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Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Episode 12,992
Length:1210 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Romeo Rafe visits pretty prisoner Hope to warmly wish her a Happy New Year. He gushes he got champagne which was confiscated. However, he bears big news. It seems Stefano is alive ... At the pub, the Johnsons prepare to clean up together. Steve makes a toast to the family, which now includes lovebirds Jade and Joey, who is looking forward to becoming a father ... JJ follows raging betrayed Gabi all the way to the square. She accuses him of lying since Lani was no one night stand, she was actually his ex girlfriend! Lani joins in the conversation. JJ reasons he still does not remember so it was not reeeeeeeally a lie ... At DiMera mansion Abigail and Chad are having the reunion kiss of the year ... until Thomas wakes up with a wail ... Jade insists on staying to help with the cleanup as Joey fusses over her having their baby. Jade flinches when she feels a twinge but tells no one ... Steve whisks Kayla onto the floor for a slow dance and drawls this will be their best year. They both have wedding fever ... Abigail stands over sleeping Thomas and updates him on her kiss from Chad. She now notes he excused himself for bed. Does that mean he expects her to join him? She changes into a peach teddy and heads for his room ... Gabi accuses Lani of sleeping with a guy who was taken when she was in Miami. Lani insists that was not her intention. She simply saw him drowning his sorrows at the bar all alone and approached him as a concerned friend. Then one thing led to another ... Chad is alone in his big bed. Abigail appears and he soap stares ...

Hope eyes Rafe in disbelief. WHAT?! How could Stefano be alive? But Rafe is a believer. He tells her about Stefano's DNA not matching the dead man in his grave. Hope shakes her head, gasping she thought she killed him and he was dead. Rafe reminds her Stefano's only goal was to lock her up. Perhaps dying was not part of the plan ... Gabi implies Lani is a tramp. Lani tells her she was not even around and repeats she had not planned to sleep with JJ. JJ is sorry but he blacked out. Lani walks away ... JJ begs Gabi to stay and continues to argue his case ... Chad sighs he has not slept well since Abigail disappeared. She starts to say she is sorry and he asks about Thomas, who is back to sleeping soundly. Abigail seductively notes they are getting back on track and takes his hand ...

JJ ain't too proud to beg. Gabi says too little too late ... Chad claims his door was not closed because he wanted to hear Thomas in case he cried. Abigail flirts with her eyes. He concludes their kiss was a mistake cos things are complicated. He is torn between the chaos and confusion in his life now that father might be coming back from the dead! Abigail is astonished ... Back at the Brady pub, Jade wants to dance with Joey. A cramp ends the moment and Kayla sits her down. She gasps it happened before as well. Joey is helpless as Kayla notes she needs to be taken to the hospital. She calls ahead as Steve races out to get the car. Jade has a bad feeling ... Rafe urges Hope to believe. She mutters it would be a miracle as then she would not have murdered anyone. Rafe is happy as a clam until the tarot death card falls from her pocket. He picks it up and she admits it is from an inmate. He laments she is in danger. Hope does not deny it. The clock is ticking. He needs Stefano to get her out of the slammer as soon as possible ... Gabi wants a man she can trust. JJ sarcastically states like Chad. Meanwhile Chad and Abigail discuss the Stefano drama. He declares he is done with the deceit from those who claim to care but do not share when the one he loves is really alive ...

Gabi thinks JJ is trying to shift guilt She turns him down and declares she will not let him hurt her again ... Abigail the death faker insists she is not like Stefano. Chad rages why did she run away and break his heart! She wonders whether it is too late. Chad has no answer and admits he still wants to be with her. She tells him to do it then and they kiss passionately on his big bed. They get hot and heavy, reliving their passion ... Meanwhile at the hospital Jade weeps she is bleeding. Kayla attends to her as Joey waits at the door, his face filled with horror. Alas she miscarries ... Lani returns to JJ, who laments he and Gabi are over. He apologizes for being so cruel. She concludes he really does love Gabi and suggests they start over as friends not lovers. They could both use a friend and shake on it ... Romeo Rafe tells the woman he loves he is going to get her out of here and will never let her go. They exchange I love yous and a New Year kiss ... Meanwhile the mean girls who are out to get Hope agree to make their move tonight. She will never know what hit her ...

Back at DiMera mansion Chad and Abigail clutch one another and are on the verge of making mad passionate love ... until shirtless Chad sits up gasping he cannot ... At the square glum Gabi runs into big brother Rafe. She blurts out she and JJ are over and insists she did try. Rafe wonders. She woefully states he cheated plus she has feelings for Chad. Rafe is not happy to hear it and tries to bite his tongue. She assures him Dario already warned her against getting in deep with a DiMera. She sighs she suspects he had feelings for her before Abigail came back from the dead. Rafe soap stares. He had no idea Abigail had also faked her death. Gabi gasps there is no hope for her as Abigail and Chad have history and a baby. She cannot compete! Rafe is sympathetic and she cries on his strong shoulder ... Abigail tenderly tells cold feet Chad that they can wait until the time feels right. She is relieved he never stopped loving her and flounces out in her teddy ... Kayla and Steve tell Joey how sorry they are. Joey does not understand. Kayla explains sometimes when something is not right this is how it ends at the beginning. Joey goes to see his girl and holds her as they sob together over their heartbreak. Steve and Kayla stand and observe the suffering young couple from the doorway ... Hope quietly prays in her prison cell for Rafe to be right that Stefano is alive. All of a sudden her enemies attack and she screams to wake the dead.


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