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Tuesday, December 27, 2016
Episode 12,988
Length:1405 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the hospital Deimos informs Brady he will have lab results fast and Nicole's miracle will happen. Brady warns him he might speak too soon. Deimos is convinced he is right. but Brady seeks proof. Deimos notes Nicole is with comatose Chloe and the baby so how to keep her away from Holly long enough for them to steal a sample? Inside Nicole rocks the baby and begs Chloe to wake up to her tiny daughter ... Hope meets with Shawn at the prison and he updates her on Ciara. He now notices her looking over her shoulder. She solemnly states there was a situation ... At the club Shane grins Stefano might be alive. Rafe, Kayla, and Steve soap stare. Shane insists this is no joke, this is based on legit chatter picked up by the ISA. It sounds like him as the mysterious man has been making waves in eastern Europe acquiring assets. The gang want more details. Steve is highly suspicious. They all are ... Nicole emotionally explains how much it means to her to hold the baby but wishes Chloe would wake up. Meanwhile she is here and will act as her protector. She gushes at the pink girl in her arms and she gazes up at her ... Deimos and Brady wait. Brady doubts Chloe would have gone behind Nicole's back. Deimos suddenly gets another idea. They might not be needing that blood sample after all to prove who the real mother is ... Chloe is still sleeping ...

Andre arrives at the pub and elegantly removes his coat. He can see Kate is intense. She asks about the odd activity with overseas accounts. He wonders. She mentions missing money and he wonders whether she thinks he stole it. She asks if he did ... Hope whispers to Shawn about the two wicked women whom she suspects of stabbing Chile to death. Coco especially. As a cop she will continue to be targeted. Shawn wants to speak with the warden but she stops him ... Roman and Marlena arrive at the club. Roman growls what da hell about being Stefano being alive. Marlena gasps her disbelief. Shane informs them this mystery man has Stefano's tastes in addition to his appearance. If it is indeed him ... Marlena calls it a nightmare in the making. Shane produces grainy footage showing the back of a man in a cafe. Shane also shares the view of his intel sources that this is Stefano, risen from the ashes again!

Brady joins Nicole in Chloe's room and brings up what happened before. Nicole notes Chloe was forthright, though they did not discuss the father of the baby. They spoke of loves and Chloe overreacted when Nicole praised Deimos. She declares he is a good man. Brady wants to know if they made peace. They agreed to disagree on the matter of Deimos. Then the labor started and they were stuck in a storm. Brady believes Nicole acted like a hero and calls the baby she brought into the world perfect. Nicole agrees and admires sweet Holly. Chloe was insisting she name her, then clutched her head and fell into the coma. She gets teary and cries on Brady's strong shoulder. Everything about her is now pink, including her nails. It makes her and the baby girl surrounded by pink a perfect match ... Andre sighs and states he is insulted. Kate reminds him he cannot always be trusted. He asks about the tracking down of the missing microchips. Kate wonders which of Andre's secrets he has not shared ... Roman harbors doubts it is Stefano. Shane suggests an investigation. Marlena notes he did keep rising again. They discuss his condition. Dr. Kayla tells them he could have been treated and could be in remission. Steve notes if Stefano walks the earth ... Rafe reasons then Hope did not murder him ... Hope urges Shawn to lie low and admits she needs allies before someone else dies in the dangerous prison ... Nicole emotionally tells sleeping Chloe how holding Holly reminded her of holding Sydney. Brady believes Nicole deserves to be a mother and says so. She sighs she came close two times, only to be betrayed by fate. She has since overcome and cries the babies she lost remain in her heart. She wonders why baby Holly is making her feel so emotional. Brady bites his tongue. Nicole now cries how can she let the baby go after Chloe wakes up? Brady breathes she might not need to and she turns to him in surprise ...

Rafe calls Shawn and summons him to the station to discuss the death of Stefano. Shane and Roman will check in with the ISA while Marlena, Steve and Kayla head to the station with Rafe, who shakes Shane's hand, thanking him profusely ... Coco runs into Hope and Hope accuses her of killing Chile. Coco warns her not to try for the top dog spot but Hope refuses to back down. The dangerous prisoner officially warns her to stop and saunters away ... Nicole raises her voice. What does Brady mean??? She insists Chloe will wake up. Before Brady can reply Deimos walks in and asks how she fares. Nicole woefully wishes her friend would wake up. Deimos invites her for a walk but she refuses to leave her side. She suggests Deimos be the one to leave, since Chloe would be perturbed by his presence. Deimos understands. Before Brady leaves with him for a bite to eat Nicole wonders what Brady meant when he said she might not have to give up Holly. He covers by claiming he meant it could take time for Chloe to recover. Then he exits. Brady pauses at the nurse's station and remembers the last time he had to tell Nicole she had lost a baby. It broke her heart as well as his. Deimos appears and explains they have to get the sample from the baby, there are no other options available as the lab was locked. Deimos is ready to take a drastic step ...

Strange music plays as Andre swears on Stefano's name that he stole nothing from the DiMera coffers. His red silk tie shines as Kate questions that. Andre suggests the same person who stole the microchips. They therefore must find the culprit! Kate will reach out to a contact in China and starts to warn him. Andre angrily stands and seethes did not do anything ... Hope and the new girl she helped save have a list of inmates to approach about the top dog position Coco is now after ... Shawn faces the Stefano investigation gang and refutes their claim, though he admits he did leave the DNA sample with the lab, who issued a letter confirming it was Stefano. That means it could have been tampered with by another party. Steve, Kayla, Marlena and Rafe smell a rat. Forensics Shawn now nods. The clues are adding up ...

Brady and Deimos are back with Nicole. Brady hands her some takeout. She will eat later. Deimos notes a nurse wanted to know Chloe's history so she puts the baby in her bassinet and makes Brady promise to watch over her while she is away. If Chloe stirs Deimos must leave. Once she has gone, Deimos produces a swab ... The Stefano investigators are on the case. Shawn will do some digging at the archives. Rafe suggests they say nothing to Hope until they have something concrete. Shawn complains about Hope's biggest ally getting killed. Time is running out to get her out. Rafe is on it ... Just when Deimos is about to swab the baby, Nancy enters to do two things - see Chloe and take custody of her baby ... Hope has been sent a death card in the slammer ... Steve and Kayla discuss Stefano. Steve states if him being alive frees Hope from the slammer, then he is all for it. Marlena comes in after a call from John in Louisiana. He was shocked about Stefano, just as the blonde was. Steve vows to make Stefano get what he deserves for setting up Hope ... Andre and Kate have been summoned to the station by Rafe, who casually explains they need to dig up Stefano as soon as possible. Andre's face falls ...


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