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Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Episode 12,989
Length:1370 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


In Chloe's hospital room, Deimos hastily hides his swab behind his back. Brady was not expecting Nancy to find a flight this fast. Nancy admires the beautiful baby and advises Deimos to go away. Nicole arrives and hugs her with sympathy. Nancy has been escorted by a social worker since she will be getting temporary custody of comatose Chloe's newborn. She gets the baby today ... Back at the station poker face Rafe is serious. Andre refers to his preposterous request as macabre but Rafe argues Stefano could be aliiiiive ... Brady politely questions Nancy. She reassures him she is staying in Salem, at the inn. Deimos asks why she should have the baby. Nancy snaps to stay out of their business. Nicole woefully wishes she had had more time with Holly. Nancy loves the name although she almost faints when she finds out Chloe asked her to name her before losing consciousness. Nicole offers to be her sitter while Nancy visits Chloe in the hospital. Nancy politely declines. Brady reasons she will be needing help ... Andre does not want to believe the phoenix was not the body from which he removed the ring in that demolition hell. Kate agrees it does sound rather far-fetched. Rafe insists he is right. Steve states the opportunity was there for DNA tampering. Rafe seeks to have a retest done on the DNA. Andre alludes to it as insanity. Besides why would he help shooter Hope! He gives Rafe his final answer for the time being. NOT ON YO BLOODY LIFE!

Part-time waiter Joey serves Jade sweet potatoes at the pub. She complains about her family not giving her anything healthy at home and loves hearing about his wonderful life ... Naturally again Nancy rejects Nicole's offer to help look after Holly. She is clearly uncomfortable ... Deimos is sorry. Nicole laments she was just attaching to another child as she has none of her own and never will. Brady urges her not to overthink it. Nicole admits she was caught up in the magic of the miracle baby, who reminded her of Parker. She excuses herself. Brady starts to believe in Deimos' theory - that Holly is in fact the biological baby of Dan and Nicole, hence her bonding ... Marlena appeals to Andre. Kate points out there is more at play. She recently uncovered some European account discrepancies that Andre denied causing. It could have been Stefano. Rafe wants to see those records. Andre scoffs Chad is the CEO. Rafe knows it though thus far they have been unable to reach him. Rafe reasons Andre might need a favor from the Salem P.D. one day sooooo ... Andre sarcastically decides to give the go ahead, as it will prove the police wrongly incompetent for the fourth time. He scoffs then he shall lay fatha to rest for good. So he seems to think ...

Attentive Joey gives Jade a glass of water. Her furious father appears and calls her a thief. Joey wants him to go. He rages he wants his money back from the b*tch ... Deimos and Brady both suspect Nancy knows Chloe's surrogate secret. Brady believes he will be able to find out the truth from fancy Nancy, whom he knows well ... Nancy is alone with Chloe in her room. She sighs she is at a loss and feels awful lying! Nicole should know she is the mother! She asks her daughter to give her a sign. Still Chloe sleeps on ... Meanwhile Nicole puts on a brave face. She was able to do something about her lipstick though not her sorrow. Deimos assures her he understands and she cries on his shoulder. Brady goes in the room as Nancy ends a call with hunky hubby Craig. Nancy now asks Brady if anyone told Phillip. Brady explains Phillip has taken off again. She deduces her daughter broke his heart yet again. All she wants is for Chloe to be awake and happy. Brady brings up the nurses needing to know paternity of the baby for the birth certificate. Nancy claims she has no clue and asks to be alone with her daughter.

Jade's raging bull father grabs her bag, inside which he finds an envelope with their picture and his missing money. She insists she intended to pay him back. He calls her nasty names. Joey takes a step forward and orders him to stop disrespecting her ... Kayla is with Steve and Marlena and she is very worried as they await the test results. She suspects this Stefano situation is going to be lose lose for all of them ... Brady meets with Marlena for some advice off the record. It concerns Chloe. After swearing her to secrecy, he admits the baby might be Dan and Nicole's. Marlena's professional advice is not to mention it to Nicole unless he has proof. She has been through so much already, another baby loss, whether physical or emotional, could make her snap. Brady is grateful. Now there is only one thing left to do - dig for the truth ...

Dad demands an apology. Joey exclaims Jade is expecting his grandchild. The father calls her more names. Joey tells him to go to hell. He leers they are just kids having kids and good luck cos Jade cannot even look after a pet. Joey threatens to call commissioner Roman his uncle unless he leaves as asked. The maniac marches off and Jade looks at the photo of them together, crying tears of torment ... Andre calls the police coffee petrol. Kate concludes he knows something. Andre firmly believes fatha must be dead as he did not contact him. Kate reminds him Stefano was not as close or forthright with any of them as they had assumed. Except possibly Chad ... Nicole holds baby Holly to say goodbye. Nancy notes she can visit anytime. Nicole weeps and Deimos stops Nancy and baby from departing ...

Joey wishes Jade had asked him for money. She did not wish to be more of a burden. Joey suggests he take some time off from school and work more hours at the pub for the time being. Jade does not want him to drop out and adds he did promise his mother he would stay in school. She can get a temporary job as soon as she is over the morning sickness. After that she cannot wait to be a stay at home mom. It would be cheaper than the cost of childcare and she was the best babysitter. Joey thinks she will be a perfect parent. She gushes the same about him and they hold hands over the table ... Kate wonders about Chad ... if Stefano is alive did he contact him? Andre snaps he did not. Kate thinks that is wishful thinking. Andre adds fatha would not have wanted Kate in the company so they had both better pray he is dead. She muses they went against Stefano and are still standing. That must mean something. Andre slyly smiles ...

Deimos wants Nancy to know he wants to help Chloe. Nancy wants him to stay away from Chloe and her baby for good. They need no help from him. He grimaces. Nicole bites her lip and then heads back to her friend's room. Nancy is now gone ... Deimos wants to tell Nicole what they think is happening here. Brady begs to differ for Marlena the spiritual healer was against it! They need proof, they need that DNA test, even though Nancy has the baby ... Joey is sorry for his first reaction when Jade said she was pregnant. She blames herself for not letting him know she was no longer taking birth control pills. He gushes he is looking forward to becoming a father. His life will have new meaning ... Back at the station, Rafe announces he got his sample and Shawn took it to the lab. He tells the gang there is no reason to wait. The first test showed THE BODY IN THAT GRAVE IS NOT STEFANO. Kayla's mouth opens. Steve smirks knowingly. Kate and Marlena look at Andre, who stares coldly into space. The game is afoot!


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