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Thursday, December 29, 2016
Episode 12,990
Length:1330 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Lucas arrives at the hospital to be with Adrienne for her next chemo appointment. He steps away to take a call but when he comes back Justin has arrived as well. The men soap stare ... At Horton house Jen hugs JJ, happy as a clam about Abigail being at DiMera mansion with Chad. JJ gulps ... Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Abigail enters the room in a sexy little black dress as Chad bangs away on his computer ... At the club Gabi updates brother Dario on Abigail reappearing ... Abigail murmurs to Chad that she left Thomas napping to music. She has their playlist too. She plays their love song and invites him to slow dance with her ... Lucas pouts he brought a blanket for Adrienne. The nurse notes there may be only one visitor per appointment. The bucks believe Adrienne should choose ... According to JJ, it is possible that Abs and Chad just might not make it after all. Jen dismisses the notion and decides to go see her daughter. JJ looks glum as he remembers Gabi, now the one that got away ... Gabi gasps that Chad is ... Dario does the romantic math and enlightens his smitten sister. Abigail remained in hiding as she was afraid of how Chad would react about her faking her death. Gabi is harsh toward her but Dario insists she is here to stay so what now ... Chad is mesmerized by Abigail. She gushes they can have it all again and pulls him by the hand. They slow dance cheek to cheek. Their lips come close to a kiss but he suddenly stops, his eyes filled with anguish. He announces he cannot continue ... Smooth operator Ed finds Kate at the square and perceives she is perturbed this New Year's eve. He seductively states he cannot wait until their date tonight and teases she can wear a funny hat. Kate feels very unfun. He wonders why. She replies without hesitation. It is about Stefano!

Adrienne laments she does not want to be pressured now. Lucas will do whatever she wants. Justin waits for her to make up her mind ... Gabi gets agitated when Dario asks if she is after Chad. When she replies with a resounding no her brother breathes a sigh of relief. He lists her lousy track record with lovers. Gabi now defends Chad and gets herself worked up about Abigail breaking his heart. Dario wants to know if he came onto her with that necklace and more. He reminds her the man is married. She may want him but does he want her back? Back at DiMera mansion Abigail admits she was just trying to have a happy moment and apologizes for forcing things. However, they have to get back to normal and what better time to enjoy each other than on the New Year. She suggests they have party hats and more delivered. It is not too late. She gushes they can get champagne. Chad snaps champagne will change nothing! She lied to him! Abigail admits she did and she lied to herself but promises to be honest with him right here right now ...

Kate tells Ed about Stefano maybe being alive and causing trouble for DiMera Enterprises. Ed is intrigued. Kate excuses herself, bitter about men who deceive women and claim to care, but Eduardo wants her to know he does care ... Gabi thinks her brother should not have taken the side of a girl with mental problems. Dario lets his sister know he is more worried about HER ... Abigail admits to her fear of being loved but adds she also believes in fate. Chad listens and looks down ... Kate heads to the hospital, where she tells off Lucas and Justin for giving Adrienne stress. She ends up being the visitor who sits with her. The guys decide to have coffee and a candid conversation ... Gabi sits sadly alone at the square. JJ approaches and gently tells her they should talk. He explains Chad and Abigail are going to work things out. She snaps so why tell her about it! He advises her to let go of any feelings she harbors for Chad ... Abigail assumes Chad is feeling a tad trapped. He denies it but exclaims he is overwhelmed. Who knows how and when he will ever overcome his anger at her! Everyone lied to him and he is a DiMera so he does not take well to deceit. Abigail weepily replies she will wait as long as it takes for him to trust her again. She wonders whether this is really about Gabi. Chad's blue eyes blink back his own tears of torment.

Kate keeps chemo Adrienne company and they laugh at the old magazines. Adrienne mentions Angelina's story. She admits it is hard to always act happy. Kate says she need not be a poster child. Adrienne was bothered by Lucas and Justin coming at the same time and telling her to choose. Kate calls them a pair of puppies and the two women cackle ... At the club Ed and Dario discuss the microchips they have been stealing for their own corporate purposes. Ed states Stefano could be back from the dead and refers to him as a serial death faker. The clock is ticking. He confesses he is in deep with Kate emotionally but believes she will get back her roar and forgive his corporate maneuver ... The puppies agree they will not fight anymore and shake hands. Adrienne has just ended her treatment and spies them from the door, a smile on her face ... Gabi tells JJ to mind his own business. He explains his concern that panic attack Abigail is only hanging on by a thread. Gabi counters her concern is that Abigail might hurt Chad again. JJ sighs he is sorry he hurt Gabi and laments he still loves her ... Jen visits DiMera mansion, over the moon that Abigail romantically revealed herself to Chad. He notes it was not like that and they have much to overcome. Abigail gets nervous and excuses herself for fresh air. Jen wonders why Chad pushed her away ... Adrienne decides to alternate her two admirers in her appointments. Bff Kate will be by her side for the surgery, however. The two women hug .. At the pub Lucas is approached by an anxious Anne Milbauer. It is about her dream marketing job at the Spectator, owned by Jen. Alas Jen hates her. Lucas is not surprised. She explains she just wants him to put in a good word for her. It would mean much. Lucas will think it over. She gushes and blushes in gratitude ...

Chad tells Jen how he feels and she tells him how Abigail feels. She notes Ben made her daughter emotionally raw. She was right to play things Abigail's way lest she feel overwhelmed and flee again. Chad points out if he makes a promise he cannot keep it might make Abigail lose it again, hence his hesitation. Meanwhile Abigail walks past her angel statue at the park and proceeds to have a panic attack. She can barely breathe ... Ed is enjoying a drink at the club with Kate when she gets a work call. She discovers Andre's microchips were stolen by Eduardo and observes him with her cat eyes ... Jen emotionally exclaims Abigail does love Chad! Chad thinks they cannot just move on like nothing happened Jen decides to pray they will make it and exits. Chad opens a drawer and finds the box of amethyst cuff links Gabi had given him for Christmas. He puts it back ... Abigail is touching her ring and tries to breathe. She flashes back to finding Gabi kissing the man she loves and hyperventilates in distress. All of a sudden Gabi comes around the corner and rushes to her side to help ...


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