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Friday, December 30, 2016
Episode 12,991
Length:1490 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sonny joins JJ, who is sitting and sulking at Horton house alone. Sonny smiles he wants to hug Abigail as he has heard the good news of her being alive. JJ replies she is at DiMera mansion. Sonny assumes Chad is over the moon but JJ acts like he has serious doubts ... Chad sits at Andre's pub booth. Andre proposes a champagne toast. Chad has other matters on his mind and threatens to murder him for his dastardly deception ... At the park, Gabi assists Abigail, who is having an extreme panic attack. She tells her to breathe and assures her friend she is here for her. Abigail does not allow her to call Chad, however. She does not want any more help. Gabi reminds her that Chad does not want any more secrets. She now starts to worry that anxious Abigail will attempt to flee again. Abigail insists she is stronger than she thinks. Gabi asks about the panic attack trigger tonight. As it turns out it happened due to stress after Chad admitted he might not be able to easily forgive her ... Sonny calls JJ out on his pity party and laughs they can be losers in love together. JJ tells him about Chad moving on. Sonny states that almost couple scenario was not serious. JJ gets irate that even Sonny could see how Chad was after his girlfriend ... Andre is a tad disappointed that Abigail betrayed his involvement to his brotha and patiently points out he merely wanted to help the troubled soul in her time of need. Chad accuses him of having ulterior motives. He does not believe this kinder gentler Andre. Andre airily suggests they stick together especially since fatha might be alive. Then the conversation takes on a whole new level of crazy. At least for a few seconds ...

Back at Horton house, Sonny the positive person seems upbeat even about being depressed ... At the club, Kate is speaking to her second source on the phone as Ed waits for her. She gets her confirmation that Ed was indeed the man who stole Andre's microchips. It is hard to swallow. Kate sighs she thought she knew him ... Derek meets Paul outside. They are stylishly dressed for their New Year's date. Derek talks ringing in the new year at Club TBD. Paul is rather distant and Derek announces he knows why - he would rather be with another ... JJ laments he wants to get Gabi back. Sonny asks how he plans to do so. Alas JJ is at a loss ... Abigail wants to hear the story of how Gabi and Chad got together. Gabi tells her about the job offer, how they spent time together. He was devastated over losing Abigail, who was presumed dead. Abigail hears she helped him start to live a little. Gabi gushes he helped her as well since Arianna loves being with Thomas. Abigail finds out Gabi's feelings for him came about due to all the attention he gave her and how he listened when JJ let her down again. Abigail suspects she is in love with Chad ... Andre murmurs the ISA and Shane Donavan do believe that fatha is alive somewhere in eastern Europe. Chad assumes Andre was involved. No but the Bradys and Rafe dug up the grave, which did NOT contain Stefano. Chad soap stares ...

Kate blows off her date with Ed and alludes to a business drama she must deal with. He grimaces as she kisses him on the cheek and goes on her way ... Paul explains he is working tonight on the phone as he has a target to monitor. Derek deduces he has been in contact with Sonny and gets jealous. Paul apologizes and asks for a restart. He smiles and they leave for the club party ... Sonny is still with JJ and wants to help his romantic plan in the making. However he needs to know how JJ and Gabi broke up. JJ tells him the whole sordid story of lying and cheating in Miami. Sonny has some intel to share - Gabi said she is going to be at the club by midnight. They are on their way ... Chad scoffs who besides Stefano was in that grave. Andre admits he has no idea. Chad thinks he is lying again. Andre sarcastically notes fatha certainly did not need him to rise from ashes. He now advises Chad to reunite with Abigail. He would be wise to do so especially if Stefano is alive ... Abigail finds out Gabi and Chad never went all the way and seems relieved. Gabi finds out she saw them kissing. Abigail still believes that she and Chad were meant to be. It was fate that make him find her again! Gabi urges her to tell him about the panic attacks. Abigail disagrees. She is going to get him back and wants to know if her former bff will stand between them. Gabi soap stares as she awaits her reply ...

Lani is alone at the club for New Year's eve, She sits with friendly Paul and Derek, smiling she is glad to be home in Salem ... Kate joins Andre at his pub booth and he holds up a knife, noting the Chinese conceal all their daggers in the New Year to avoid bloodshed. Kate quietly state she knows who stole his microchips. The responsible party is Eduardo Hernandez and/or his company. Andre muses so much for that romance. However he advises her to reclaim what Ed stole as he pours the bubbly ... Ed is at the square with Arianna, happy to babysit and wait to watch the fireworks. He remembers the fireworks when he was a boy and informs her they all need magic in their lives. He also wants the familia to be successful and wants Ari to know she is special and so loved. Arianna appreciates her grandfather but he still looks rather glum about Kate breaking their date ... Gabi sighs she and Chad were nothing compared to what Abigail and Chad have. Abigail suggests she find it in her heart to forgive JJ. All of a sudden Gabi's phone starts to ring. Tis Chad and Abigail tells her to take his call ...

Kate would rather not go near Ed anymore. Andre dangerously replies they need those billions so she should use her charms to get the microchips from Eduardo. If not then he shall do far worse. Kate comprehends ... Gabi blows off Chad, who is sitting home alone at the DiMera chess set. Abigail is now on her way home ... Back at the club, Lani storms to the bar when JJ offends her with a reference to her popularity with men. He wonders what he did wrong. She exclaims she is angry about Miami cos he is acting like he forgot they slept together! JJ soap stares ... Gabi comes to Ed and Arianna. Mother hugs her daughter, who sees she is sad. Kate arrives with a smile and sweetly states she wanted to see the fireworks with Eduardo. Ed sends Gabi to the club to have some fun ... JJ thinks Lani is not telling the truth. She gets testy and takes out her phone for proof ... The countdown to midnight has almost begun. Derek could not help but notice Sonny and Paul exchanging longing glances and marches his date over to Sonny. He admits he has had enough of feeling like the odd man out. It is clear that Paul and Sonny still have feelings for each other. He is done trying to fight it! He wishes them both a happy new year and walks away ... Back at DiMera mansion, now relaxed Abigail gets a glass of champagne for herself and Chad to ring in the new year together. She marvels they have had many moments. Last New Year's Eve was when he learned about their baby. Chad is much moved ...

Kate and Ed find their own fireworks before midnight and start kissing at the square ... Back at the club, Paul is extremely embarrassed. Sonny smiles was Derek right? Paul confesses he never stopped having feelings for Sonny, who reminds him he said otherwise. Paul points out he feared they would both feel guilty because of Will. Sonny asks if he wants to be more than friends. Yes. Sonny gushes he feels the same way. They both have stars in their eyes ... The clock strikes midnight. Lani shows JJ a picture of them in bed together as Gabi enters the club, shocked she was his Miami one night stand ... As the confetti falls around them Paul and Sonny steal a romantic kiss ... Back at DiMera mansion there is more magic as Abigail and Chad finally find their way back together with another slow beautiful kiss ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, December 30