOOO ... Val meets Theo and holds up the bug she knows he planted. They agree the time has come to talk ... Nancy runs off, frantically pushing the baby carriage as Nicole cries after her not to go. Deimos learns they are leaving for Chicago. Nicole has a meltdown about losing her two babies and now Holly too. Deimos promises his love she will see her again He holds her close as she cries on his shoulder, his eyes filled with ruthless determination ...


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All the drama in Salem on Thursday, January 5