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Wednesday, January 4, 2017
Episode 12,993
Length:1540 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Nancy ends a call from Nicole abruptly after telling her not to visit at this time. At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole complains to Deimos that Nancy does not want her to visit Chloe's baby. She is having Holly withdrawal and glumly goes. Deimos storms into the other room to update Brady. He growls this has got to end! Brady agrees the time to act is now. He knows exactly what he has to do ... Steve gets coffee for his working baby Kayla in her office, holding his own cup. It has been a long unsettled night. He notes Jade is asleep and Joe spent the night in her room on a chair. Steve sighs now there is no baby. Joe enters with a long face and his folks hug him ... Rafe is with stabbed reposing patient Hope at the hospital. The Salem patient is doing well but Rafe worries. Hope attempts to make light of the attack by grinning the vicious inmates missed her vitals. Rafe grumbles he has to get her the hell out ... Shawn, Marlena, and Paul have been summoned to the station by suave ISA Shane. He now has confirmation from a field agent that the man the suspected of being Stefano IS indeed Stefano ... Joey refuses to leave the hospital as sleeping Jade was stressed crying all night long. The young man is at a loss. Joey does not understand how the baby could be gone. Steve is silent. Kayla patiently points out the body often miscarries at the beginning ... Marlena casts Shane a dubious look. How could Stefano possibly be alive? Hope killed him! As it turns out the female ISA field agent spotted him at a meeting of black market arms dealers. Marlena wonders who was in his grave ...

Poor Nicole is still hoping for a Holly visit. Deimos lets her know he intends to fix it. Nicole sadly states this is all deja vu with her typical baby envy. Deimos soap stares when Nicole notes Holly is not even her baby. He curses under his breath ... Joey melts down and his parents console him. The teen decides this was just the mighty hand of justice taking aim at his happiness. God stole his baby because he stole Ava's life and did not pay ... Hope thinks there is no way to get her out. Rafe rages he will bring back Stefano in the flesh so she can walk free. He fears for her safety in the slammer since Chile the protector has already been killed. Hope fibs she did not see the faces of her attackers. Rafe paces like an angry lion. Hope insists he say nothing to the warden or else she will be considered a snitch. She must face her attackers head on ... Shane drawls he is headed to London ISA headquarters. He is sending Steve and Rafe to Prague, to do some digging on the Stefano sighting. Paul wants to be back up. Shane suggests he check with John first. Shawn is also in. Shane thinks Shawn should stay as his mother and Ciara need him now. Paul will call his dad in Louisiana to get permission to go as Shane said he should. Shawn steps away to call Doug, Julie and the rest of the family for they need to know arch enemy Stefano is alive ... Marlena looks Shane in the eye and calmly announces she is IN.

Sonny meets with Deimos to report what elusive Eduardo is really shipping. There was a microchip in a designer handbag he watched Dario open. Deimos wants more. He approves of Sonny's tenacity and tells him he wants their company to use Ed's dubious dealings for their own purposes. He wants him to keep him posted ... Brady visits fancy Nancy in her hotel room and offers to help her any way possible with comatose Chloe and the baby. She says there is one thing ... Marlena is not listening when Shane suggests she ask John for permission first. Not necessary. The blonde is going hell or high water ... Still at Hope's bedside Rafe gets the call from Shane about Stefano. Shane is sending him to Prague with Steve and Marlena after a briefing. Rafe is elated to update Hope, insisting he will get her the hell out. Hope dares to smile a little ... Steve tells Joey the baby loss was not repeat not payback. Kayla agrees with Steve. Joey blames himself regardless. Steve reasons evil Ava would have killed them all. Joey concludes he has to CONFESS to murdering her. He sees it as a sign that Jade lost her baby in the same room that Ava lost her life at his hands. Steve and Kayla protest. They tell him to live a helpful life that has meaning but the young man's mind is made up. He cries everything beautiful around him will DIE ...

At the park, Marlena ends a call with unseen unheard John. Paul admits he asked him to look out for her. Pause. Paul also has to ... Marlena knows and assures him Will would approve. Paul admits they kissed. He sighs he and Sonny have trouble not feeling bad cos of Will. Marlena thinks Will would want Sonny to move on and Paul is a good man. It was meant to be ... Deimos smiles Paul has Sonny's back in the case as well as life. He suggests Sonny deserves his happiness and urges him to hang onto it ... Rafe shouts on the phone as Justin plays devil's advocate as the attorney who is trying to help Hope. The case of Stefano the undead is not as simple as Rafe had anticipated. Justin will look into it while Rafe is away. Rafe lists who will be headed to Prague and Hope gets a bad feeling. She gasps she knows Stefano's tactics and something is not right here. But Rafe refuses to hear her setup theory since he is in soap hero mode ...

Steve ends a call with Shane after refusing to go on the Prague mission. However Kayla believes he should help Hope and Joey agrees. He promises not to do anything dumb ... Nicole is back with Deimos after her walk. She deduces the universe does not want her to have kids and Chloe needs to get better for her baby. Deimos sarcastically replies right. She feels lucky to have him but he feels luckier and they kiss in bliss ... Brady is watching Holly while Nancy showers. He whips out a swab for some secret baby DNA ... Paul meets with Sonny at the pub. He tenderly tells Sonny he has to leave town for a little while. He lowers his voice and asks him to tell no one ... Stefano was spotted in Prague. Sonny gasps get out! Paul would rather discuss what happened New Year's Eve. Sonny suggests a kiss is just a kiss. Paul is convinced it meant something. Sonny smiles he has no regrets and suggests they talk when he comes back. Paul gushes he has no regrets either ... Kayla kisses her man. Joe hugs him. Steve drawls he loves them, will be in touch and takes his leave ... Hattie visits Hope and tells Rafe she is going to "organize" the two gals who did this ... Hope wants a word with Rafe alone. Hattie can take the tray. Hope suspects Rafe arranged for her to stay at the hospital longer. He boldly states when he comes back to Salem with Stefano she will be able to go home. She asks him to be careful. They kiss. She looks more worried than ever ...

Nancy now has a towel on her head and thanks Brady for watching the baby while she showered. She asks him to get her a hair-dryer from downstairs. He goes and Nancy wonders why he was so cagey. She finds the swab with the DNA sample in a bag shoved in the pocket of his black leather jacket. Brady must know the truth. But no one dupes fancy Nancy so she counter-schemes ... Deimos and Nicole end their long romantic kiss. He gushes he loves her and would do anything for her. She LOVES him too. She says it twice and he gets a twinkle in his eye before another kiss... Nancy removes the swab Brady used and replaces it with another from the bathroom. He comes back with the blow-dryer and says goodbye to sleeping Holly. He then departs and pauses in the hall, making sure he still has the swab. So far so good ... Back at the station, Marlena ends a call with John and announces her man's plane is gassed up and good to go. Shane will be in touch from London. Paul, Steve and Marlena march out together as Steve mutters the old bastard will not see them coming. One alone Shane takes a long look at the blurred black and white image in the picture one more time. Nothing is simple about Stefano DiMera ...


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